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Altair Club Cars The BEST Daily Driver Pickup? 2020 Ram 1500 Big Horn V6 In-Depth Review – Towing & Hauling Payload

The BEST Daily Driver Pickup? 2020 Ram 1500 Big Horn V6 In-Depth Review – Towing & Hauling Payload

We test the base engine in the 2020 Ram 1500 to see how it measures up.

Hi everybody and welcome to the truck king youtube channel it is official north americans love pickup trucks in fact pickup truck sales have been really the lone bright spot through this entire pandemic we just can’t stop buying pickups but not just any trucks trucks that look like this one specifically crew cabs with short beds trucks like this have replaced

Sedans and minivans and driveways across the country and today we’re testing just such a truck this is the 2020 ram 1500 fit with the 3.6 liter v6 and we’re going to put it to the test so in this video we’re going to hook up a trailer you know we’re going to haul some payload and we might even do some light off-roading to see how this 1500 stacks up what are we

Waiting for let’s get started let’s start this one with the walk around and first the engine this is the base engine available in the ram 1500 it’s a naturally aspirated 3.6 liter v6 making 305 horsepower and 269 pound-feet of torque sent through an 8-speed automatic oh yeah and you have to mention if you get the 3.6 you also now standard get the e-torque

System that is a 48-volt belt starter generator it’s kind of the best way to describe it and you have to get it now on this v6 it just comes standard so this is the bighorn package which really is only one step up from base but honestly ram they really go out of their way to make this feel like a more luxurious truck first of all just look at all the chrome here

All the chrome on the front end now the wheels on this truck are actually optional that is an optional set of 20s but once again they go all chrome match these nice 1500 chrome badges to me this is a really handsome truck and that’s saying something because it’s not the top tier luxury truck from ram now we keep on moving back we do have optional side steps here

On our truck and we have the optional tri-fold soft tonneau cover but that’s not really what i want to show off what i have to show off to you is the new split tailgate here on the ram you’ve probably seen this by now if you haven’t let me show you it’s a normal damped tailgate if you just grab the handle above but then if you go below and grab the handle you

Get the split action now of course you might think what do you need this for well what this really does it allows you to get this much closer to your bed so if you’re really loading things in deep or you got to reach in there this is going to help you get right up close to it although there is really a downside and that is this big frame that they have to put

Around the edges of your bed it actually eats up kind of two inches on either side so you do have to keep in mind that with this you’re going to be a little bit skinnier back here at your opening plus here in canada this split tailgate it’s a thousand dollar option so i really think you got to consider it long and hard before you go for it however if you are in

A business where you’re loading and unloading your bed all day long this can really be a time saver and it is convenient before we get to the hard work i actually want to go out of my way to show you the interior on this ram now this isn’t something we normally focus on in these videos but here it’s so nice that i feel like i have to and and that’s mostly because

This is a big horn this is not a luxury pickup it’s just one step up from base and yet the interior is just so nice and when i talk about base i mean check it out we still have a bench seat in this truck there are so few trucks that come with the standard bench and once you get into the luxury trucks and ram you can’t get this anymore but down here in the bighorn

You still can i love having that option plus once you do fold it down you get the cup holders you get a generous size storage up here so you know really a cool option but more than that to me what what sets the ram apart are all the different materials you get this nice kind of fake wood trim chrome wrapped uh you know vent covers this beautiful soft touch kind

Of leather look material a different color here the bighorn badge everything in here visually just looks so nice and to me it proves you know you don’t need to have a top dollar luxury truck to make your interior look this nice now though i want to talk to you about the price because that is super important in this whole story let’s dig into the building price

Sheet here real quick so this is a bighorn crew cab 4×4 the base price right there 53 745 there’s your standard equipment and here’s all of the options on this truck mostly interior stuff the big wheels bringing our total to 66 thousand eight twenty five now let’s look at the payload on this ram fifteen hundred we consult the door jamb and we get one thousand

Four hundred and ninety six pounds so 1500 pounds not bad for a half ton but you know what again this truck is not really the work focused ram so i am curious to see what the payload feels like let’s get her loaded up time to load up the barrel and just for sake of argument i want to see if the split tailgate here would actually make things easier for us loading

With the tractor now again the issue is the width and it makes it a little hairier because dad has to be very careful not to hit this door with the tractor okay straight straight and it’s not bad okay now the issue is when he comes down you just need to watch very carefully you can see that one okay you’re good really not a lot of clearance so for our purposes

