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Altair Club Cars The 5 BEST Electric Vehicles You SHOULD WAIT To Buy in 2023

The 5 BEST Electric Vehicles You SHOULD WAIT To Buy in 2023

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Justin getting your hands on an electric vehicle this year seems awfully challenging kudos to you again for getting your ionic 5 at msrp if we’re going to buy an electric vehicle next year what model should we be thinking about what’s what’s kind of like your top five list what are you most looking forward to next year when it comes to evs yeah i’m really excited

For five particular evs that are hitting the road at some point in 2023 most of them as 2024 models but we all know how the model year thing works um surprisingly we all know how the model year doesn’t even do model years uh zach i’ve got a surprise for you and i don’t know how you’re gonna feel about this but there are two chevrolets on my list of five evs to look

Forward to does that surprise you how much are they paying you ah i cannot disclose this information yes the silverado ev if i were in the market for an electric truck which at times i’ve thought about it i would be waiting for the silverado ev i’d be passing up these f-150 lightnings with outrageous markups i’m sure that i’m sure the silverado is going to have

Its own set of problems but let me tell you why i’m so excited for the silverado ev coming in late 2023 faster charging so it’s powered by the ultim electric platform that gm has spent over a billion dollars engineering it better be good right well it is it’s capable of up to 350 kilowatt charging speeds that’s fast so with the truck you’re going to be having a

Really really large battery pack and that alone is going to mean that charging is going to take longer but you’re going to be in and out of there in most likely 30 minutes or less with the silverado ev whereas it might be more like 40 to 50 minutes with the f-150 lightning it also just has a bunch of cool gadgets it has a slide through bed where you can basically

Open up behind the back seat and slide objects in and out that’s pretty awesome it has a lot of vehicle to load capability which the f-150 lightning also has but the silverado ev is better it’s got 10.2 kilowatts of vehicle to load output does not qualify for the ev tax credit so that is gonna have to come into play with your financial decision making however who

Knows maybe there will be an update to the tax credit by next year i don’t know yeah no the silverado ev looks super compelling and obviously we’re seeing more and more investment in different electric pickup trucks heck we’re even expecting dodge to be announcing or excusing ram to be announcing their 1500 ev anytime soon so yeah i understand why you’d maybe wait

For the the silverado ev especially while those ford f-150 lightnings have 30 to 50 thousand dollars worth of markup on them all right what else is on your list yeah so the second chevrolet on the list is the equinox ev now this is okay probably the one that i think has the most hope for making an impact like with mass ev adoption because what’s the one thing we

Really need in electrification right now well there’s i’d say there’s two things we need more chargers and we need lower prices those are the two priorities right now well gm says that late 2023 they’re going to introduce the equinox ev for around 30 000 now zach i just dug into the details picked through gm’s press releases and i found a few details that might

Change just how excited i am for this particular model all right let’s see they say that they’re producing a fleet variant you know what i’m thinking don’t you 30 000 that’s probably going to be the bare bones fleet variant of the equinox ev so i mean still even if the equinox starts at 35 38 000 that would still be reasonably priced once you consider the massive

Fuel savings of going for an electric crossover suv versus an equinox combustion version that gets like i don’t know 26 miles per gallon the savings are there thinking about getting your extended warranty go to join and check out our pricing there there’s no obligation no spam no robo calls yaa for your extended warranty not to mention the fact that the

Average electric vehicle transaction price last month was over 64 000 so yes an out the door price around 40 grand would be heaven sent in this market and open up electric vehicles to a lot more people also you mentioning the fact that there’s a fleet variant of the uh of that vehicle also makes me wonder a little bit about the bolts pricing at twenty six thousand

Dollars and what that will actually be but anyway we can save that for another video so two chevys on your top five list of evs worth waiting for next year what else is on the list not another chevy no number three comes way out of left field you probably haven’t even heard of this automaker before but it’s fisker fisker has brought the ocean to market now this

