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Altair Club Cars The 2022 Lexus ES 300h F Sport Makes Hybrid Luxury More Appealing

The 2022 Lexus ES 300h F Sport Makes Hybrid Luxury More Appealing

If you’ve been a fan of the Lexus F Sport treatment for awhile but would like to bundle it with one of the most efficient drivetrains in the luxury segment, there’s now an ES 300h F Sport for you. It’s not any faster than the regular ES Hybrid, but the suspension is firmer, making the ES feel more engaging on the road. You’ll even get 40 MPG if you take things easy on the highway. Does that make this the ultimate luxury cruiser? It just might.

Contrary to what i would call conventional auto enthusiast wisdom i think that the lexus es is the quintessential luxury vehicle available in the u.s this is comfortable it’s roomy it rides well and it’s very quiet on the inside this also used to be the best-selling lexus at this point in time it’s simply the best-selling lexus sedan because of the rise of crossovers

Especially the nx and the rx if you’re looking for a new luxury sedan and you think that legroom cargo room and fuel efficiency are more important than rear wheel drive driving dynamics there’s definitely a lexus es for you a lot of folks scoff that that first generation es was nothing more than a gussied up camry and you know what they were right it looked like

A lexus on the front but it definitely was camry like on the inside and that turned out not to be a bad thing because for the price of an entry-level compact luxury sedan you could get something that was more mid-sized sized on the inside with a bigger trunk as well and that’s exactly what’s going on with the lexus es this is about the same price as the lexus is

Bmw 3 series etc but we have a much bigger interior but back to the lexus es the base model has halogen high beams which i do think is a little bit weird but the model that i’m driving today is the f sport hybrid so we get a slightly tweaked grille this is the angrier looking front end on the lexus es but it still has the hybrid system under the hood the lexus

Es has long had an unusual place in the lexus lineup because unlike some brands that just have front-wheel drive cars or some brands that just have rear-wheel drive cars lexus has a mix we have the lexus is which is rear-wheel drive we had the lexus gs which was about the same size as this but rear wheel drive then we had the lexus es which was again is sized

And front wheel drive then we had the flagship lexus ls which returned to rear wheel drive and other manufacturers haven’t exactly tried this particular product blend lincoln for instance just had front-wheel drive sedans until recently you could have considered this the direct competitor to the lincoln mkz but lincoln and cadillac have given up on larger sedans

With this form factor with a total length of 195.9 inches this is one inch longer than a bmw 5 series but on the inside we have four inches more legroom than that bmw and that’s all because of the front wheel drive platform with that engine sitting across the engine bay rather than longitudinally in the vehicle this has a lot more room available on the inside

Has a shorter hood longer body and it still has a pretty big trunk around back we have a subtle trunk lid spoiler some blacked out chrome accents full led tail lamps and the exhaust tips are tucked up under the bumper at the moment lexus offers three different engines under this hood the es250 gets a two and a half liter four cylinder engine borrowed out of a

Wide variety of different toyota and lexus products that produces 203 horsepower and 184 pound-feet of torque all-wheel drive is standard on that model that’s the big reason you want to get the es250 it has an eight-speed automatic transmission and it will get you 28 miles per gallon then there’s the es-350 the one that most shoppers seem to buy that produces

302 horsepower out of a 3.5 liter v6 and 267 pound-feet of torque fuel economy drops to 25 to 26 miles per gallon depending on the version that you get an 8-speed automatic is standard but you can only get it in front-wheel drive i was a little bit surprised that lexus chose not to give the v6 the all-wheel drive system and instead borrowed the engine out of the

Avalon also borrowed out of the avalon is this available hybrid system this is a two and a half liter four cylinder hybrid producing 215 horsepower total 176 horsepower just from the engine the rest comes from the electric motors over there on that side but this gets you 44 miles per gallon at the moment in the us that easily makes this the most efficient luxury

Sedan that doesn’t have a plug so if you’re looking for high reliability high fuel economy and a really long distance between phillips that’s another reason you might want to take a look at the es i find the front seats in the es pretty comfortable but these seats are not as adjustable as some of the competition and that’s why i’m going to give this eight out

Of ten points my front seat comfort score we have a manual tilt telescopic steering column with a slightly shorter range of motion than some lexus models and keep in mind that much like other lexus vehicles the front passenger seat does not have the same range of motion as the driver’s seat jumping into the back seat you’ll really notice the benefit of the front

