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Altair Club Cars The 5 Things I HATE About The 2021+ YUKON Denali DURAMAX

The 5 Things I HATE About The 2021+ YUKON Denali DURAMAX

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What’s going on guys welcome back to the channel welcome back to the vlog welcome to the pole building and welcome to the day where we’re gonna talk about the five things that i absolutely cannot stand about my 2021 yukon denali duramax so now hate is a very strong word and i’m gonna preface that these five things that we’re about to list do not at all impact

The satisfaction of my decision to pick this yukon up because truthfully it’s been an absolutely awesome vehicle but there are a few things that i think general motors really could have done a better job on but every vehicle whether it’s a small honda up to a lamborghini or koenigsegg will have some idiosyncrasies that really just don’t make sense for the end user

Because hey these manufacturers are making an entire vehicle and sometimes the little details get missed now i also think that i take on a pretty interesting perspective because i happen to have two 2021 duramaxes that at4 right there behind me which is my kind of everyday truck my haul or my workhorse if you will and then now we have the 2021 yukon denali duramax

And they come essentially from the same family they share very similar frames and it’s a very similar platform when you’re behind the driver’s seat it’s just that the driver experience does alter a little bit and i’m going to compare a few things to my at4 duramax as well because i know i have a lot of truck enthusiasts out in the audience now scouring the world

Wide web of youtube i did not find a video that was like this yet and there’s really not all that much content out for the yukon denali so if you guys are interested in seeing more definitely tap that subscribe button and drop a comment below as to what it is that you’d like to see now this is the second video that we’re making in the new poll building you can

See we still have our christmas tree up because i’m filming this video the day before christmas or christmas eve and i just wanted to pass my well wishes out to all of you i hope you guys had an absolutely happy holidays and enjoyed your christmas and i want to wish you all an upcoming happy new year man 2022 is right around the corner it’s pretty wild also that

Being said we still have all of our entries over at compliance group state services for lone star which is that truck right there aka dream deals with giveaway number 21 so we should be finding out who the new owner is going to be if it could be you sometime around december 29th to january 5th so if you decided to get entered for this one-of-a-kind sand brand new

High country duramax that is a 2022 as a matter of fact then be patient that announcement is coming very soon if you haven’t already follow us on instagram down in the description below at enthusiast apparel and at enthusiast on facebook because that is where the announcement will be made first before you see it anywhere else so i’ve got five things that i really

Don’t particularly like about the yukon and i’m gonna share them they’re not opinion based they’re actually design build based i of course have my opinions about little things but they’re not really all that applicable because everybody has an opinion and most people don’t agree with others so number one about the yukon denali that i don’t like now i should also

Preface that i hate is a strong word and i really don’t hate much there are certain things that i guess would apply to that feeling but this is kind of just things that i don’t agree with so number one is the wheels this is a yukon denali duramax denali denotes the top trim premium grade kind of king of the fleet if you will and a denali in my opinion should come

With the best wheels but in this instance we bought a denali that has the duramax which is highly sought after so a very premium package if you will and it has 20-inch wheels it’s a massive disappointment that i completely don’t agree with being that the denali when you purchase it kind of somewhat like the at4 that i have right here which is essentially the top

Trim off-road package from gmc’s lineup offering comes with premium wheels but this one does not and i’ll get to that reason why here in a second and that kind of brings me into number two which again makes no sense because this unit right here has the ability to have power folding steps from the factory that gmc offers but it doesn’t it has your kind of basic

Run-of-the-mill standard fixed step that has a small kind of paint to match grommet here on the side and it just seems kind of somewhat out of place for buying a denali package and this brings us out to the reason why i found that when you buy a denali you’re actually not getting the single denali there are multiple variants of a denali that give you one or two

Or three more luxury items as you go up the list which to me made no sense and honestly as a truck enthusiast avid truck enthusiast at that i bought a lot of denalis and i never even really realized that they have like a denali package and then they have a denali ultimate package i do believe don’t quote me on it correct me in the comments below if you’d like that

They just recently introduced that to mark up their vehicles a little bit more for very minor options that i don’t think a lot of customers really know about unless they get into the nitty gritty details and truthfully i was a little shocked when i found that duramax right there behind me which if you don’t know are globally back ordered because of the demand on them

So i kind of had to suffice with the package that i found knowing that i’d probably just end up changing some of the things on it myself so then the next three things are right here on the inside of the yukon number one on the interior is the auto start stop function you see this a lot on essentially all of the new vehicles except for the duramax trucks thank you

