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Altair Club Cars The DRAG PAK Durango – Hemi And Screw Blower On An SUV Pro Mod, @Westen Champlin Was Stunned

The DRAG PAK Durango – Hemi And Screw Blower On An SUV Pro Mod, @Westen Champlin Was Stunned

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It’s everything you’d expect from an suv all right guys we’re at m1 concourse tonight is six skids so bringing over the stuff over here this is the first reveal of the drag pack durango um with the livery on it livery what the hell do you call the stickers and stuff but uh so with that in progress build and just showing it off uh basically where we’re

At the goal is to have it done officially and running for sema that’s our goal but uh for right now you can see the cage coming together it’s still got all four seats in it um well still has all four seats it still has four seats in it it doesn’t have seven anymore though it’s down to a four seater but uh coming along well a lot of progress in three weeks since

Bob started the cage on it hey we’re just chilling there’s all kinds of headroom bobby that’s good jason how’s the lego room uh i got little legs so i’m actually i could just ride right here if i could actually get my butt to go into this you’re gonna put your leg in there yeah but if i can get my butt to go into what’s your weight look forward to your hips

You 40. you’ve got five inches we’re pointing on this side whatever center is back tire’s coming just now onto the trailer go this way this way if i lower the frontal yep good job get me where i don’t have sleep for three days go visit us tomorrow there’s a whole bunch of things yeah what’s your cameraman’s name that’s lucky hey that’s parker hey

Guys have you subscribed to stick the mag yet sick the mag is the magazine for the dragon drive community it’s kind of more like a book if you haven’t subscribed get over to subscribe dude oh my god that thing is chunky hey can i borrow those is that okay do you think we bought them on the back of my hellcat yeah tell you what my traction problem

Is still a problem i think if i had them it wouldn’t have to cut the wheel wells out a little bit with me yeah it would really hurt well we repainted the entire car just to come here so it’d be sad but we could do it how wide is that so that’s uh 18 wide one of his tires is almost the same size as two of our tires dude holy what do you got up here oh my

God boy dude that’s the mock-up motor though his maca motor is bigger than our motor his maca blower is bigger than our motor holy hey i’ll tell you what how are you going to keep from flipping over backwards yeah we’re not sure the bumper is the goal the bumper just drags a little bit at least get that thing on the ground drag it all the way off you know what

I mean it’s always a good way dude it looks so good it might be too wide to come to think we might have to slide that platform out all right so we were at where were we oh we’re at the pizza thing last night and then uh so westin texts me and says hey coming in town we gotta put clutch in the car so but we’re leaving tomorrow to actually come there so that’s

That’s yesterday and asked if can use a hoist i said no problem and then today we’re smiling they said they’re out like uh on the way and neta 11 p.m so they got here about 11 p.m tonight thursday night yeah thursday night so they’re working up on the clutch in there because they have to be for the press reveal tomorrow morning for dodge with the car so they

Picked up standard clutch they’re having at it to uh get this thing together and hopefully they make it and i mean we’re just giving some shop space and watching a little uh redneck science um we’re going to try to find a clutch line until first thing in the morning and then i’ll give you a horror and we’ll try to come over here first thing and get finished

Up i think tim never rehearses so he’s uh he is a he is an animal he will nail this and watch your feet it’s our maiden voyage okay on the count of three does it does it roll we gotta get her oh yeah keep going a little more i don’t want to stick my face slow roll oh yeah that blower won’t be in the way at all for driving it’s rubbing it’s not going to get

Going so it’s got brakes built in yeah bobby it’s rubbing right here the fenders there’s not a whole lot i can do about it i’m not right now here seemed way easier this thing is quiet hardly again that’s electric nice that’s just the show it’s all electric hardly here running i feel like we’ve been by here twice this is even slower though all right durango

We rode the durango out this morning um unveiled it for the first time with the trap on we showed you some different stuff or whatever with some graphics on it so a long way from being completed but it is a roller right now and uh let me just show you a couple key things with i mean number one is like literally if you you’ve seen the other videos you know we

Got it completely down to a bare shell no this was a crusher vehicle it wasn’t going to live a normal life as a demon the unicorn so dodge let’s put our own personal touches on it and show you a couple things about it but i mean number one up front it’s a screw blown gen 3 hemi nobody’s ever done one before i saw like a comment that said the belt’s not tight

Well the belt’s not tight because that isn’t even the intake that’s a mock-up intake just to basically set up the belt in the pulley setup intake is still manufacturing nobody’s ever done a screw blower on a gen 3 hemi so therefore we had to make the intake ourself so that’s in the process on our haas machine so we should have that soon lost over the engine i

Mean we’re still waiting for a couple parts actually i think the only thing we’re down to is some rings but those are in the works cooling system fuel system i mean there’s a there’s a lot with that as well as finishing out the chassis i mean this is going to be it’s going to be a 650 cert cage so i mean there’s a lot of bars to be added there’s no floor in but

This is basically set up to to be able to go fast if we can make it go fast so turbo 400 with a gear vendor overdrive behind it uh one of the key things you got your race seats obviously every dragon drive car needs two seats there’s no cup holders in the yet there’s not even a shift yet but that will happen don’t worry so but one of the cool things is we were

Able to not keep it a seven seater so we had to discount some of the seats to make room for the big meets on the back uh mickey thompson 33-inch tires uh deal billet specialties wheels so literally we had to cut the whole thing out put those big tires in but we were able to get and i say we i mean bob was able to get some seats in here and believe it or not when

You look at those seats um they may look like oh those are small or whatever well one is small but one is big so i can actually fit in and have a little bit of leg room so um so we got that going on dropped the thing we had to cut the rockers to get it down to the stance that we wanted so see we can get everything along with it don’t know how much trunk space

We’ll have once the wheel tubs are in there but we do have back seats it is take your kids drop them off to school and then head to the track do a little racing drive back home you

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The DRAG PAK Durango – Hemi And Screw Blower On An SUV Pro Mod, @Westen Champlin Was Stunned! By Tom Bailey

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