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Altair Club Cars The Aston Martin DB11 Costs 50,000 – And Its Amazing

The Aston Martin DB11 Costs 50,000 – And Its Amazing


This is the aston martin db11 a car that’s so new you can’t even buy it yet a car that’s so much better than its predecessor the db9 that aston martin skipped a number and now i’m going to drive it courtesy of aston martin summit in northern new jersey now obviously i won’t be able to give you cinematic helicopter shots of this thing flying around a racetrack but it

Occurs to me that many people probably haven’t had the opportunity yet to get up close with the db11 so today i’m going to give you a tour and show you all of the db-11’s unusual features and weird quirks and crazy options and then i’m going to take it out on the road now for all of my thoughts on the db11 click the link below to check out my column on

Oversteer right now let’s get started open the door to the db11 and the very first thing you’ll find is leather lots of leather of course there’s leather on the door panels and obviously leather on the seats and the steering wheel and the headliner and the dashboard but those aren’t my favorite leather items inside the car those honors would have to go too the

Base of the seat belt has a leather pouch put down the sun visor and the cover over the sun visor mirror pure leather and the best one the latch to get into the back seat isn’t some unsightly black plastic it’s a leather hoop pull it and the seat whirs forward to allow access to the rear now the seats aren’t the only thing in this car that were automatically one

Of the most interesting features is the center console unlike in every other car where it’s just a latch you open and close in this one push a button and then it opens right up want it closed press the button the other way and then it closes another interesting item that words automatically in this car check out the stereo speakers on the dashboard now they’re

Down when the stereo is off just like in every other car but turn the stereo on and they automatically rise up to provide you with the best sound experience speaking of the stereo want to change the volume there’s no stupid knob like in old peasant cars just slide your hand over the volume control and the volume goes up and down at your whim now this is the very

First db11 at aston martin summit in fact i suspect this is the very first db11 in all of new jersey and so this dealer has ordered it with some exciting options to show off to potential customers the result being a total price of 254 084 dollars my favorite option is as follows under bonnet jewelry pack what could that possibly be so i opened the hood to find

Out what the under bonnet jewelry pack could be and it turns out you paid two thousand two hundred and seventy dollars for gold trim on the aston martin logo and various other items under your hood but i’m glad i got to open the hood because it gives me the chance to demonstrate my favorite feature in the entire db11 and one that goes a long way to showing exactly

How much attention to detail went into this car now in a normal car you go to shut the hood and it’s this ungraceful affair where you slam it down and then you search around for the latch and then you push it not in this one in the db11 to shut the hood you start by shutting the hood like normal and then it latches itself now if you’re familiar with modern luxury

Cars you’ve probably seen this feature before on doors but the hood most aston martin owners will probably never even open their hood which means that aston martin didn’t really have to do this but they did it anyway just to make the process of closing your hood a little bit more elegant speaking of elegant aston martin decided this car wouldn’t look that great

With a giant rear wing like some modern exotics have so instead they created one you can’t see air goes in here into the arrow blade as aston martin calls it and then it comes out back here providing the same downforce that a real rear wing would have except you don’t see it with that said owing to modern trends aston martin did also create a little spoiler in

The trunk that rises up when you get to a certain high speed now check out the gauge cluster right now we’re in gt mode put it in sport mode and the tac shifts for some reason put it in sport plus and it all turns red i’m not quite sure why but that’s kind of cool but changing the mode from grand touring to sport plus does more than just change the gauge cluster

It also makes a variety of other revisions the most noticeable of which is to the exhaust note take a listen in grand touring mode and now in sport plus now let’s talk mirror controls this may be a little bit too pedantic for some but i’ll give it a whirl somewhere in the acres of door panel wood you have the mirror controls the weird thing is there’s no little

Switch you toggle instead there’s a little rocker switch that you twist one way or another depending on which mirror you want to adjust the door panels also include maybe the only thing i don’t really like about the interior the interior door handle it’s oddly positioned instead of being easy to grab with your hands so you can open the door it’s facing the wrong

