the acura nsx is a 90s icon 1995
Altair Club Cars The Acura NSX is a 90s ICON | 1995 Acura NSX Review

The Acura NSX is a 90s ICON | 1995 Acura NSX Review

The Acura NSX is an absolute 90’s icon. With rapidly increasing prices, this raises the question of “should you buy one?”

This is a 1995 acura nsx and i’m super excited to review this because this is a 90s icon there’s many reasons why this car is such an icon and so special and today i’m going to show you why one of the things that makes this car so special is that it’s a mid engine acura and it actually has a good drivetrain that made it keep up with its competitors at the time

It uses a v6 which produces 270 horsepower and 210 pound-feet of torque it launches this car to 60 and 5.2 seconds and has a top speed of 162 miles an hour paired with this great drivetrain is great looks just look at this car now i want to focus on the front end first and these pop-up headlights are really cool now some cars don’t make good use of them but on

This nsx it looks fantastic watch them pop up real quick when popped up these headlights look really good but when they’re down this front end looks much more aerodynamic and that continues on to the side profile of this car this side profile is very distinct versus other supercars of the era and speaking of the side of the car take a look at these door handles

It’s supposed to look like they are part of the window and not look intrusive to the beautiful design of this car and they printed nsx right next to the door handle so that way you knew what you’re about to drive below that are air intakes for the engine again this is a mid engine sports car continuing on to the rear of the car there’s a spoiler which lifts up

Elegantly from the car but doesn’t take away from the initial design of the nsx just below it and continuing on to the spoiler is a light bar and light bars are starting to come back into style which i think really helps this design look as good as it does and this car is bone stock this is exactly how you would see it if you were to buy one back when it was new

And this design helped make it such an icon there’s plenty of other acuras from this era that didn’t hold up as well and plenty of other high-end cars that didn’t either but this holds up perfectly so what about the storage situation in this acura nsx well since it’s mid-engine you probably think that there’s a front trunk but no there’s only a spare tire up

There and some mechanics the storage in this car is all located right here behind the engine to access it you take your key stick it in the light bar and then pop it open and there’s a decent amount of space i wouldn’t say that you could get golf clubs in here but do correct me if i am wrong but it does look a little tight for that however if you’re going grocery

Shopping this should be perfect moving on to the interior of the acura nsx now i’m going to keep this mindset of it being a 1995 car for the reason that when you’re buying it you’re probably not carrying too much for the technology inside you’re buying it more for it being an nsx the seats are comfy yet holds you in place when you’re driving and it’s a two-tone

Interior the seats are tan the carpets are tan and then the dashboard is black while that wraps around with some parts of the door panel and it matches really nicely with the outside of the car red and tan are always a good combo and this inclusion of black looks good too technology wise there’s nothing great in here your dashboard doesn’t really have anything

Besides climate controls and a bose sound system but it is a cassette player you do have some controls on your doors and a lot of air vents in here the driving position in this car is perfect the gear selector is in the perfect spot the steering wheel is in the perfect spot and visibility is really good acura really made sure that this was a driver’s car and

No car review is complete without an exhaust clip for an acura i’m really surprised it sounds this good the design is fantastic the drivetrain is excellent and the interior is good so is there anything wrong with this car no not at all but there is a problem and it’s not with the car directly it’s with the prices of these cars yeah people are starting to demand

Eighty to a hundred thousand dollars for these cars i just don’t see how i mean if people are paying that’s fine and they can charge as much as they want but i see these as fifty to seventy thousand dollar cars but with the car market so inflated maybe it is good but i’m not here to debate prices for this car it’s an excellent vehicle which i do think you should

Consider for your next collector’s item or next daily driver it checks all the boxes that you would want for either of those categories and i have to say i love the 1995 acura nsx thank you for watching and i’ll see you guys next time if you’re interested in cars like this check out and browse their many cool cars that you will fall in love with

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The Acura NSX is a 90s ICON! | 1995 Acura NSX Review By Norris Holmes

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