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Altair Club Cars The 2022 Hyundai Santa Fe Plug-In Hybrid Does Everything Right Except For One Important Thing

The 2022 Hyundai Santa Fe Plug-In Hybrid Does Everything Right Except For One Important Thing

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Hey everybody i’ve got a really fun one for you today because hyundai has flown me out to beautiful nashville tennessee to take a look at their full line of electrified products including this the all-new 2022 hyundai santa fe plug-in that’s right the plug-in hybrid version of the ever so popular santa fe and in this video we’re gonna go all around the santa fe talk

About the unique design talk about the interior features show you some of the crazy gadgets and gizmos and talk about if it’s better than its competitive set now what is the santa fe well it’s kind of an interesting vehicle now abroad this is a three-row crossover here in the u.s it’s only available with two rows and it competes with cars like the honda passport

The nissan murano the ford edge but it also more indirectly competes with the ever so popular compact class like the rav4 the crv and even this car’s little brother the tucson and there you can see alex dykes from alex and autos chilling out in the background there now the santa fe plug-in hybrid does incorporate both gasoline and electric technologies now the

Electric side of the santa fe plug-in it has a 13.8 kilowatt-hour battery you fill it up over here on the right side of the vehicle there you can see the j1772 plug and in a matter of a few hours you can travel up to 30 miles or so on a single charge now that charger on the santa fe is unfortunately a little bit derated when compared to the tucson so the tucson

Has a standard 7.2 kilowatt onboard charger the santa fe is just 3.6 and they tell me the reason for that is when you look at the the plug-in abroad with the three-row they can’t fit a larger charger but of course we don’t get that third row and they just simply have not redesigned it to accommodate that larger charger so 3.6 is all you get now from an exterior

Design standpoint this thing is pretty wild it’s pretty out there i really like these wheels a lot i think this is a very aggressive wheel design and it just looks phenomenal almost off-roady i would say in its overall kind of thought process a 19 inch wheel wrapped in these continental cross contact tires now from a front end design perspective this thing is

Pretty out of this world so you’ve got the separation between this running light turn signal and then of course the main beam but the the main beam is actually a quad design unit so you have two per side which is something i haven’t seen on a vehicle since maybe the 1970s or 1980s here in the us we do get a little bit of a flicker on camera out of these leds but

That’s a light signature kind of this design that starts up there and then shoots down toward the bottom and then a very large grille which is the trend now right large and in charge compared to its little brother the tucson the side is much more conventional but one thing i do love about the santa fe is out back it has a very vertical rear end so you can maximize

The cargo capacity now the gasoline side of the plug-in hybrid equation means that this vehicle has a 1.6 liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine you fill it up over here on the left side total system output 260 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque so it certainly is a little bit less powerful than the toyota rav4 prime but it does offer a lot of performance

In a nice compact package and one of the most interesting design elements about the santa fe is that it uses a six-speed conventional automatic transmission so it doesn’t use a cvt it doesn’t use a planetary gear set it’s got a conventional automatic with paddle shifters and believe it or not you can shift gears in this car well in electric mode which is a truly

Interesting experience because the electric motor is sandwiched in between the gasoline engine and the transmission which means you have full access to the gear set now let’s talk about this interior because they really have been knocking it out of the park recently on these hyundai interiors there’s a little bit of palisade influence palisade of course being

The large three row hyundai suv and that is certainly a good thing i really like these seats with this pleated leather material now if we go ahead and dive into the glove box and take a look at the owner’s manual we will find that this vehicle has equipped forty six thousand seven hundred and eighty dollars it starts at about forty thousand dollars this one of

Course is limited so it’s got all the bells and whistles but for that money you do get this incredible diamond stitched leather interior which looks nice they give you these really snazzy looking speaker grates on these harman kardon speakers uh you got this kind of funky trim across the inside which is definitely a little bit unusual it looks like a knurled

Finish but it’s actually just uh like a plastic but i prefer this over the piano black which you find in a lot of other hyundai products and then fully digital instrument cluster and of course your main infotainment screen here so you can swipe very easy to use very simple to use and one thing i love about it is the p have menu so it tells you all sorts of good

Plug-in hybrid information which is something lacking on other plug-in hybrid crossovers but it shows you stuff like your uh energy flow it shows you stuff like your energy information how uh how much charge you’re in the battery it’ll even show you charge times based on 120 volt or 240 volt chargers there’s your total range in both electricity and gas forms so

Lots of good information but overall a super easy system to use got up carplay it’s got android auto got these little tiles so you can kind of do some shortcuts over there really like the hyundai system and then if we take a look at the instrument cluster we can kind of get a low down on all of the different information it tells you so on the left here speedometer

On the right we’ve got our power information and then the whole look will change depending on the mode so they do a nice job of kind of switching it up when you go into ecosport snow or smart and then there’s also an all-wheel drive lock function this model comes standard with the hyundai all-wheel drive system which is a mechanical system that uses a drive shaft

Versus toyota in the hybrids which use a disconnected system where the rear axle is powered exclusively by electricity lots and lots and lots of safety gear and self-driving tech so we’ve got lane centering adaptive cruise control blind spot monitoring all of that in there we also have the camera on the turn signals when you turn on the turn signals you got the

Cameras in the corners push button actuated uh drive selector park reverse neutral drive and then what i do like about this model is all the hard controls for not only volume and tune which is huge for me but also buttons for climate control these are all good old-fashioned um hard tactile switches and then there’s a control to go between hybrid mode electric

Mode and then automatic mode which will cycle between them heated steering wheel a couple of off-road settings like the hill descent control and then parking cameras up here nice crisp clear cameras now this is my driving position at six foot one let’s go ahead and check out the rear seat see how usable that portion of the vehicle is well it’s slid all the way

Forward so let’s go ahead and slide that back a little bit uh and it is a nice touch that you can slide it forward and aft and then very good rear seat room pretty good headroom um i think if you were over 6’1 you’d probably start to run into headroom issues but you can also recline it a lot if you want to go into full luxury mode and then this model also has

The full panoramic sunroof out back here two usbs and then 115 volt ac plug back there so very decent rear seat room and then in the rear power liftgate in this limited model and a truly enormous trunk let’s check some under uh store floor storage so we got that under there we got the included charger and then we’ve got under here a jack as well harman kardon

Subwoofer back there and then the seats second row seats do fold electronically which is really really nice but overall this is a very well equipped car um you know it is expensive we’re talking you know 47 48 grand in that territory but you get a lot of great options for the money if you look at like this vehicle’s direct class uh if you’re considering like

Mid-size crossovers maybe the grand cherokee 4 by e the plug-in hybrid could be considered a competitor but um certainly the rav4 if you’re looking for something a little bit smaller um is a is a competitor in this in this plug-in hybrid class but 30 miles of all electric range is usable for a lot of folks i wish the onboard charger was a little bit juicier a

Little bit faster but overall a good looking vehicle with a lot of tasty options let me know what you guys think in the comment section below as always this has been tommy with tfl now check out tfl car tv truck and tfl for all the latest and greatest in news views and reviews

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The 2022 Hyundai Santa Fe Plug-In Hybrid Does Everything Right Except For One Important Thing! By TFLnow

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