the audi rs3 gets a stage 2 tune
Altair Club Cars The AUDI RS3 gets a STAGE 2 TUNE (Big Gains)

The AUDI RS3 gets a STAGE 2 TUNE (Big Gains)

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This video is sponsored by pouch right folks welcome back to another video we’re sitting in the rs3 because we are gonna be going stage two today and we head down to mrc tuning as usual and we’re gonna do a few bits to it and get some more power out the thing now quick recap on all the bolt-ons on the car we have got a bit more overkill you could say because

I’ve got a full exhaust system it’s not required for stage two but full mill tech turbo back you see 80 millimeter version um so there’s that and in the last video we installed this eventually intake so this is another thing that you want to do when going full flat stage two you want to get rid of as many weaknesses as possible especially this turbo elbow we

Also operate the spark plugs as well so we’ve got some ngks in there and all that’s left now is to operate the intercooler now i know it’s nothing too new on the channel because we did do stage two opf delhi and all that stuff on my old car but this is a dozer so i’m sure i’ll respond a bit better the gearbox mech is a bit more smoother in my opinion it’s just

Going to be interesting regardless and it’s just a bit of extra content now there’s been a few other changes as well in the last couple of weeks mainly the mark 7 gti got sold as you can see it’s looking pretty open here i still i’ve got the 130 i know that they’re over there i got offered a very good price for it so i thought to let it go there wasn’t much more

Content in it 140 is still here and the 335 eye contact will be returning soon it has really changed since the transformation video i did i’ve removed the spoiler that’s about it but i have been collecting a fair few parts so yeah once the weather’s consistently good we’ll get the video started again because i like doing diy on this i’d already want to take it

To a garage and yeah that’s just boring to me yeah that was a quick little update anyway i think we best get cracking with stage two in this rs3 but before we get to that i just want to take a minute to thank today’s video sponsor pouch now if you’re not familiar with pouch it’s a totally free desktop browser extension that automatically finds and applies the best

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Only takes a couple of clicks and you can start enjoying some savings but yeah folks i’d like to thank pouch again for sponsoring today’s video and helping support the channel let’s hop in the rs3 now and head down to mrc tuning right and just like that we’re back at mrc tune in dean’s going to take the car in now pretty loud so today the plan is we’re going to

Be installing an intercooler so that’s pretty much all we need to go full stage two at this point gone for the forge motorsport one which also comes with a slightly smaller crash bar which allows us to get more fitment and also allows you to run a slightly larger intercooler now with these it is a true front mount isn’t it rather than the gti where it’s got yeah

So it’s completely at the front so it’s lower down so it’s nice straight forward bumper off yeah original one out crash bar off and then just stick those straight on we also have a acc bracket because this particular car has got the acc sensor so you’ve got to hang it off the modified crash bar with the zoom in and that was one of the key reasons for going for the

Forge one it allows for that right so we’re gonna make a start and removing the full front end that’s pretty much all you need to do to install one of these i say all you need to do if you’ve never done it before it might be a bit intimidating but yeah i’ll do a little time lapse now and i’ll catch up with you folks to the other side give it a comparison of the

Stock one with the forged one as you can see forge pretty much twice the height there there’s a stock crash bar it’s gonna sit pretty much as it is right there pretty straightforward what you’re gonna do is pretty much a reverse of what you just saw and attach onto the stock boost pipes there and yeah then we’ll start building up the front end now i’m going to

Leave a link to the forge motorsport website down below if you want to read a bit more about this intercooler just like that just like that that’s pretty neat you’d have to remove the headlights and faff about with a line in the order yep so you know in my luck here if i did that the bunny would have shot after this 100 would not shut are the outlets the same

Size they are pretty much i think they’re slightly bigger gives you just enough clearance yeah it’s a very snug fit that next part is to get the acc bracket installed you get that bracket yep so this is separate you have to make sure you get this when you’re um ordering a forge cooler because your bolts onto them a little bit of wiring to tidy up yeah attaches

Throughout the crash bar right there yeah and that should keep it in line with where it was before okay so now the intercooler is done what’s the next stage for you to remove some of these yes all of this is the foam here yeah these two foams this bottom one this plastic trim behind it’s held on with all these bolts that all comes off complete does make the grill