Direction so you have to reach around it if you want to get out of the car the rest of the interior is very mercedesy owing to a recent cooperative agreement between aston martin and mercedes-benz for example the infotainment controller is identical to what you’ll find in a modern mercedes so is the db11 center screen mercedes-benz even provides the stalks that

Are coming from the steering column and by the way there are a lot of them now if you know aston martin’s well you probably think the db11 is a hatchback like the db9 and the v8 vantage but actually it has a trunk a rather large and very well carpeted trunk now earlier on i mentioned the db11 has rear seats and yes that’s true indeed they do exist but well

I’ll show you the problem maybe they’re not for adults or anyone over two and a half feet and with that it’s time to get the db-11 out on the road but first an overview with a few specs the db-11 is all new for 2017 with gorgeous striking styling and more importantly a twin turbocharged v12 that makes 600 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque the db11 has

Rear-wheel drive and 8-speed automatic transmission not a dual clutch and does 0-60 in 3.9 seconds and now time to drive okay time to drive the db11 i have to admit i’m more than a little bit nervous uh there’s not really a lot of body shots working on these yet so i’m starting out in gt mode first impression surprisingly quiet nice and plush the seats are so soft

And comfortable the leather in these seats it’s not just like oh we threw leather over some seats it’s like we found the softest luscious leather it’s so nice i if i were buying this car i’d probably skip the light tan dashboard because you can see some reflections in the windshield which is not what you want the ride even in gt mode is a little bit harsher than

You’d expect from a bentley or something like that but it’s not it won’t kill you it’s not so bad i mean around town it just sort of drives like a normal automobile it doesn’t even have that much noise to it you really have to get into sport plus in order to make the noise really happen which is kind of nice if you want a car that you can just drive around without

Having to wake everybody up not everybody wants a screaming lamborghini all right i’m going to put it into sport mode i got a honda pilot in front of me it’s everybody’s worst nightmare wow oh it’s tremendously fast incredible how much faster it is than my old v8 vantage oh listen to that beautiful oh boy this is a road this is a road i’ll forever remember

The cornering is tremendous of course car stays very flat now sport plus the ride is a lot harsher and you can feel it but the trade-off is here i’m coming around a nice corner oh the steering is great a little over assisted but the handling is tremendous and there is no body roll you think of these cars as grand tourers but in this age of adjustable suspension

Adjustable steering sport mode regular mode they’re able to make these cars be everything if you want it to be a grand tour or fine if you want it to be a true sports car and bomb down these curvy roads that’s fine too inevitably there will be comparisons drawn between this car and the mercedes amg gt which also has the ability to sort of be a highway cruiser

City cruiser and a fast performance car on on back roads um this one seems more brutal in terms of overall speed than the amg gt i also find it to be more beautiful especially on the inside i think the interior is a lot more special and exciting oh going around these corners is so nice very planted very capable you know traditionally i think of mid-engine cars

As being so planted around corners but obviously this one has front engine a lot of weight up front it handles it there’s no understeer it’s doing a great job any time an automaker can make a car feel smaller and more nimble than it actually is i’ll be so impressed it’s a lot more engaging to drive than my vantage was and that’s an important thing to note because

The vantage is still a new car and so you could buy this or that if you want a new aston buy this your changes are quick they’re not instantaneous i would say visibility is kind of weak the uh the especially to the rear the pillar in back is quite large i just assume largely due to style ease onto the throttle the power is delivered linearly um although if you

Really floor it you can feel the turbos kick on which is such a thrill the majority of people who buy aston martins i suspect are doing it because they like the look and they like the beauty and all that uh and they’ll probably never really know that it’s capable of this kind of behavior but it’s so exciting the thing about this car is it’s no ferrari 488 around

Corners and that’s fine it’s also no bentley cotton metal in terms of ride quality and that’s fine too but if you want to combine the two very few cars are going to offer you the ability to have near ferrari cornering capabilities and near bentley ride quality and beauty and leather and craftsmanship and so that’s everything you need to know about the aston martin

Db11 plus one more tidbit having owned an aston martin v8 advantage for most of the last year i can confidently say having driven this car that aston martin has come a long way in 10 years

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The Aston Martin DB11 Costs $250,000 – And It's Amazing By Doug DeMuro

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