This tailgate truly doesn’t really help with this loading uh maybe if you had a forklift and a pallet you’d be able to get it closer up here but with our big wide tractor bucket up there no real difference so honestly the more i look at this the more i think this is truly about loading things as a person and getting up close not necessarily when you’re loading

This thing with a machine and for any doubters of its strengths i mean i’m up here certainly feels solid it doesn’t feel sketchy or anything it feels like a regular tailgate and i do think that’s important with this split tailgate as well if you never use it that’s fine because the regular tailgate functionality goes unchanged we’re on the road in the ram now a

Thousand pounds in the bed got 1400 pounds of payload actually just above 1500 which once again means we’re right on that line if not pushing it a little bit and it feels very confident yeah if anything it just uh it’s plush yeah out you know i don’t want people to laugh at me but that’s the word plush with this ride which kind of speaks to what this truck is um

It’s ride height you’ll notice this is not a tall truck um and the interior everything about it uh i think steve alluded to this in his opening uh this is the new minivan yeah yeah this is this is the city slicker truck it really definitely feels that way the kind of truck you’re gonna buy to haul your family around and then maybe every now and then help someone

Move or you know tow a trailer once in a while yeah you can do some stuff with it but this is not a heavy hauler not by any stretch and particularly with that split tailgate as as cool as that is um you know it’s funny if you’re old like me you’ll remember that back the station wagons in the 60s and 70s uh did exactly that they either folded down or they or

They swung out to the side so i’m sorry kids this is not a new innovation but what it did do is uh it helped you get your stuff into the bed you can stand right at the bumper and so depending on who you are uh it’s either to get your groceries in there or to load all those beer cases now we’re back in with this ram and let’s go ahead and measure the squat so the

Barrels are still in the back pushed all the way to the front wall and let’s go ahead and measure now one of the things one of the downsides of the coil springs in the back end of a ram is supposed to be squat so i am certainly curious to see this number and how it stacks up to other half tons so what exactly do we have here it’s just a hair under 36 and a half

I’d say it’s 36 and 7 16. yep now let’s go ahead and pull the barrels off we’ll see how much she comes up what did certainly appear to be a decent amount of squat let’s go ahead and see what we are looking at here so back to the center of our wheel and up yeah and that brings us to 38 and a half inches which is actually very consistent with our other half

Tons basically with two inches of squat but now you can see how it stacks up right here on the leaderboard all right let’s back our ram into the trailer now so we get just the one rear view you get the automatic guidelines but of course the ram here does have that zoom in button and that’s always really appreciated for the last few feet definitely makes a big

Difference you’re able to get close hit that plus and then you can put that hitch ball right underneath that coupler okay everybody five thousand pounds is on the back of this ram and let’s go ahead and see how she pulls it up to 100 kilometers an hour gotta wait for this to reach zero come on baby there we go ready for the race hit it we do have it in tow

Haul mode okay not huge power off the line oh it does rev right up in tow haul really holding the gears here oh 6 500 rpm wow and 100 that was pretty slow though 21.4 seconds zero to 100. and once again this is the first v6 powered half ton we’ve tested well v6 gas powered half done so here’s how it stacks up to the rest of the trucks okay time to kick off

Our loops zeroing out the trip here in the ram boom now we can see what kind of fuel economy we got and actually you know while i’m showing you this why not look at it see up there where it says nine meters that is actually the trailer blind spot monitoring so this truck will actually let you know if someone’s in your blind spot beside your trailer and the coolest

Thing is that it measures the length of your trailer all by itself after you take a corner it says oh i know how long your trailer is and i know where your blind spots are that is a pretty nifty feature now let’s hit the road now we’re out here on the road but before we keep driving i want to show you a pretty cool ram tool that they offer on their website if

You’re curious about the numbers in your ram you can actually use their vin lookup tool so punch your vin in hit find and then boom so this is the ram we’re testing today the bighorn crew cab 4×4 box and there are the numbers so now you’ve seen it this truck can’t even tow seven thousand pounds and that’s why we only put the five thousand pound trailer on we

Like to do seven thousand with half tons but this half gun isn’t rated at 7k and again that kind of backs up the story that we’ve been telling you this package with the v6 this is just not a work truck it’s not a truck you want to buy to regularly tow it doesn’t mean it won’t do it every now and again and feel okay but yeah if you’re regularly towing this is

Not the one to get however you’re the one driving right now dad so what do you actually feel what are your butt sensors tell you you know it’s doing fine with the 5000 i mean don’t forget we’re talking about a full frame long wheelbase so it certainly feels uh for instance better than the shorter wheelbase we were doing on that gmc last week absolutely however

