the b8 5 audi s4 is a supercharg
Altair Club Cars The B8.5 Audi S4 Is a Supercharged And Underrated Daily Drivable RS4 Alternative

The B8.5 Audi S4 Is a Supercharged And Underrated Daily Drivable RS4 Alternative

In today’s video we are looking at one of Audi’s most unusual creations. The B8.5 generation of S4, which was powered by a 3L supercharged V6. Highly unusual for the brand, they have not done anything similar since – nor did they before!

So hey hello everybody today i am driving a car that i myself have looked at purchasing a number of times but never actually even got to the stage of driving we are in z’s 2014 audi s4 event now if you are into your chassis codes this is a b 8.5 so it’s the facelift of this generation and i was introduced in about 2012 and ran up to about 2015 or so when

It was then replaced with the b9 this car stands out for a few different reasons first off i think the styling although very typically audi and conservative is is pretty decent it’s understated but it’s got just a little edge to it so it doesn’t look too out of date and soft and in saloon guys particularly i think it’s a fine looking car if i’m being honest i

Think this is actually one of those where i can never make my mind up if i actually prefer the saloon or the event it kind of suits both i was pretty certain if ever i had one of these it probably was going to be in this color and i was also rather tempted by the optional red sporty seats that you’ve got here other things luring me to this car were the fact that

It was an audi and i’ve never actually owned one of those despite having worked with the company for quite a bit now and it seemed like a pretty good place to start really not having quite the running costs and the performance of the rs4 but being just that little bit more exciting than an a8 i was also lured to this car by its engine which was most unusually

For audi a three liter v6 with a supercharger on it it’s that little v6t badge on the side is a touch misleading isn’t it no these are supercharged the later cars were turbocharged and this engine replaced a 4.2 liter naturally aspirated v8 which actually officially speaking made a little bit more power these are just over 330 horses with about 330 pound-feet

Of torque about 440 newton meters what was particularly alluring though was the fact that you can tune these to make more or less rs4 beating power very easily the issue i’m told is then keeping everything cool because even at standard power on a hot day if you’re driving enthusiastically apparently heat soak is something of an issue with these in most normal

Circumstances never really a problem but just something you may wish to be aware of and probably one of the reasons audi chose to peg back this car’s power that being said zee took it to a dyno day a couple of years ago to see whether it was starting to suffer from any of the carbon issues these have and he found that it was actually making just shy of 350

Horsepower so nearly 20 more than audi actually claimed out of the factory gates and that was for a car which by then was already about five or six years old that’s not so bad pretty hard to believe but this car is actually also entirely standard and that was one thing that put me off buying these because many of them were not and when you get into sort of

Reasonably cheap to buy easily modded audi’s you do start to wonder about who’s owned it and the way in which the car has been cared for i was also kind of put off by the price i expected these to be a lot cheaper than they were but the fact is last time i checked even a fairly cheap ropey example was still going to fetch well over 10 grand with about 15 to 16

Being needed to get into something a little bit nicer it’s not also necessarily a quick decision as to whether you want an early or a late car either i much prefer the looks of the later cars both inside and out you can tell because the later ones have got a slightly sharper set up for the rear lights and and a few other changes the interior is also a little

Bit nicer however these ditched hydraulic power steering in favor of an electro mechanical setup confusingly some of the press releases and things and buyers guides i found for these cars said that they have electromagnetic steering i did do a little bit of research and i think maybe there is something electromagnetic about it but for the sake of this review

I’m just going to call it electric steering in the opinion of this car’s owner it’s one of the few failings and i’ve got to say it’s it’s not great it’s not as terrible as i feared he has and this is the only thing he’s changed about the car disabled the sort of lane keep assist warning that the car had where essentially it would sort of the steering wheel

About like that if it thought you were crossing over the white lines over the old b7 one of the greatest benefits of this engine of course was fuel economy now audi claim about around 30 mpg depending on whether you get saloon or estate and you could even get these with a manual two this one has the seven speed s tronic but that was one reason i was looking