Wheel drive design in the es i have an insane amount of legroom back here about six inches with this front seat adjusted for me at six feet tall and the front seats are pretty thickly padded even if i move over to the right side of the vehicle where this front seat is all the way back in its track suitable for a six foot five person that i had in there i have

About an inch of leg room left and this is all the way back and pretty reclined as well another advantage to this platform is that we don’t have much of a driveline hump even if you get the es with all-wheel drive the hump in the middle is gonna be an awful lot shorter closer to the foot wells than you’ll find in a five series or an e-class you’ll also notice

That although headroom right here in the middle is not exactly generous i do have to crane my head to one side in order to get it back there towards the headrest that the rear bench is definitely wider than something like the bmw 3 series or the lexus is so if you’re looking for a luxury vehicle in this price category and you want to put a mixture of adults or

Child seats in the back this is going to be a much better option especially for rear-facing child seats you’d be hard-pressed to put a rear-facing child seat and a six foot tall adult up front in something like a bmw 3 series or that smaller lexus as well but in here it’s absolutely no problem now it’s not all peaches and cream back here there is just one problem

And that is rear seat headroom i actually cannot put my head back this headrest back here unless i crane my head to the side either that’s all due to the roof line behind the power trunk lid we find 13.9 cubic feet of cargo capacity that definitely puts this above a lot of compact luxury sedans and right in line with a decent number of mid-size rear wheel drive

Options we do have a spare tire under the load floor which is a nice touch but i can’t put bags in this position and still have the lid closed now one nice touch with this power trunk lid design is that i can open and close it freely like this manually if i wanted to by grabbing on that handle or i could hit the button and close the trunk lid that way the spare

Tire is certainly one of the reasons that this cargo area is slightly smaller than some of the competition that doesn’t have a spare at all because if you were to remove this temporary spare you’d gain a few extra cubic feet it’s also worth noting that judging by the size of this cargo divider which has the tire iron and jack right there you would be able to fit

A full-size spare tire back here in the trunk if you wanted to jumping back inside we find the controls for the moon roof as well as the telematic system just in front of the moon roof there we have sliding sun visors which is definitely a nice touch two-way adjustable headrests and two-way adjustable shoulder belts for the driver and front passenger lexus has a

Variety of different interior upholstery options for the es but as you’d expect in a luxury vehicle none of them are cloth you can either get imitation leather real leather and a few different grades of leather as well the seat bottom and back cushions are perforated because these seats are both heated and ventilated as you can see we have some moderate bolstering

On the seat back and seat side cushion moving over to the front door panels we have a reasonable percentage of soft touch plastics although there are still hard plastics down there at the bottom of the door as you’d expect in an entry-level vehicle for the interior design lexus borrowed some styling cues from their more expensive vehicles like the door handle that

Looks an awful lot like the one that we find in the lexus lc we have some trim that runs right across the dashboard you can get real wood trim metal trim etc a bunch of different trim options there soft touch dashboard components stitched in the upper section but this is not actually a stitched piece of material it’s just an injection molded plastic that’s been

After stitched trim strip right there there’s a pretty decently sized glove compartment below that it’s a slot style but i was able to fit a larger tablet computer inside in the middle of the dashboard we finally have a touchscreen infotainment system back in the lexus es this is an awful lot easier to use than the previous generation system which only allowed

You to use the controller right here in the center console now we still have the lexus touch pad controller which is certainly not my preference and you should know that you will need to use that for some functions because if i click over here to the lexus menu you’ll notice that once we’re on the nav system i don’t have any way to get back to carplay i do have

Some options over here on this side i can click the media option get some media things on the side there hybrid system information stuff like that but i can’t actually get back to the main menu i have to press the menu button over here to get back to the main menu and pull that up so they haven’t completely reworked the software for the touch screen just yet a

Little clock on the side of that dual zone automatic climate control engine start stop button there that controls the heated and ventilated seats also the heated steering wheel and rear sunshade then we have this storage area right here which has one cup holder a little slot right there and the usb inputs for the infotainment system unfortunately i can’t close

That lid with the usb ports used because of course they’re in the way we have a pretty standard console shifter here ev mode button break hold button again that controller right there a second cup holder here with no lid but it does have a pull up divider so i can choose to have a deep or a shallow cup holder behind that we have a center console here with

