the 2024 dodge charger daytona r
Altair Club Cars The 2024 Dodge Charger Daytona RUINED the Muscle Car Market

The 2024 Dodge Charger Daytona RUINED the Muscle Car Market

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Man i don’t ever think an electric car is going to be cool it’s still really early in the life cycle of electric vehicles and maybe we just don’t know what’s coming yeah but they don’t make sounds they don’t have any soul they don’t have a good transmission that makes you feel something it just isn’t there like a gasoline engine well what if i told you maybe

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Go to legal instant transfer fees apply banking provided by evolve member fdic and future you will thank you wow it has been a dodge filled month i just got back from doing roadkill nights powered by dodge by doing a hellcat red-eye swap into a dodge magnum wagon it was an insane experience i’m still mentally recovering from it and wow what a wild ride

If you’d like me to do a update video on the roadkill knights experience of the actual race please let me know i just have to go through a nine hour live stream to find my run so that’ll take me a while but if you want the short answer i clutch blew up at the line so that didn’t go so well but a good treat seemed to happen as soon as i left michigan and that is

This brand new ev concept by dodge now i heard some rumors down the grapevine of what this car might be i heard that it’s going to be electric and it’s going to look kind of sort of like a challenger but kind of bring back the charger roots and at the same time it might be all-wheel drive it might have a one-speed transmission it might make noise and lo and behold

Pretty much all of those things came true so today i’m gonna break down the unveil what my thoughts are on it and what this means for the hellcat and also what this means for the future of electric vehicles in the sports car segment because spoiler alert this was a really good unveil for once it seems like with the unveils the past two or three years i either really

Like it or i really don’t like it if you know what i’m saying and basically this time around it had me do the head nod i was like interesting interesting so first things first they have this really dramatic like murica moment saying the muscle car ain’t going anywhere and blah blah blah yeah we just went all electric guilty as charged and essentially i think the

Unveiling was lit very well you could see everything and it really shows off the concepts front end which is this super aggressive front end with the light bar up front and the emblem in the middle and so you know it crawls out does its thing and then it revs it’s so weird to hear an electric vehicle make sound that isn’t super manufactured right of course okay to

Be fair this is probably manufactured sound but it doesn’t feel as manufactured and i’m gonna make big comparisons to one of my favorite competitors of this car very soon so bear with me so what did we learn from this unveil well dodge set out to create an electric vehicle that seemed fun that seemed more for the people because with evs the problem is is they’re

Not that accessible to the general public even a tesla model 3 performance if you’re a car person is probably about 60 000 that’s not an average joe car and it’s held together with adhesives but we’ll talk about that later so the car comes out has the dramatic fog and everything and then what i noticed right off the bat it has a front spoiler aerodynamic kind of

Thing so if you look at the front grille the air goes through the grill then goes over the hood and comes over and then you know they give it literally a drive around a lot of the times with these concepts and stuff like that it just kind of sits in place and everybody kind of looks and goes is it is it time to clap yet i think so and basically they just let the

Car do its thing and speak for itself and i have a lot of respect for that yes it’s a concept but i have a feeling they’re gonna build something pretty close to this so let’s get into it first things first let’s get the elephant out of the room the sound they call this car the banshee model and it’s very appropriate because i was like wait how can an electric car

Be called a banshee when banshee’s scream anyway you know what i mean so he comes out talks about the sound first and the way that this patented sound mechanism works in this car it’s 126 decibels which is not quiet whatsoever meanwhile if you look at the competitors it’s all about being as quiet as possible which i thought was an interesting approach in the

Porsche tycoon turbo s you get kind of this jetson sound that actually helps you a lot when it comes to kind of knowing where you’re at speed wise he’s george judson and then going back to that front spoiler he brings up an aero car from the 30s and says hey listen since this car back then was aerodynamic for the time about a hundred years later we’ve

Only improved about 25 when it comes to the charger wide body which is still a great improvement don’t get me wrong but after 100 years you’re like huh i kind of thought it would be a little bit more with wind tunnels and everything else but he then says that this car is another 25 more aerodynamic so basically a 50 increase from the 30s which i thought it was

A really cool idea if they’re able to truly achieve it and that also will improve the range substantially he then goes on about power he says we’re not gonna give you the actual power numbers but you and i both know it’s gonna be absolutely bananas he basically teased us with three power levels but there’s really nine power levels through direct connection if you

Don’t know what dirt connection is it’s essentially a part supplier to kind of upgrade your car so you have a hellcat and you want to buy like axles upgraded axles a pulley system all that kind of stuff you can get it through direct connection it’s actually how we got our hellcat red-eye engine to be shipped to the dealership he teases us with the three initial