At these over an rs4 of the same generation see the b7 rs4 i do really love it’s a little bit too firm it’s getting on a touch and as a daily driver i thought maybe it was a little bit much however i was always tempted by the idea of a sort of sporty manual before i had the selection of cars that i got now and this seemed to tick many boxes so claim fuel economy

Is about 30 mpg and on a run you can definitely achieve that in fact z’s got about 36 to 37 out of it when you’re being very sensible obeying all the speed limits and all that jazz and i have to say as a long distance cruiser this thing seems absolutely fabulous it’s really quite comfortable very nicely dabbed i was kind of worried it’d be a little bit too

Stiff to enjoy maybe sort of more set up like an rs4 but no no nothing of the sword i can even place it reasonably easy which on roads like this is very very handy see a little bit of that bonnet the engine is quiet it’s refined very smooth the gearbox works really well too which is never a given for an old dual clutch but for moving around town in fact i’ve

Currently got a range rover velar plug-in hybrid sat on the driveway and being in this does start to make you wonder why you’d ever buy something like that i haven’t got around to fully testing the range’s fuel economy yet but in terms of storage space this is pretty much matching it you’ve got quite a generous amount in the boot and there’s just enough in the

Rear seats it’s not the the biggest car inside that’s maybe a downside for some people but not enough to be an issue for me the weight of it though did always put me off just to touch you see this car tips the scales that just over real world 1.8 tons that’s quite a bit i always wondered how it was that audi managed to achieve it considering they’re so proud

Of all the aluminium that they go through and still they deliver cars with sometimes quite shocking curb weights brakes nice smooth easy to modulate this car feels really well cared for it is in very good condition this car really is a credit to its owner especially as it and he live in london and that’s an impossible place to try and keep a car nice so he’s

Been doing very well because even if you don’t drive your car that city will just rip it in two for fun it hasn’t been perfectly reliable it has had a couple of issues a control arm got replaced because the bushing fell but that i think we can call a wear and tear item less pleasantly though the car did one day simply cut out that was traced to a faulty fuel

Pump and his original dealer more or less refused to help said yeah no it’s just a thing it gets hot and the fuel pump fails in these and this even went to audi themselves who weren’t very helpful and kind of refused to do anything and he said well look this is still a car under proper factory warranty surely this can’t be right fuel pumps don’t just die um

Not at that age of mileage and um i went to another deal and it was all sorted no problem at all it’s very unfortunate that that happens but it does on a fairly frequent basis so then as a cruiser as i think to cross continents this seems like a a rather nice car i i really like the interior i think this is one of audi’s real sort of strongest moments they’d

Move things on quite a bit from where they were five years before and it’s all felt and to be honest still feels like quite a nice thing to be in all the displays are clear and easy to read okay this is not the biggest it states it a little bit but you’ve got bluetooth in these facelifted cars you also had bluetooth music streaming which is quite important to me

Okay no android auto or anything but that’s that’s not a problem i could live without android auto if i had music streaming i think and uh yes it’s a decent thing all round but what’s it like then once you’ve dropped the kids off at school and you want to have a little bit of fun let’s find out this is not at all what i expected this is easily one of the best

Riding cars i have ever driven down this road as a sporty proposition this thing absolutely fantastic usually i have this sort of pre-prepared speech about how sport mode simply completely and totally ruins a car but actually even in sport mode this is still quite pleasant i’m going to move over to individual the response in that engine low down is utterly

Sensational really quite good however it is not a perfect thing the engine does respond very strongly in the bottom half of the rev range and instantly to benefit the supercharger over a turbocharger however once you get to about four and a half thousand rpm it does really feel like its work is done it has no interest whatsoever than going any further or faster

It’ll get to the red line which is just over 6 000 but it’s not particularly fast i can see exactly why so many people wanted to mod these it really does feel like a car which has been a touch pegged back the steering is also a definite weak spot it lightens up in the most artificial way that i’ve really ever experienced you just get to a certain speed and then

It’s like someone’s just disabled the power assistance which is almost certainly probably what’s happened in the software here the electric steering has just said yep i’m not needed anymore but you don’t get this sort of beautiful feel you’d expect from then unassisted steering it’s just it’s just heavy there’s no involvement there’s no excitement there’s no