A well-hidden g wireless charging mat it definitely fits some of the larger smartphones but the system does not support wireless carplay so you end up having to have that cable right there the storage area has a lot of room in it and help appease the passengers you can also open it from the other side on the driver’s side we find the same full lcd instrument

Cluster that we’ve seen in a number of lexuses for a while it has a physical ring that slides side to side when you engage the menu it also changes based on the drive mode that you’re in that drive mode is adjusted via this little knob over here to the right side of that instrument cluster you can select normal by pressing the button in you can rotate through

Eco or sport over there and then on this side we have just a button on this side no knob here this is for the traction control moving out from there we have one of lexus’s latest three spoke steering wheel designs with a thick bottom spoke there paddle shifters on the back this is a hybrid but it does have some imitation gears we have the controller for that

Multi-function lcd instrument cluster some volume up down buttons voice command and then on this side we have the controls for the standard radar adaptive cruise control you’ll notice it’s located on the steering wheel not on a stock in my opinion the hybrid system fits the character of the es better than the v6 or the naturally aspirated four-cylinder engine

Because driving this vehicle gently you’re never going to hear the engine this will operate in electric only mode at lower speeds it’s very very smooth even at higher speeds unless you’re flooring it you’re not going to get too much engine noise and even if you do that four cylinder engine sound is pretty well muted 0 to 60 time is definitely acceptable it’s not

Especially swift this model went 0-60 in 7.4 seconds it’s worth noting that that is considerably faster than lexus’s quoted time for the hybrid model i’m not entirely clear why that is but i have checked with a number of my other friends in the industry and pretty much all of us have recorded 7.4 to 7.5 seconds 0 to 60. now this is going to be significantly slower

Than the slowest version of the bmw 3 series in the us or the slowest version of the lexus is but this is going to be a very different kind of vehicle this is softer quieter more comfortable entire driving experience is simply more serene but that nature doesn’t mean that the es is a slouch out on the road this is relatively fun to drive 60 miles an hour back

To zero happened in 124 feet which is certainly a respectable stopping distance and lexus does make a good front-wheel drive vehicle lots of caveats of course have to apply here this is not going to handle like a 3 series or a 5 series or a mercedes-benz e-class or anything along those lines but this is not going to be that far off where we see a lot of volvo’s

Product line or even depending on the version you’re taking a look at some audi is available in north america either because of the weight balance that we find in those audi products this has most of the weight on the front axle pretty much the same that we see in volvo and audi’s product line i should take a moment and talk about this hybrid system because there

Is a little bit of confusion out there a lot of folks incorrectly assume that lexus hybrids have a cvt under the hood that is not true this doesn’t really have a transmission in the traditional sense under the hood it has a planetary gear set and two electric motors those can sort of behave like a cvt in that the engine speed does not need to have a fixed ratio

To the drive wheels when you floor the vehicle you’ll hear the engine rev up and it will hang out there at a higher rpm as the vehicle accelerates that’s why some people say it sounds kind of like a cvt but what’s going on is quite different than in a belt and pulley cvt like you find in the lexus ux the base ux and this design is why when you hit the accelerator

Pedal you do get instant acceleration it’s not exactly linked with the engine rpms because the electric motors are helping you out the design of the system is also why when you engage the paddle shifters you get crisper shifts and more immediate shifts or i guess imitation shifts than you’d get in a vehicle with a traditional cvt again no belts no pulleys in this

System so when you pull on the paddles what’s going on is that the drivetrain controller is using the electric motors to change the effective ratio between the engines and the wheels and that can happen much faster than a belt and pulley can move depending on exactly what you’re looking for in a luxury vehicle the smoothness of this hybrid system could really

Be an asset a smooth quiet ride has long been a hallmark of the lexus es and that is certainly true for this generation as well even in the f-sport trim which i’m driving today the suspension tune in this vehicle is a little bit firmer than the base versions of the es or the regular es hybrid so if you’re looking for something that has 44 mpg and a slightly

Sportier tune than the regular lexus es you might want to take a look at the es 300hf sport back out on the paved road at 50 miles an hour i measured 70.5 decibels in here making this fairly quiet for the segment one thing to know is that if you’re on a rough road surface then the cabin seems to be a little bit louder than some of the competition and that seems