A little bit weaker when it’s all gone right and you can cut it and keep this part right but with most of our customers they want to keep everything so that you can go back to stock if need be yeah so taking all that out doesn’t cause too many issues and it gives you all the clearance you need for the cooler all right that’s coming off now that’s that section off

Yeah it’s a pretty substantial piece i thought it was just the middle bit here but it backs onto the grille as well so yeah if you look at it from here now from the front it’s a lot more opened up definitely prefer it this way yeah folks a quick reminder if you are enjoying this video so far make sure you drop a like on it also subscribe for a lot more content to

Come i’ll take some predictions now what you think this thing will make but yeah i’ll catch you folks in a second all right dino time we’re just gonna get it on and start loading on a few bits a panther black in the sun definitely looks pretty nice right so it’s the next day we’re back again in the dinosaur we ran our time yesterday to finalize the tune so we’re

Going to continue today i think last time before the updates the car made around 505 ps i believe so we’ll see how close we can get to like the 525 mark a normal 99 run obviously full flat stage two now but i am going to have the torque capped to around 700 new years so where it is currently i don’t really want anymore there’s plenty of people out there running

Around the 740 mark but i’m not too fussed on having bought loads of talker i just have been more of a kind of progressive power band so that’s the plan now we are going to be doing map switching on the car as well so i’ll have an octane booster map and also maybe a lower powered one as well um doug’s just brought up the graph on the screen here so this is what

I made last time on the stock intercooler right sort of heat soaked but then a properly cooled run yeah that was the issue we had where even after one run so that’s what we made initially with the intake and then we left it with the fans on and it got up to 505 just showed how much the stock intercooler was heat soaking so all right so that was a few runs

So that’s the low power uh map 457 and 535 okay and then your uh lower torque one that you wanted for stage two is five two six yeah seven oh one so those are our final numbers for 99 run then pretty much okay and the next we’re going to try an octane booster one booster and we’ll try and keep it back uh 700 new meters as well and just go for more power top end

Perfect this is the most consistent one that we’ve we’ve used or tested and we’d always recommend this one over in anything else yeah and it’s usually half a bottle to a full tank but on the dyno i put a full bottle in just to try and get it to mix quicker for yeah um because the car’s not moving around it’s not mixing in the tank or anything yeah makes sense right

So we’re gonna leave the fans on for a bit let the car cool down and then yeah we’ll get you some mark 10 booster numbers so the wall power map is the 457 and 535 yep and then your 99 stage 2 map that you want it’s capped at around 700 is 526 yep and 701 newton meters yeah it’s pretty much 1.75 to 1.5 bar the octane booster one again capped at around 700 is 556

And 707 yeah and you’re just running a tiny little bit more boost top end and about five or six degrees more timing because of the octane booster so the intercooler how is that performing then compared to the stock one before the intake temps aren’t an issue at this sort of level it starts at 28 degrees because we’ve been doing a few runs it drops down to about

15 and then it goes back to about 25 26 so yeah you know it’s not going into thermal runaway like we had with a yeah before it was crazy even after one run it was losing 10 or so ps straight away yeah maybe even more so yeah really happy with that yeah that’s back on the money though he shows how much octane booster makes a big difference as well all right folks

And there we have it stage two is all done 556 ps on octane booster and 526.99 run now i know dino numbers already tell part of the story it’s all about draggy these days so i did go ahead and get a quick run on the autobahn on the way home i wasn’t trying for anything but this is the time i got so straight off the butt he did a 6.91 with the octane booster map and

That was with an 80 full tank and i wasn’t trying for a run or being like a full-on draggy warrior so there’s definitely more in that so cars definitely quick i will do like a proper driving video and i’ll give you my sort of impressions compared to the old car i had but sort of my first initial feeling is that the powerband is a lot more linear with this one you

Feel like you want to chase the redline a bit more and also the octane booster map the redline has been increased quite significantly and actually does go all the way there as well so yeah quite a bit of a ride to drive we’ll also make sure to take this car to santa pot as well i know i never did any quarter mile stuff in my old car but yeah never used to launch

Properly so i guess it never would have worked anyway yeah big shot at mrc tuning as always and also forge more sport also make sure to remember to download pouch as well as i mentioned earlier in the video it’s totally free the links down below in the description but yeah i’ll see in a few days time for the next video

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The AUDI RS3 gets a STAGE 2 TUNE! (Big Gains) By TR Hamza

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