Sort of joy in it and you can pilot it at seven or eight tenths very very quickly very very happily it’s a it’s a lovely thing all round however i do suspect if you’re to try and push on a little bit harder could get itself out of shape quite quickly you can tell even in dynamic mode that it doesn’t have the best control of its body weight i’m still on the

Fence as to whether i like the red seats or they are a little bit too much however as things to sit here not to look at they’re spectacular really very comfortable and plenty supportive enough it’s the car that gives up before the seats gearbox is really quite nice though i’m very impressed with it given the age i would love to have tried one of these with

A manual and indeed a modified one if you’ve got a modified one i’d really like to try that and see how it compares this car’s got decent tires on goodyear eagle f1 and i keep hearing good things about the new eagle f1 they are apparently the sort of new go-to tire they are giving michelin a bit of a hard time for the last few years basically if anyone wants

A tire recommendation i tend to say pilot sport 4s if you can get them annoyingly a lot of my cars you can’t these can make an absolutely delicious sound really quite special however in standard guys it’s not the fruitiest not silent though you can definitely hear it from inside the cabin see i get to that kind of speed that steering goes all weird and then

My confidence and faith in the car just kind of vanishes when it’s sort of 50 mile an hour or so you know exactly what it’s doing you’re confident you’re happy it feels all just right and then you pick up the speed and it just kind of goes yeah no no it’s just hands off it feels very very odd a little bit like a much more extreme version of the the new cayman

That i drove which did a similar thing at that moment you really need it to become that extra layer of communicative it just gives up anyway let’s do a little bit of practical consumer advice shall we and see how this car fares with a little basic three-point turn the little village green this is not as difficult as my other hill start torture test but you do

Need a bit of you do need some throttle will it creep yes it will creep not all dual clutches do the facelifted b 8.5 cars like this one were available with a sport differential and this has one of those it’s a much more aggressive setup than the regular car i think it does have then a limited slip or limited slip capability in it which means in sort of tight

Turns and things it’s it’s a little bit more fun zee says that for most of the driving he does he doesn’t really even notice it however when he gets it on an alpine pass and you’ve got some really tight switchbacks it does make a difference and the car if you want it to be can get a little bit happy never happens to me i’m putting this car back into dynamic

Mode gonna push on just a little bit harder and see what happens if it if it goes as wrong as i think it will not a lot of confidence in that front end once you really start to pile the speed on that’s a great shame because the chassis is clearly quite capable apparently it’s a chassis that’s actually even shared with the porsche mccann i knew that vag

Group shared lots of stuff but i didn’t realize there was a connection between this and that as a result you can even tune these up using certain porsche mechan parts who knew not me yeah it turns out what happens when you really start to push on one of these things you do just get understeer and i know that’s a thing people will criticize every fast audi for

Having but the truth is if this was an rs4 i’d be very upset with it but it’s not and by the time you do encounter said understeer you were carrying a fair bit of speed so i don’t think it’s really anything to worry about for the majority of drivers and for those who are bothered by it you were looking at the wrong car brakes are reasonable but do require a

Firm shove so you put your foot down in a bend and you do feel that all-wheel drive system just helping get you around of course these were available only with quattro that’s slightly annoying actually if you have manual mode in and you put your all the way down it will still kick down don’t like it when cars do that and actually in some cases wouldn’t be very

Safe you stop worrying about trying to make every apex and all that jazz you’ll find a car which is quite competent at going very briskly isn’t actually entirely uninvolving makes a good sound plenty of punch excellent i mean pitch perfect response from low down it was quite a bit up on torque versus the old v8 even the rs4 couldn’t match it for torque and

That’s one of the reasons that when you tune these up now quite so quick so if you want that that last word in in sportiness then obviously the rs4 is going to be your car however typically with this kind of car i’m always concerned that they maybe tried to make it too much of an rs4 whereas this i feel has a very different identity it really does feel more

Just like your regular car amped up a little bit it’s still got the comfort the compliance that i really want from a car like this and to buy one of these at 15 000 pounds it’s a very very tempting proposition indeed this has been a real pleasant surprise anyway that’s enough from me please like comment down below subscribe if you haven’t already and i’ll see you for the next one bye

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