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Altair Club Cars The 2022 Hyundai Tucson Hybrid is a Lot of Car, With One HUGE Difference From the Competition

The 2022 Hyundai Tucson Hybrid is a Lot of Car, With One HUGE Difference From the Competition

( ) Check out our new spot to find ALL our content, from news to videos and our podcasts! With most new cars — especially crossovers — it can be tough to split them apart, when they all cover the basics in pretty much the same way. So it goes with the 2022 Hyundai Tucson Hybrid against the likes of Toyota RAV4 Hybrid and Honda CR-V Hybrid, until you get to one major difference…as Nathan explains in this review!

Howdy folks nathan here with a 2022 hyundai tucson limited hybrid all-wheel drive but this is a lot of vehicle bear in mind that this is something very different than the competitors for one main reason and that has to do with the interior otherwise it has a lot in common with vehicles like the honda crv hybrid and we will be discussing those other hybrids in

This video but here’s the question is more or less or is less more what you’re looking at here is a turbocharged 1.6 liter gasoline engine and it has an electric motor combined output is 226 horsepower but what’s really important here is the fact that this vehicle gets 37 mpg combined so let’s talk about that you know why because a lot of you guys are right there

Typing away going aha but the rav4 gets up to 40 miles per gallon the honda crv these all-wheel drive versions gets up to 38 miles per gallon and the ford escape gets up to 40 miles per gallon these are all combined so this gets less yes by one or two mpg you’re absolutely right but this is the most powerful once again at 226 horsepower because the rav4 combined

219 horsepower the honda crv combined 212 horsepower and the ford escape combined 200 horsepower so this is the most powerful and it’s very very happy to rev because of the turbo charged dention so you’ve got all that and you have something else the six-speed automatic transmission now a lot of people like toyota and honda have moved over to continuously variable

Transmission cvts when it comes to hybrid but hyundai’s been sticking with a lot of automatic transmissions which makes them a little bit more drivable a little bit more fun and i believe i truly believe that between the extra horsepower that automatic transmission and the way it’s designed this hyundai is the most enjoyable of all of those vehicles to drive at

Least on the streets all right camera man hold on one second i can accelerate it’s not a 0-60 now you can hear the gas engine kick in big time that’s a turbo baby and we are already going fast enough this car is legitimately quick and it’s not a sports car one of the big problems it has and they all have the similar problem there’s no steering feel it doesn’t

Really matter for most people because you’re not going to be carving canyons with this right but if you wanted to get a little spirited the good news is that it’s fairly well weighted so when i go around a corner like i’m about to do now it doesn’t feel like i’m not doing anything or turning the car from the 70s but it is a little over boosted so i know what the

Car is doing just based on overall sensation i know the wheels have turned i don’t know exactly how much they have with that being said what about ride well ride is actually excellent i’m thrilled with it if it were my choice between the four that are out there the only thing i would think about other than gas mileage is how my wife would like it and she would

Love this is it true that a crossover all-wheel drive hybrid has to be boring no i say well not exactly boring if you’re looking at this hyundai like i am i’m looking and going that’s actually kind of a good looking vehicle it is unique you will not confuse the front end of this vehicle with a toyota or the honda or with a ford now this all blacked out grill may

Not be to your liking it may be a little too storm trooper for some of you guys but this quartz white is one of the best looking whites i’ve seen on any vehicle let’s move on back because this character line here oh my goodness gracious this is awesome check it out starts from here watch the pinky as i run along see how it goes and it dips down here brings out

That fender but then it connects again to this which widens up progressively all the way to the tail and it brings up this fender i like that hyundai brought out this interesting tail light design which they share with a couple other vehicles and it really makes this vehicle look different it stands apart and that i think is a huge benefit to this type of design i

Really do think that they hit it out of the park when it comes to cargo space the hyundai’s no slouch 38.7 cubic feet of cargo space back here that is enough room as far as i’m concerned for a third row if you really wanted to now if you’re curious no spit there no most hybrids will not do that because a lot of the space underneath might be taken up by components

Batteries you name it in this case batteries are actually close to that area over there when the seats fold and they fold fairly flat you can have around 80 cubic feet of cargo space in this vehicle now that is excellent it’s not the best but it’s also not the worst which kind of reminds me of the whole vehicle what you’re looking at here are 19-inch wheels and

Around them are michelin primacy’s now these tires and wheels are okay most crossovers that have hybrid powertrains most cars that have hybrid powertrains have low rolling resistance tires meaning that they’re great for going straight down the road and getting really good mileage unfortunately that also means that going around a corner you lose a little bit of

Traction and that is what happened in this vehicle when i was a little spirited but by being a little spirited i mean i was driving like an idiot if you drive the vehicle normal this is still one of the better handling crossover all-wheel drive hybrids out there yeah i got it right so something hyundai really perfected is adding these two sections to your mirrors

Let me put it to you another way here’s my left turn signal oh yeah you can literally see right behind you using the magic of movies well at least video and then of course the same on this side there goes mr mailman yep it works really well this whole system is intuitive it’s simple to use and it really does help give you one extra point of view now bear in mind

You still have to use your mirrors but at least having this i mean that’s pretty cool right guys oh and by the way um you can’t do both at the same time i already tried the hazard didn’t happen camera person i invite you into the piece there is i know my french is terrible the interior of this vehicle is absolutely worth your time because it’s the best part

Welcome to what hyundai is getting absolutely right this is one step down from genesis which i think absolutely knocks it out of the park everything you look at here looks and feels premium these screens both in front of the driver and the infotainment screen are over 10 inches and they are very clear very modern stereo system is fantastic and as much as i don’t

Like push button transmissions this at least looks good i mean it does right this nice pewter finish here i absolutely dig it this is a beautiful comfortable interior i have here the sticker but before i read the sticker and bear in mind they didn’t give us a price they actually said tbd which i hate seeing when we’re testing vehicles however we went online and

We basically tricked it out to almost exactly what you’re looking at here so we do have a price but before i go there other vehicles that compete with it in the same price all right here we go the rav4 hybrid the very top of the line all-wheel drive 42 350 once again this is online honda crv hybrid the bargain of the bunch thirty seven thousand nine hundred and

Seventy dollars once again top of the line ford escape hybrid titanium thirty nine thousand seven hundred and ninety dollars okay they’re all very different vehicles they all accomplish the same things good mileage all-wheel drive so you can go in bad weather and a little bit of mountain driving what not this vehicle fully loaded which has more kit per dollar

Than any of the competitors thirty nine thousand fifty four dollars it is in my mind a bargain the honda crv hybrid is less expensive and it’s a terrific vehicle in my mind this is better this is better because it’s more fun to drive and at the end of the day for me at least i enjoy fun but also i can impress my wife by driving this because she’ll sit in it and

Think hey this is an expensive nice looking vehicle i won’t be embarrassed in it as i am with every other vehicle you bring home it’s just that simple folks thanks for joining me for the fastlane car this is nathan i’ll see you next time

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The 2022 Hyundai Tucson Hybrid is a Lot of Car, With One HUGE Difference From the Competition! By TFLnow

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