And this is where i’m going to do my old man rant and really this is for newbies okay if you go out and you buy a truck because you like the color well then you deserve what you get you need to know what you want the truck to do before you buy it you start off by going what jobs does this truck have to do which could include simply hauling around your wife and

Kids in which case this truck is awesome perfect yeah but if you got a longer laundry list than that get that out of the way first know exactly what you need look forward and say eventually i want to get a boat a haul a trailer i’ve got a business i need payload and then this isn’t the truck for you so have a good look at those numbers one of my big big pet

Peeves is that every truck commercial always quotes the maximum tow ratings yeah even for this truck with the v6 if you go on their website ram says yeah you get a v6 ram you can tow over 7 000 i think it tops out at like 7 600 or something but once again that is likely a two-wheel drive you know work truck or a base version of the truck the lighter version of

The truck that’s why it’s so important to look up your specific truck now i’ll give ram credit for having that vin lookup but gm does it better by putting it right on the side of your truck and a sticker and ford in this department just hasn’t caught up yet so we’re taking off from a stop sign here and there’s something i want to feel well actually it’s sort

Of a lack thereof the low end torque and we felt it when we took off doing the 0-60 and the reason i bring it up is because this engine is paired with e-torque that volt uh belt starter generator and essentially e-torque at least what ram says it’s supposed to give you a little push off the line that’s the line that ram likes to use i don’t know i don’t feel it

It certainly doesn’t have that typical sort of electric motor torque feeling that you’re used to um and you know what when etorque was introduced with the 2019 truck it kind of felt like ram was saying we didn’t really touch the powertrain so we got to do something so stick that 48 volt system on there it was the one letdown i think of this new redesigned ram

Is that they didn’t go further with new powertrains and i’m sorry to say this to ram that etorque just doesn’t feel like it’s doing a lot here however i guess the good thing is in this v6 package you’re not paying for it it is standard with every single ram v6 you get these days so you’re just you’re going to get ether whether you like it or not now i won’t just

Hate though there is one big advantage to etorque that i really like and it has to do with the stop start system now you can get stop start with audi torque but with it this is incredibly smooth honestly when the engine comes back on after stopping it’s barely perceptible and that is definitely an advantage to having a torque and that’s the thing with stop start

I know there’s guys that hate on it but you know what i’ve gotten used to it and the fact is you knocked three or four percent off your fuel bill a year for what because it stops at a light i’m good with that yeah and the less intrusive it is the better and this is definitely very non-intrusive and there’s the number over just about 35k we did 15 liters per 100

Kilometers a pretty good number for this v6 and definitely a lot more efficient than that big thirsty hemi v8 is now i want to switch over the units for you guys and here in the ram it’s actually over here in the infotainment system but i want you to watch the odometer when i switch the units i know it’s just a little thing but to me those little things are

A big deal the fact that the odometer kind of rolls over like that is super cool anyways there’s our fuel economy 15.6 mpg with this 5 000 pounds now we’ve reached the off-road portion of our video and right down that trail i got all kinds of trouble to get into but no sorry everybody we’re not taking this ram off road it’s just not an off-road pickup i mean

Look at the clearances here they’re really not good we have those side assist steps 20 inch chrome wheels i don’t want to scratch them up so no we’re not hitting the hydro line this ram has the basic 4×4 equipment you’d want four-wheel drive plus a two-speed transfer case but all of that stuff on this truck is really just to deal with wet weather and maybe the

Occasional gravel or cottage road besides that this is not the truck that you want to buy to go have fun out on the trail and to really drive that point home right down there in the bumper there are normally recovery hooks but this truck doesn’t even get the recovery hook so there’s no way i’m going out there possibly getting stuck and then not even having a

Place to recover the truck from time to summarize this ram everybody so when you’re driving empty this truck is comfortable quiet and gorgeous on the inside easily the nicest interior and a half ton and that applies to just about every single trim level once you do start working this truck you realize that’s not what it is meant for but you know what for the

Majority of truck owners these days who do just use their trucks as daily drivers with the occasional trailer they need to pull this is the exact right package no point going for that big v8 and never using the capability because that just gives you a bigger fuel bill so everybody that’s it for this video i want you to go down in the comments let me know what

You think of this ram all of our testing and what you would like to see in the future as always while you’re down there hit like hit that subscribe button and then come right back here to truck king to see what we’re testing next see ya

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The BEST Daily Driver Pickup? 2020 Ram 1500 Big Horn V6 In-Depth Review – Towing & Hauling Payload! By Truck King

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