the 2022 volvo v90 cross country
Altair Club Cars The 2022 Volvo V90 Cross Country Attractively Designed Inside And Out

The 2022 Volvo V90 Cross Country Attractively Designed Inside And Out

The Cross Country switches to the new B6 powertrain for 2022, which adds a 48 volt hybrid system to the familiar turbocharged and supercharged four cylinder engine but has 21 horsepower less than the car previous turbocharged and supercharged four cylinder. We haven’t tried this engine in the V90 yet but we did take a short test drive in the XC60 SUV and found the powertrain perky despite the lower 295 hp rating. Elsewhere, The V90 Cross Country inherits Volvo new Google based infotainment system, which we’ve found an improvement over the older Sensus Connect system in some respects, but slightly less intuitive to use in practice. A new USB C port is also standard. Sadly, the regular V90 has been discontinued for 2022, leaving the lifted and ruggedized Cross Country as the only choice.

Thank you thank you start with an attractive mid-sized luxury sedan then add a lot of cargo space that’s the volvo v90 this beautiful station wagon is based on the s90 sedan and has been on sale since the 2018 model year offered only as a special order model the v90 has been a slow seller the standard v90 has been discontinued for 2022 leaving the

Cross-country high riding model there’s not much to criticize about the v90 cross-country maybe the ride quality could be a little smoother and the cabin could be a little quieter but that hardly detracts from the overall great experience where to start as a large wagon the v90 cross country is very practical volvo packs the car cleverly giving it plenty of

Cargo space and organizers to accommodate many different sizes the passenger compartment is ample although there are no rear-facing third row seats like old volvo wagons are the ones you’ll find in mercedes-benz e-class wagons regardless passengers on the v90 cross country will have no shortage of luxury appointments the cabin is beautifully appointed and

Crafted with new technology features added this year to modernize the experience also new this year is the b6 mild hybrid powertrain which upgrades the already capable super and turbocharged engine as the standard v90 wagon was discontinued for this year and suvs are selling far more of it the fate of the v90 cross-country seems unclear shame as this is an

Excellent vehicle for sedans and suvs of similar intent get one while you can the v90 cross country gets a new powertrain for 2022 dubbed the b6 it builds on last year’s 2.0 liter i4 supercharged and turbocharged t6 by adding a 48 volt mild hybrid electric system horsepower dropped to 295 from 316 but torque rose to 310 pound-feet from 295. when testing the

New powertrain we recorded 0-60 miles per hour in 6.9 seconds 0.4 seconds behind the old t6 that doesn’t necessarily improve fuel economy rated the 2022 v90 cross country at 22 29 mpg city highway while last year’s non-hybrid model delivered 20 30 smpg the true suv alternative epaulette comparing the v90 to the v90 cross-country is a bit of a moot considering

That you can only buy the last model in 2022 it’s still possible to wonder how off-road ready it will be compared to similar volvos ground clearance on the v90 cross-country measures 8.3 inches giving it more room to get through obstacles than the standard 6.1 inch v90 however the xc90 is still slightly taller with an 8.8 inch ground clearance volvo’s focus on

Safety is demonstrated in the excellent crash test scores achieved by every vehicle in its range including the v90 cross country although the 2022 model has not yet been evaluated it will likely carry the iihs top safety pick plus rating it earned last year nhtsa has never tested the v90 in any form the v90 cross country is equipped with driver assistance and

Active safety features these include front and rear automatic emergency braking blind spot monitoring rear traffic warning adaptive cruise control and fixed lane assist this is the same feature that was included before but the 2022 model receives a new set of sensors for this system that can improve its functionality for the area of the v90 cross country some

Suvs simply offer more capacity especially when equipped with third row seats like the volvo xc90 each v90 cross country is equipped with a 12.3 inch screen and a 9.0 inch infotainment touchscreen for 2022 it runs a new android-based user interface which aims to be more intuitive and capable than volvo’s previous in-house census system it works with android auto

And bluetooth connectivity but apple carplay is not available yet future system updates may change it also new this year is the switch from usb type a to type c ports on the front row the standard audio system has 10 speakers while the 14-speaker harman kardon premium setup and 15 speaker bang and olufsen are on the list the heads-up view in 360 degree parking

Camera system are other premium technology offerings despite its raised suspension and suv like body cladding the 2022 volvo v90 cross country is a station wagon albeit with slightly more capabilities than the average car not only able to cope with some mild off-road situations the cross country also offers a luxurious cabin upholstered in smooth materials

Soft leather and genuine wood trim these features and more help name it to the editor’s choice list all models are powered by a 295 horsepower turbocharged and supercharged four-cylinder engine with a 48 volt hybrid system and comes standard with all-wheel drive volvo’s safety legacy is also evident in this model with a number of standard driver assistance

Including semi-autonomous driving modes love the look of the v90 cross country but want a smaller size check out the v60 cross-country which is reviewed separately cross country is switching to a new b6 powertrain for 2022 which adds a 48 volt hybrid system to its familiar turbocharged and supercharged four-cylinder engine but has 21 horsepower less than its

Previous turbocharged and supercharged four-cylinder car haven’t tried this engine on the v90 but did a quick test drive in the xc60 suv and found the powertrain to be good despite the lower 295 horsepower rating elsewhere the v90 cross-country inherits volvo’s new google-based infotainment system which it finds to be an improvement over the older census connect

System in some ways but a little less intuitive to use in practice the new usbc port is also standard unfortunately the regular v90 has been discontinued for 2022 leaving the raised and sturdy cross-country is the only option all v90 cross-country models come with a b6 powertrain and all-wheel drive and most of the features a wagon once come standard including

Semi-autonomous driving technology a large sunroof digital gauge display genuine leather seats and dual zones automatic climate control the b6 engine is a supercharged and turbocharged 2.0 liter four-cylinder with a 48 volt hybrid system that produces 295 horsepower acceleration is quite fast and the big volvo wagon managed to run 6.4 seconds to 60 miles per

Hour on our test track foreign

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The 2022 Volvo V90 Cross Country Attractively Designed Inside And Out By Premium Automatic

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