the 2022 honda pilot is it bette
Altair Club Cars The 2022 Honda Pilot is it better to buy now or wait?

The 2022 Honda Pilot is it better to buy now or wait?

The new Pilot is going to be redesigned but is the 2022 Honda better to buy now or wait? The Special Edition add some upgrades and a new #Trailsport for off-roading. Learn about the new 2022 #Honda #Pilot #SE in this video review.

The honda pilot is about to be 20 years old the last major update was around 2015 we’re scheduled for a refresh for 2023 today ocean honda has given us the 2022 honda pilot se special edition in sonic gray pearl new led headlamps we’re going to receive more standard features the interior having room for eight with your standard eight inch infotainment screen but is

This going to be enough to go against the redesigned kia telluride for 2023 which will have two 12.3 digital clusters or the updated toyota highlander which will also have all digital interfaces or is it better to wait to the 2023 and get the full redesign from the exterior and the interior i’m anthony from hawkeye rods and i’m gonna go over all the specs and details

Starting now the new honda pilot special edition receives some treatment on the exterior and it starts off with the grill with the gloss black for the bars and on the chrome on the top part it’s going to be blacked out that integrates into your standard led headlamps on the lower bumper trim the gloss black is going to be in the center with ground clearance

At 7.3 inches which will be the least in today’s comparison you will receive the upgraded 20 inch five double spoke gloss black alloy wheels matte black on the lower trim the gloss black on the roof rails and on the rear bumper trim in the center piece that’s glossed out with the side parts that will have the grille pattern so it gives an exhaust look the front of

The vehicle is going to be smaller with the overhang the widest in the comparison at 78.6 inches and a height of 70.6 inches the matte black is going to case the fenders if you needed to be a little bit more beefy go and upgrade yourself to the trail sport and you’ll have an upgraded suspension and it’s going to be more off-roading the front disc reading at 12.6

Inches it’s ventilated the rear at 13 inches a mcpherson strut front suspension multi-length rear suspension both the front and the rear will have your coil springs the same platform as the honda odyssey in the under ridge line and honda passport however it’s over seven inches longer but this is not going to be the longest that would go to the kia tellu telluride

This is at 196.5 inches a wheelbase at 111 inches some chrome will be implemented on all the window seals so it gives that luxury flare with the gloss black to just offset it i wish the matte black on the lower trim would be the gloss as well just because it’s a special edition and because the refresh for 2023 it’s going to have a completely different grille the

Headlamp assembly it’s going to look a little bit more aggressive more corporate even into the rear you’re going to receive the led tail lamps but it’s going to be reworked for 2023 in the comparison to the kia telluride the 2023 will tow about 500 pounds more this one with the all-wheel drive will totally 5 000 pounds the front-wheel drive which is what we have

Will tow 3 500 pounds we do have the kick to open tailgate because of the special edition package going inside your cargo at 16 cubic feet there is a 12 volt charger there’s storage on both of the sides and underneath the floor you can also flip the panel so that way it has the plastic side for any wet things split bowl the third row to increase the cargo to 46.8

Cubic feet fold down the second row it’s gonna max the cargo to 82.1 cubic feet with your reverse parking camera the new honda pilot special edition definitely gives the adventure styling with this color combo as well this is definitely a unique styling because of the gloss black you get the chrome aesthetics and it just gives a nice attribute with the new toyota

Highlander it’s going to be a turbocharged engine with the kia telluride it’s going to be a carryover engine and honda has put the same engine that is in the odyssey that’s also in the ridgeline and they back to performance with the 3.5 liter v6 producing 280 horsepower and 262 pound-feet of torque that’s paired to a nine-speed automatic transmission achieving

20 to 27 mpgs that’s good for a 0-60 at 6.2 seconds which is going to be the fastest compared to the alternative of which i’ve been comparing in this review quarter mile at 14.8 seconds which is also faster at top speed at 113 miles per hour so is it better to wait for a refresh whether it’s going to be 2023 or towards the end of the year or maybe even towards the

End of this year or is it better to just get the special edition package let me know in the comments what you think about the 2022 honda pilot special edition as we go into the interior go over the tech and take this for our test run entering inside the honda pilot special edition you’re going to receive 39.5 inches of headroom 40.9 inches of legroom it’s a 10-way

Power adjustment for the driver leather bucket front seats they’re heated with the contrast stitching 4-way power adjustment for the passenger and the thing that i like about it is these seats are derived out of the odds out of the ridge line which the cushioning in them they’re thick so it’s more comfortable you also have this here that you can adjust depending

On how tall you are or your dimensions so that way you can fit ever so comfortable the dash is going to be incorporated the same way as ridgeline with the 8-inch infotainment we don’t have navigation but it is touch screen we do have apple carplay android auto honda link sirius xm fm am streaming bluetooth audio switch it to reverse you do have trajectory and it

Expands depending on the side that you turn the steering wheel click on the lower button in the center and that will make the camera like 180 degree click again and that will show you for your toe line up so the visibility for the back is pretty good considering it’s a pretty long vehicle the windows are enormous which you’re going to see in the second and third

Row try climate control everything’s set here so it makes it easy plus in the second row you have your climate control settings as well you have a storage tier here special edition comes with the wireless charger a 12 volt a usb port and you have the silver look that’s going to be around your cup holders that can easily fit a 16.9 ounce water bottle and i would