Gm please do not put that in the place it makes absolutely no sense but you see it on more eco-friendly vehicles right this 3-0 liter duramax is not to be weighed against the 6.6 liter big brother l5p lml lmm lbz whatever you guys get it through the fleet because truthfully they’re intended for different purposes and yes this thing gets ridiculous fuel economy and

I guess the auto start stop is supposed to aid in a bed in assisting in getting increased range out of a single tank of fuel but the auto start stop it just feels kind of a little clunky in this thing when the diesel motor turns off it definitely cranks again and kind of shakes the vehicle a little bit when it cranks back on and there’s no way to go into the back

End of the vehicle’s settings and disable it so every single time i get in i start it up come right over here and i immediately turn it off it just becomes second nature but you cannot pre-program that in the settings which in my opinion is a little bit of a bummer now being that we got this thing running another feature that gm really didn’t get right or refined

All that well is the driver assist feature call it lane assist if you will it’s this button right here when you click it you’ll see that well a nothing happens so you enable it you get this little indication light right here that it’s on but you don’t get prompted like when you turn on the auto stop start or when you turn the parking assist on and off you get the

Notification whereas here all you get is a little tiny notifier up at the top and honestly if you’re like me the steering wheel kind of blocks that anyway so this feature really does not work all that well i really don’t enjoy it per se and let me explain so when you’re driving with that feature enabled it’s using the sensors and the cameras around the vehicle to

Essentially determine where you’re at in the lane and if you start to drift towards whether it’s the solid or the dashed line it will actually pull your steering wheel over to get you back to where it thinks it needs to be for me it’s almost like you’re fighting the vehicle’s artificial intelligence when in reality you’re just trying to maybe avoid an obstacle a tire

Shed for instance off of a semi a dead animal whatever the case might be it will actually fight you so you’re not able to make a maneuver that i don’t think the ai can truthfully predict i’m not really the biggest fan of self-driving vehicles i like elon musk a lot i like what he stands for he’s a visionary he’s an entrepreneur he makes things happen he solves problems

But the self-driving thing as a vehicle entrepreneur i’m just not all that excited about because i get a lot of enjoyment out of windshield time and i know that you guys are very similar and that brings me to the third option on the interior that i really just don’t get so on the at4 it’s different what you do when you want to enable your automatic high beams is you

Press this little button right here on the outside of the steering wheel column control and it turns on what is called automatic high beams so for instance turn this thing on you’re on either auto or you have your headlights on one or the other and then you come in here you press this button which i’m not going to do and it’ll actually clean your windshield wipers

But they did something a little bit different on this vehicle they have your high beam indicator right here so if you pull it back it will let you know in that top corner that your high beams are in fact enabled but it doesn’t clearly tell you how to turn on this automatic high beam feature which if you guys don’t know it’s very nice it will detect oncoming lights

And it will let you know when somebody is within a range that could be blinded by the light no pun intended and it will automatically disable them from the camera that’s up here that detects forward motion on this vehicle i had to actually pull out the manual i know old school it’s kind of crazy and read into it and what you actually have to do is double tap the

Lever forward and if you guys watch right up here you’ll see what happens we got our high beams on now and then if you do it again within two seconds so if you see right up here you’ll see the light when you push it forward once it will turn the high beams on you push it forward again it turns them off we’ll come to find out there’s a secret feature that if you

Push them on and within two seconds push it again your automatic high beams are now enabled and that’s how you enable the high beam feature on the denali without being told how to do so other than if you break the manual out and now last but not least being that this is a new gmc it does not have the rear view camera function like misfit does my at4 over there

That’s a it’s just a bummer it’s honestly just one of those things that i’ve really fell in love with because you no longer get blinded by people high beaming you in the back and at night it’s very easy to see out of you can actually use the low aperture of the camera on the vehicle and it illuminates what is behind you at night it’s super convenient for backing

Up and just getting a very clear read on the camera eyes that you have here and with your backup camera here this vehicle did not come with it because of what i think is that global chip shortage i don’t really know everything about it and if you do have more specifics i’d really appreciate if you comment below because i’ve wanted to figure it out i just haven’t

Taken the time to do so but there’s like this global chip shortage that like all big manufacturers that make anything that have any amount of technology or gizmos or gadgets on are struggling to find and in turn they’re actually not putting that feature in their new vehicles anymore because of this global chip shortage so that for me jumping out of misfit jumping

