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Good morning afternoon evening ladies and gentlemen noah here with sons kia with me today i have the all new 2023 kia telluride i’ve been waiting a few months to review this i know everybody’s super excited to see that new telluride a couple of new uh interior design elements and some exterior design elements couple of new trim levels so this is going to be a little

Longer video because i’m going to go a little more in depth with this car because i’ve been so excited to review it so without further ado let’s begin usually i would start off by walking around the car showing you all the differences but i really want to start with this key fob this new key fob from kia completely different from that last year’s captain’s key fob

You have a matte slate gray colored key fob now with your lock at the top unlock your hold for your trunk release and your alarm as well as your remote start on the back of the key fob so of course now let’s get to the walk around you can see that beautiful new front end with the new headlights instead of having the circular headlight you now have the quad bulb

Headlight with the signature eye shape tiger nose front end does remain the same and of course because this is the sx x pro prestige this does have the quad fog lights as well as your front parking sensors your front camera now again this is the uh sx x pro prestige so you do see it does give you the black 18 inch wheels with the off-road package also gives you

An all-terrain contact continental tire this does increase the towing capacity as well as add some other features for that towing as well now of course to stay the same on the telluride is that body line you can see not much has really changed there but looks really good still have the power forwarding outside uh mirror with the turn signal indicator as well as

Standard blind spot monitoring on this model now going around you can see here the car just looks absolutely amazing they did also change those back tail lights you can see looks really really amazing with that new kia badging and a new font for that telluride lettering as well as the new font for the actual trim level badging you can see the tail lights follow

All the way down now moving around you can see here body lines just continue to follow flush and i mean the car just looks really really really good this is the dark moss exterior with the terracotta leather interior now i want to walk you up here to the window sticker show you some of the new features on this sx prestige x pro which does come standard with

All-wheel drive you can see that terracotta interior color package the 110 volt inverter outlet self leveling rear suspension heavy duty cooling in tow mode increased towing capacity and all of your x-pro styling and a look at all of your standard features same engine from before same automatic transmission an apple leather seats wireless charging pad and those

360 cameras now getting inside of your 2023 kia telluride take a look here you can see that beautiful terracotta leather interior with the x-pro stitching in the seat which looks absolutely phenomenal you can see here just the display of this interior is absolutely beautiful same harman kardon sound system in that sx memory seats the power folding side mirrors and

Your powered windows doors unlocks with that wood grain trim as well you can see here power adjustable driver seat now we’re going to go ahead and get in and take a look at the new 23 screen so push button starts still of course you still have that nice leather wrapped steering wheel new digital display 360 cameras have now moved to the digital display you can

See automatic daytime running lights down here to the left you’re going to have your illumination for the screen that cooling tow mode downhill brake gives list hold for your trunk and traction control now you can see the nice big screen here for 2023 still the wood grain dash follows through a little more angular i love the body lines and of course as you can see

Still dual zone climate control heated steering wheel down there you have your wireless charging pad your speed port for your charging your usb and your 12 volt heated and ventilated seats on both the driver passenger standard gear shift select with manual drive mode select all your drive modes with your all-wheel drive lock i don’t uh idle stop and go auto hold

Emergency parking brake 360 camera display and your parking monitor assist in here you’ve got a nice big open glove box with the speed port charger as well and this is the full leather passenger seat with powered seat adjustments as well another new thing aside from this is your rear view mirror you can see here when you turn the car on it now has a camera in the

Back which can be adjusted as well of course you have the sunroof and the rear roof as well which looks absolutely amazing volume knobs ac controls just as per usual all your hands-free bluetooth capabilities and all of your kia drivewise assist features now we’re going to go ahead and take a look at the second row of the 2023 kia telluride of course this is the

X-pro prestige so you do have the captain’s chairs with the heated and ventilated seats and your rear manual sunshade seats are adjustable via bar under the seat and of course press the button on the top of the headrest seat slides forward and that allows you to access that third row looks really really really good here’s a better view of that sunroof in the back

Now moving on to the rear of course you can just hold your button here on the key fob and it does open up the trunk here in the back you can see you still have the same straps as the 22s to drop the seats but you can see what kind of room that you’ve got with these seats up it’s actually a little little bigger and you still have the storage space down here as well

Again guys this is the dark moss sx prestige x pro all-wheel drive 2023 kia telluride with the terra cotta leather interior you can see the car just looks absolutely amazing so many new features so many wonderful things about this telluride that color really shines in the sun kia has absolutely hit it on the head with this new trim level these new color options

And just the look of the telluride overall so if you guys have any additional questions about the vehicle please feel free to comment down below and or check the description for more information that i will leave posted about this particular unit again this is noah from sons kia look forward to seeing you guys in the next video bye

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