To be the way that lexus has achieved this cabin quietness score rather than putting just a ton of sound insulation in the vehicle they really worked hard to engineer the tires the wheels everything about the vehicle to transmit less sound to begin with and that means that if you’re out on a rougher road surface there’s a little bit less insulation in the wheel

Well so things can get a little bit louder in the cabin but it does mean that out on the open highway this is going to be quieter than the 3 series the c-class etc over a week of mixed driving i’ve been averaging 42 and a half mpg on my usual drive loop i averaged 45 mpg so this will definitely be over 40 miles per gallon for the vast majority of shoppers if

You live in a really hilly area or you do a lot of stop and go driving or you’re driving this harder obviously fuel economy will drop but if you’re driving this gently even out on the open highway at say 70 or 75 miles per hour fuel economy is going to be absolutely excellent there really isn’t much out there that can compete with this in terms of fuel economy

Other than other toad and lexus products bottom line the lexus es is incredibly easy to live with and whether this is the right vehicle for you will really depend on how you think about luxury does luxury mean performance does luxury mean handling or does luxury mean a quiet ride a comfortable seat to sit in high fuel economy not stopping very often for gas high

Reliability etc if those are the things that matter to you more than performance and handling then you should get a lexus es if on the other hand performance and handling are more important lexus would love to sell you the new is500 for 2022 the es starts at eight 40 dollars for that price you get the choice of either an es 350 front wheel drive with the

V6 or an es250 all-wheel drive if you want the hybrid that’s 41 900 and the f sport hybrid which is what i was driving starts at 45 450. the es is still an unusual vehicle in the united states even more so that there is now no longer any direct competition we don’t have the front wheel drive larger acura the rlx we don’t have anything from cadillac or lincoln

Or buick the cadenza is gone the azera is gone and acura’s current flagship which is still front-wheel drive is the tlx and it’s considerably smaller on the inside it’s a little bit more corolla sized even though on the outside it’s about the same size as the lexus es so it’s really not the same thing the target for the tlx was to compete with the lexus is not

Oddly enough the lexus es competitors have come and gone but the lexus es has remained one of the best selling luxury vehicles in the united states for i think a number of logical reasons if you’re not interested in rear-wheel drive driving dynamics but you’re interested in high reliability a quiet cabin isolation lots of room and a good luxury value then that is

Exactly where the lexus es comes in so i’m not going to go through my usual pricing comparison section here because what is there to compare the lexus es against if you wanted to compare something against a bmw 3 series or a genesis g70 that’s where the lexus is comes in and it makes sense in a way that lexus has now discontinued the lexus gs because they were

Fielding two midsize sedans in the u.s a rear-wheel drive model that was the gs and a front-wheel drive model that’s the es and it seems that the average shopper just preferred the overall practicality that we find in the es the front-wheel drive platform means that the interior is much roomier than the lexus gs so we find lexus ls like room a little bit less

Than the long wheelbase model mind you but pretty close for a vehicle that is smaller and easier to park on the outside and if you get the hybrid version of the es the hybrid system i think really fits the character of the es very well then you’ll be getting near 40 mpg in the end which vehicle is right for you will really depend on what luxury car means to you

Does it mean rear wheel drive dynamics does it mean being able to do donuts does it mean track suitable does it mean a short stopping distance or does it mean a comfortable front seat an isolated cabin high reliability where you never have to visit the dealer except for regularly scheduled maintenance and long-term high reliability as well it’s most likely that

The hybrid version of the lexus es is going to be quite simply one of the most reliable luxury cars out on the road the hybrid system itself is very reliable and as we’ve seen from toda and lexus vehicles before just the general design of the hybrid system from an engineering standpoint means that it definitely is not prone to breaking down that combined with the

High fuel economy that we see in the hybrid model also means that it’s one of the least expensive luxury cars to keep around let me know about that down there in the comment section below and what would you pick if you were shopping in this segment and looking to spend say 45 to 50 000 really the sweet spot for the lexus es would you be interested in something

Like this or would you go for something like a genesis g80 it’s absolutely not the same sort of thing but you could get into it with about 300 horsepower for right around forty seven thousand seven hundred dollars so definitely in that forty five to fifty thousand dollar price range be sure and let me know what you would do down there in the comments section find

Me over at instagram ticktalk all those other social places and of course check out the merch store at i’ll see all of you later you

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