Is ironic because back in 2020 2012 hurricane sandy brought ocean water that literally dashed the dreams and hopes of fisker’s original hybrid sports car literally these cars sat in salt water and it caused them to go bankrupt but here they are again with the 2023 fisker ocean can you believe it zach they they came down it took them a decade but they’re back and

They’ve decided to name their flagship ev the fisker ocean i don’t know if that’s the irony is intentional or not i don’t know but why am i excited for the fiskar ocean affordability range and fast charging not to mention it’s also going to qualify for incentives with the which the two chevys i mentioned won’t unless there’s a revision to the tax credit but anyways

The fisker ocean promises up to 350 miles on a charge for the upper level trims which as of right now pricing is going to start around 38 000 but if you want the 350 miles of range in the upper level trims that’s going to cost you about 68 000 so it can the price can get up there but um i mean even the lower level trims 250 miles of range fast charging supposedly

Over 200 kilowatt speeds that would be good i mean a very tech forward design that a lot of car buyers are looking for in 2022 and i’d imagine next year too yeah no all right i’m interested plus they’ve got that interesting um lease program that i know a lot of people are potentially interested in testing out so yeah fisker’s got some some some momentum behind them

Let’s say they’ve they’ve come back from uh from their salt water experiences yes momentum indeed and next up on the list the hyundai ionic six which we just recently learned about when hyundai finally decided to unveil the exterior and interior designs we don’t know a lot about the specs of this ev yet but the fact that hyundai is making a sedan cool again in 2023

Gets me excited because i know a lot of enthusiasts out there are sick and tired of everything being a crossover not to mention a sportback crossover would you agree that that and also uh everything’s either an electric pickup truck but you were just mentioning with the crossover slash hatchback kind of look sedan would be an awesome option on the market obviously

Super early to know any of the specific specifications or anything like that but damn good-looking design so i understand why it’s on your list what’s what’s the fifth one there’s got to be some sort of like out-of-left field option on the table yeah there’s i’ve got a trick up my sleeve zach and i don’t know if you’re gonna be too happy about this one so didn’t

You say just a few minutes ago uh there better not be three gm evs on this list there better not be three chevy you really put a third chevy on the list let’s not get in there let me tell you how the 2024 honda prologue honda prolog the prologue yep it’s going to be built by general motors and completely powered by general motors new ultim electric platform so

Wow it’s a gm with just a different badge on it sneaky like that’s really fascinating like how i snuck that in there well i have a lot of hope for the honda prologue because it’s essentially going to be the equinox ev with a honda badge on it it’s going to be the same powertrain roughly the same size it’s a crossover and the pricing is supposed to be relatively

Affordable but honda is not spilling the beans on pricing as of right now but what’s important is that honda has not brought any fully electric vehicles to the us market yet this will be their first they’ve got one in europe that’s mildly popular but this is a whole different ball game going off of gm’s really impressive old tm platform i look forward to this and i

Can’t wait to test drive it i’m super interested at the fact that you know already automakers are kind of incestuous like a lot like hyundai kia owned by the same corporation daimler owns mercedes-benz and owns gili which owns vol like they’re all like the family tree of automakers is super interconnected and then you have these strategic partnerships where you’re

Buying a honda but it’s a general motors product super interesting so to run it back to run it back we’ve got two chevys one kind of chevy um we’ve got the equinox tv the silverado ev the fiskar ocean the ionic six from hyundai and then the honda prologue that seems like a pretty interesting list and again if you’re sitting out in the market right now because you

Don’t want to spend 64 000 for an electric vehicle waiting for one of these might not be a bad move there’s a few affordable options on this list especially the entry level fisker ocean equinox ev honda prologue be looking for these evs to bring more affordability to the market and hopefully you won’t have to settle for a slow charging really poor range affordable

Ev these budget friendly options should be pretty capable for those who like to road trip and whatnot did you just take a shot at the nissan leaf is that what i heard i did okay just one shot’s fired pow pow thank you justin thank you

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