Into this denali being a feature that i’ve grown very accustomed to that even the new ram that we have aka bandit has it’s getting wrapped right now which is i can’t show you guys it’s a really nice feature and honestly i don’t really care all that much about going back to a standard rear-view mirror it just kind of feels like it’s incomplete so the takeaway from

This is is if you’re in the market for a big suv like a yukon or yukon maybe xl tahoe or even a new pickup truck that’s kind of in this big class definitely something to bear in mind because you don’t want to assume that you’re going to get into a denali and you’re going to get everything that you would expect the denali to come with now fortunately in this instance

I’m not all that upset about the exterior changes because i certainly am going to be making changes to this vehicle over time and i can’t wait to get that process started and if anything we’re going to start that process right now because there’s a few things that i can immediately change on this thing that i’ve been looking forward so oh man i was 50 on the

Fence about using the 3m adhesive removal wheel because it’s a trim panel and not paint i figured what could it hurt let’s just try it out it’s going to be way more efficient come to find out that’s not the move this stuff is light and it actually worked up a little bit of heat and somewhat lifted the finish not that big of a deal i already have a new one on its

Way the back gmc emblem is gonna have to wait now we are talking ladies and gentlemen it makes a substantial difference when you delete that one little blemish from the front of these gmc’s especially when they’re black or white i’m telling you what when i was shopping these things i saw that they had kind of like the blackout appearance package again i couldn’t

Be all that particular with the ones that were available so i decided to do what i do best and that’s modify everything that i own and if anything it’s kind of making it more of what it is that we want to accomplish and truthfully there’s not too many things that i’m going to want to do with this thing but i definitely have a pretty healthy list of things that we

Are going to get done to it just to get it to where i know and you know that it needs to be babe don’t give me the resting grinch face for modifying the yukon already stop finding my hat i love it i just love the red i feel like i don’t know it looks way better now we’re really matching which i think is adorable misfit mrs fit and misses mrs fit yeah i love it

Yeah it looks awesome yeah just don’t look just don’t look at the back why yeah what did you do now it’ll be better this week somewhere and you know what we’re filming this just because we’re truthful people in these parts yeah i saw him right away he said i was 50 on the fence and whether or not i should use the adhesive wheel yeah i got you hooked up with the

Holy grail and then you’re asking for that for a minute but uh the adhesive well on this trim piece was not a good idea you did something i didn’t ask for it i ruined my car one minute and you didn’t even take the sticker off does anybody else really despise the stickers that go on the back of the paint of the vehicle let me just this was the last stuff you touched

My stuff you broke my stuff you did something i didn’t ask you to do no idea and you didn’t do what i asked you to do you got some nails can you work that off i don’t want to scratch it should we pick look at look at that look at the nails on the girl look at the shirt look at the elf on there look at the hat the one time of year i wear red lipstick i don’t want

To break another one i’m loving this we hope you all had a very merry and awesome christmas thank you for everything this past year we are sincerely thankful for every single one of you be sure to like this hit that subscribe button and we’ll see you all in the new year bye also this is actually one mod that i like so that’s going to wrap up our fun-filled little

Christmas eve vlog here today with the new yukon denali i hope you guys enjoyed this video if you haven’t subscribed already and you’re new to the channel definitely consider doing so we love having you guys around stay on the lookout for dream diesel giveaway number 22 a big old surprise rolling in for 2022. it’s gonna launch sometime right in the early parts of

January let us know about some other mods that we should do to the yukon obviously we want to go crazy with it but there are certainly some things that absolutely need our touch and thanks as always for joining us here in the new space it’s incredible to be making videos under a roof of a building that i contributed massively to with my own two hands and now i know

That we just hit five and this title is five things that i absolutely hate about the yukon denali duramax but there’s one other thing being that i’m a father now husband and i have a family i actually have no idea how to enable all of the cabin lights at one time when we have to deal with something you can see we’ve got little jack’s car seat there in the back we

Had an instance the other night we were going out and checking out some christmas lights little jack dropped something he was letting us know in his 18-month tone which is like not verbal it’s like you know what type of a deal i wanted to hit the light which i thought would probably be like right up in this area or maybe down here to turn on all the cabin lights

But it’s not and i still have no idea where it is i could look in the owner’s manual which i’ll probably end up doing but i was expecting it to be a button kind of like oh no casey i just found casey i found it okay i guess we don’t have to put that one in you can get that one out

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The 5 Things I HATE About The 2021+ YUKON Denali DURAMAX! By DURTYMAX JACK

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