Ones but there’s actually nine so the consumer is going to be able to have access to nine different power levels going through direct connection basically there’s a slam mode slam mode i’m guessing means like you know slam back in your seat like extremely fast acceleration i guess i don’t know speculation don’t quote me on that there’s a drift mode a drag mode and

Even a donut mode so basically they’re kind of really reinforcing that they’re trying to keep the muscle core alive no matter what the rules are of the planet and i do think that’s a really cool idea i think it creates creativity and you don’t just accept defeat right that we all have to use the same one speed transmission because it’s efficient we all have to use

The same battery packs we all have to do the same things the mock e for example look the maki is a great car to me it’s just not a mustang right if it was just called the maki it’d be like that’s a really cool suv by ford for their first true ev great job i think it’s a fantastic car you know the entire dash is a sound bar it’s a nice place to be but since they

Named it the mustang it just kind of tainted the car’s image which is you know really unfortunate this dodge came out swinging going we know who we are we don’t have an identity crisis this is what we’re trying to do and i respect that the next thing is is the transmission now this was a big thing for me the transmission is a multi-speed transmission now how this

Works don’t ask me so the car i want to compare this car against is the tycan turbo s now the titan turbo os is probably a lot more money than this one will be hopefully we don’t know yet but at the same time it’s all-wheel drive has an 800 volt architecture which the dodge also has an 800 volt architecture now if you’re new to ev stuff in layman’s terms it means

It can charge faster and it can cool the batteries better it’s just a better system than the 400 volt architecture and everything else the taikan turbo s if you found the right charger 15 minute charge it’s amazing and that’s literally like you know going to a gas station grab a snack and a drink and then come back out and go on your what you know go underway but

It has 800 volt architecture a multi-speed transmission the ti can had a two-speed transmission and it’s one of the biggest reasons why the tachyon turbo s is my favorite electric car in the market right now i haven’t driven this one obviously but we’ll see the fact that they took the charger body line back to the charger you know from the classic one to the new

One i think it’s appropriate because it shows that you know what if we’re gonna have a new era and try new things let’s took let’s take a little bit of our past and kind of sprinkle it in there and also have a modern look to the front end and i think they accomplished that as well but if this car is priced under the ti-can turbo s and can compete with say tesla

Dude game over i would never look at the teslas again right i would be like charger all day that’s what i’m going for but like i said i’m just excited that they’re trying new things and it feels refreshing the aerodynamics are obviously going to help the range but let’s also talk about the all-wheel drive system so it’s going to have all-wheel drive compared to

Rear wheel drive like the previous hellcat now if you guys don’t know the hellcat is officially going away as far as we know for now and basically i think there’s only one more model a year left so it’s kind of its last ural with the durango hellcat coming back in production for one year which i know a lot of durango hellcat people are probably not happy about

That but you can still get the chargers and the challengers and the jailbreak and stuff like that which is like a new addition as well so those are all on their last ura so i think it’s a very good point of time for dodge to do all this eevee stuff now that way they’re like hey this is what we’ve been up to this is what we’re up against a part of me also says that

I don’t know if they’ll use that exact charge or body but i won’t be surprised if gasoline engines aren’t gone forever i do have a feeling that eventually there will be a gas version of a dodge sports car in the next realm or the next model so i don’t think it’s too much hope lost right but i’m not gonna you know just be like yes that’s absolutely going to happen

So basically with the different power levels they use a system called push to pass and at first i was like wait do you just literally hit a button like drs and f1 and you pass someone but it’s interconnected with all the power level system and that’s pretty much as far as i know basically what we’ve learned from this unveil electric vehicle that makes legitimate

Sound i thought it was strange that he kept saying exhaust system but i guess there’s really no better way to say it instead of an exhaust system it’s an emitter or something along those lines because i don’t think it’s speakers per se still think it’s the amplified electric motors they just made them sound louder and like it has a soul kind of like the maki race

Car if you remember or vaughn getting junior’s drift car that thing screams final thoughts essentially i think this was a good move by dodge and it’s one of the unveils that i just want to make it very clear i swear i’m not saying all this stuff because i just finished a dodge project in fact i feel like i needed a break from touch no offense i had a great time

But oh well that was that was a lot that was a lot of work on that magnum i was like okay i’m gonna go back to normal and then they just drop this on us and i was like you know what i gotta talk about it they’re just like let’s find a way to make an eevee fun and hopefully a little bit more affordable to be fun but i’m not gonna bite my tongue on that we’ll see

That guys what do you think about the new charger daytona srt concept personally i think it was a great idea let me know in the comments section below and on that note i upload on tuesdays thursdays and sundays and i will see you guys next time and take it easy make sure you hit that subscribe button and that like button it really helps me in this algorithmic world

And i will see you guys next time have a wonderful day goodbye you

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The 2024 Dodge Charger Daytona RUINED the Muscle Car Market By ThatDudeinBlue

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