the best ev suv youve never hear
Altair Club Cars The Best EV SUV youve never heard of: VF 8

The Best EV SUV youve never heard of: VF 8

I got a chance about a week a go to check out the first Electeic EV SUV dubbed the VF 8 made in Vietnam from a company called Vinfast after a 17hr flight and armed with ink my iPhone 14 Pro Max. Join me in taking a closer look at the VF 8, how it is made, the fatory the awesome Vinpearl hotels and the great people and beauty of Vietnam.

Morning folks and you guys requested this so here is another video where i am traveling yet again this time in vietnam foreign flights and i’m finally here in vietnam and this is a beautiful country i’m excited to be here it’s a lot of great things to see i want to give a big shout out to vin fast for sponsoring this video because if you’re coming here to

Check out uh the vin fast vehicles and also everything they have to offer with the finfast group of course the manufacturing of the vf8 and vf9 which are the electric vehicles the evs so let’s not waste any time and let’s go check out vietnam foreign okay wasn’t all partying the first day in vietnam we got to stay at the vin pearl hotel which is a beautiful

Facility we stayed in actually a couple of them pearls which they have a few in vietnam great five-star hotel facility and it’s part of a vin group now it wasn’t all fun and games and just hanging around the beach we also got to check out vinfas’s uh factory facility and honestly it’s massive 9 million acres of just manufacturing space for of course the evs some

Of course new robotics you’ve got to see the manufacturing facilities in depth now some areas we had to drive through some areas we were able to walk around like here this is with kind of the molding press for the different parts of the body panels of the car which is pretty cool to see i also got to hang out with a couple of youtubers throughout this whole trip

So it was nice to see that what they talked about is actually coming to pass electric bus is something they also make too as well and this facility just had a massive amount of space this kind of just let me know that hey look these guys are actually serious it’s not just them talking about things here and there they also should show those their batteries they

Couldn’t show us a lot because some things were proprietary but as i mentioned again it was really interesting to see that you know we went from uh stating one thing and saying hey we’re going to go into evs about two years ago and now we’re getting to see the fruits of their labors here with vehicles actually coming out uh pretty soon and also being manufactured

So that part was really interesting and cool for me to see so next up of course is for us to head to norway it’s been a fun trip shooting with this guys here we’ve got of course andy canoopsies back there over there but one of the fun things about being in vietnam here what’s been fast is the fact that we got to drive around with the car the vfa in hanoi now to me

This was a fun experience i could lament and explain but how about i just show you and then you hear from the other guys because it truly was a deep dive into what the city was all about the fields and also the car it was great let’s go foreign vietnam is incredible i mean the scenery is amazing the place we’re at never seen anything like this in my life it’s

Gorgeous out here it’s hot it’s humid but we’re just living man the vf8 is crazy i mean it’s like the fact that they made all of this in such a short period of time is uh is unbelievable and it’s such a polished experience the car looks nice interior is gorgeous too the ride experience so smooth so fluid like you know they’re killing it at vin fast they’re killing

It well the way that we did it is we got it at night the hustle and bustle of the city along with an electric vehicle it just made it just made for like a really good backdrop and it showed the realness of vietnam like yeah we’re on the beach yeah we’re on a resort like but like the simple fact that we got to use the vin fast vehicle in its natural environment

Like where it would actually be used that was like the icing on the cake got to take turns driving there’s a lot of traffic there are a lot of variables we had to use the outside cameras just to make sure we didn’t hit things and you know we stopped we grabbed some stuff to eat we grabbed so many different shots and it was just fun like we we were out until three

O’clock in the morning we had to be out by seven but overall i think the experience was what was most important about the experience was that that vehicle allowed us to like bond as a group um we got to create together we got to share new memories and we got to do it in a ac vehicle in hanoi at night and i’ll probably never forget this for the rest of my life

Foreign for our full day test drive and uh this was a very different experience from the drive we had in hanoi because this was a newer production model from the one we had in hanoi and it felt really nice this car drives smooth you can see it you can feel it a big shout out to andy and canoopsy for doing my being my outdoor cameraman uh capturing some really

Great shots while we shot this now i got to sit down and drive for almost an hour we kind of saw the vehicle for a much longer time and it felt good felt comfortable felt very relaxed i had of course one of the very fast drivers there they were shooting some content as well while i was in the car but the experience was just very enjoyable like you know you’ve

Got a very plush interior which we’ll talk about in a second how they’ve also done a lot of things to make the interior look fashionable and nice got some drone footage here of course for you show yourself overhead shots of the car the car looks nice you’ve got a center console right there uh with leather seats very easy to access now i’m not the biggest fan of

Center consoles but it works well as 15.6 inches uh nice touch screen display uh within this unit and you’ve also got nice leather seats uh heated and coated both front and back of the car spacious trunk for you as well uh just great styling overall now the one thing about this vehicle you’re going to like is just the the pickup speed you’ve got a 420 horsepower

0-69 5.3 seconds but a really really nice drive and i think one that a lot of people definitely appreciate once you get to check it out a few things i love about the vin fast bfa the size like it’s super smart i’ve been fast to come out with like a mid-size suv you know you think of tesla with their model 3 and if you’ve ever ridden in that it’s just too small

For americans other places around the world is fine and some americans it’s fine but you want to be able to have space to put things in the trunk you want to have space for your family if you have one two or three kids to put them in the car and i think this is the right size and i think that’s a big reason why the tesla model y is one of the best selling electric

Cars in the world is because of the size so vf8 i love that the second thing i love about it is the premium feel with the leather all around like the dashboard the seats there’s air cooled seats in the front and in the back and it’s incredibly comfortable but really what i’m super excited about is the vf9 i know this is the vf8 but and it’s supposed to come out

Soon but the vf9 is just a little bit bigger i have three kids it has a third row in case we have friends that are going with and it has more kilowatts for me the f8 is a great car but i would like my wife to have the vf9 with the third row with the longer range battery pack but overall it’s been really fun to drive out here once ces comes around in january i’m in

A fully test drive like the actual full production ones that are going to customers and i bet they’re going to be pretty flawless so anyway good car and great trip just sorry about the sweat vietnam is a little hot and humid man this was an interesting trip it was so much fun spending the week in vietnam and experiencing the country firsthand i got to see a lot

Of stuff that the company is doing i’d love to see the country as a whole and honestly it’s a great experience now being fast is part of the you know the vin group and we got to see some of the real estate they had and how the exchanging real estate in vietnam and what they’re just doing there with you know some really nice uh great uh like mini cities with just

Great development and almost it looked really fun it looked like a place like i would love to stay there myself then i was checking out like the vin university uh where you got to see them change the level of education higher education in the country it was great and then senior manufacturing but again experiencing the vehicle itself now what i liked a lot was you

Know they had some really great interior yes i said that’s a good interior in the vehicle uh the the vehicle felt really solid overall and i just like what they’ve done now i want to do a full test drive because i want to spend more time with the car itself and it was great to just experience the country as a whole but for me the biggest thing was going driving

Through hanoi and basically having that experience of locals coming over knocking on the window and going do you know this is our car this is made in vietnam that to me was probably the part that really got me the most and said like these are beers by the way two years from announcement so that part was actually pretty cool i want to give a shout out to uh dan

From what’s inside and also uh to andy knutsy mike who helped me record all of them contribute into this video it was fun it was great until next time guys go watch out more stuff on the channel and always enjoy your entertainment now i gotta go jet ski

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