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Altair Club Cars The Best Way To Travel? 2021 Ram ProMaster Conversion Van | Sherry Review

The Best Way To Travel? 2021 Ram ProMaster Conversion Van | Sherry Review

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Hello everyone lucas pertin here from paul sherry conversion advanced pickle ohio today i’m highlighting a new arrival to the dealership its stock number is 30397t it’s a 2021 ram promaster 9 passenger conversion van this fan features a 3.6 liter v6 motor it’s a granite crystal in color it’s got 16 inch black painted wheels the running boards mirrors handles

All the trim moldings have all been painted to match nice privacy glass all around have a uh chrome cherry badging on the rear here also have rear back up sensors in the bumper class four towing hitch four and seven pin wiring harness oh let me uh let me unlock this door let’s take a look in the rear here plenty of storage space in the back power sliding bench

So you can actually slide this bench forward and back you can lay it down flat into a bed you also have kicker speakers clothing hooks up here hang some clothes on nice rear view shot here let’s walk around and take a look on the inside here nice charcoal interior with a light gray piping looks really classy in here i mean it’s a very very nice van they

Also have a 32-inch flat screen tv for captain’s chairs these captain chairs uh do slide forwards and backwards they swivel they recline they got power recline on them you also have wireless headphones so your rear passengers can listen why listen to a movie or whatever they’re watching while you’re listening to music or navigation you also have a lg blu-ray dvd

Player beside that you have the pro air hvac system for your rear hvac controls and if you want to hook up a gaming system anything to the tv you have your hdmi or usbs and a wall outlet lighted cup holders privacy shades all around track lighting is also in here it’s customizable you can make it any color you want it back here plenty of space back here for all

The seating for all your passengers each spot has their own charging station cupholders privacy shades all around um rear bench that does fold flat down into a bed and then you also have some storage up here so it’s a fairly decent size put purses in their laptops anything you want out of sight there nice rear view here and let’s go check out the front these

Uh front driver and passenger seats are on the new swivel bases if you can see that so these seats actually swivel backwards they are heated as well up front you got tons of storage space cup holders charging spots usb 12 volt outlets power mirrors windows and locks more charging stations down here auxiliary and a usb your steering wheel has all your bluetooth

Controls for your hands-free phone calls your radio controls cruise control you also have a storage bin up overhead here as well again we’re looking at stock number three zero three nine seven t i’m lucas ferdinand come visit me at paul sherry vans in pickle ohio or you can visit us online at paul sherry or you can give me a call at 937-778-0830 extension 1129

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