Say about 42 ounce you have a little tray here open that up and you have another tray that you can move back and forth plus a 12 volt and a usb and it’s a deep storage you can actually fit a tablet standing sideways that’s how deep it is steering wheel it’s going to have a multi-function you’ll have the paddle shifters and the gloss black inserts which make it

Look pretty sporty the gauge cluster is going to have a little bit of a digital readout you can go through an array of information for the driver door panels harder materials are going to be pretty much all over memory for the driver one touch up and down for the front windows and you have a storage pocket that you can fit a lot of storage information and for

The seconds here another deep pocket which gives you more storage capacity than pretty much all of the alternatives and that’s what i like about honda they’re thinking for the family and for an adventure you have a sunroof we have all the technology that we need let’s see how i look in the second row for the second row i’m at 40.9 inches of headroom 38.4 inches

Of legroom this is the best in head room for the second row you can also move these forward so you would have optimal space in the back you can put them back and you can recline them and it doesn’t recline too much where it’s pretty much an eyesore or very difficult for someone like me to fit the back so that is a good attribute manual sun shades for the price

Point i’ll let that slide elbows are going to be super soft in the center cup holders you can fit about a 20 ounce third climate control setting with your air vents and two usb ports you have two storage tiers so you can put a larger phone and a large pocket right there the floor is completely flat so sitting in the center we’ll see in a second how i fit but so

Far seems pretty good because it is a wide interior door panel harder materials are pretty much everywhere two cupholders in the front one touch down and you have another storage area for the grab handle plus you have a deeper storage in the bottom so that way you have plenty of storage capacity for young ones or if you’re entertaining any of your friends let’s see

How look in the center getting into the center headroom is absolutely no issue nor is the leg room i am blocking the central air vents but it feels nice and cool for me i’m sharing some button shoulder space feet space is not an issue because the floor is completely flat fitting three adults in the second row is not going to be an issue and you have the best head

Room comparing it to the rivals let’s see how i look in the third row for the third row i’m at 38.9 inches of headroom 31.9 inches of legroom which is the best comparing it to kia or toyota fitting three back here is going to be a little bit tight if you’re six foot three or my dimensions and it’s gonna be all hard surfaces nothing here to rest your elbows on this

Side you do have three cup holders and you have an air vent you don’t have any usb ports but it is pretty much all you need in the back seat for a third row sitting into the center is going to be perfectly fine with headroom same thing more or less with leg room as long as they don’t fold the seats back you should be able to fit people in the third row without too

Many issues to get out push the button push it forward and just walk right out taking the 2022 honda pilot se or special edition out for our test run 280 horsepower with 262 feet of torque zero to 60 speeds in the six seconds quarter mile is pretty quick as well when we’re looking at it to the rivals perspective it is pretty decent considering we’ve had to refresh

In this vehicle for a very long time as for the sit in it you do sit up a little bit the ground clearance is under 8 inches it’s about 7.5 inches give or take so it’s not going to be the best when we’re looking at it for the comparison review however for what you’re getting you see the front hood really well so i know where my front bumpers are and i like how

The a-pillars are always pushed back in the honda line even in the acura line because it makes it a little bit more safe and easy for me to see through the front windscreen 20 to 27 mpgs which is the best when we’re comparing it to the 2022 models give it a little go it stays very quiet so i do like that when i’m looking at the rival especially with the toyota

Highlander with the 2022 model it’s going to be a little bit louder and the key italian ride as for the 2023 there’s obviously going to be a lot more refresh and it’s harder to compare it because this is a 2022 model would be nice to have an update but it drives ever so smooth and i mean you do hear some wind noise but it’s not really unpleasant the seats are

Extra cushioned so i do like that the windows are enormous like i was stressing in the interior review as well towing capacity is spot on with the 2022 models now there is three things i like at three things that i dislike because anything more than that i’d be buying this vehicle the three things that i like about it is the fact that you can fit eight adults

My dimensions in all of the seats on top of that it is the best third row head and leg room the second thing that i like about the vehicle is that it’s naturally aspirated so when we push the gas we can go at any given time if there wasn’t traffic ahead of us in the fact that the blind spot monitoring is in the inside so i don’t really have to take my eyes off

Of the front i can just look forward look through the rear view mirror i don’t have to worry yes it’s a longer vehicle but it’s not overly long it’s seven inches or so longer than the passport this is a third row the last thing that i like is how honda uses the cargo area you have a dual area in the sense of its carpet and then it’s plastic so you could put wet

Materials you don’t have to worry about making something stink in the car so that’s something that i don’t know why all the automotive industry doesn’t think about that three things that i dislike the front of this vehicle for the driver and passenger is the least in the head in the leg room when we’re comparing it to the toyota highlander this one has a little

Bit more room in the front especially the way the overhang is especially because i’m tall when i’m going for a long journey it’s going to give me a little bit more of a cramped situation in the seats for the front don’t express out as much as the toyota in the ki the kia tell you ride as for the braking in the vehicle we’re going to check that it does stop pretty

Good turn radius it’s a longer vehicle so we’re already looking about two and a half lane and give her a go the second thing that i dislike has to go with they haven’t really changed the vehicle in such a long time that everything in the interior is just carry over more or less in the sense of the technology this vehicle is a lot older and the last major change

Was around 2015-2016 the last thing that i dislike about the vehicle is when you get the special edition the only thing that they really add to it besides a wireless charger is aesthetics on the exterior yes it is something that makes this vehicle pop in a parking lot however it would be nice to implement maybe some cooled seats or heated second row seats even

Some entertainment for the back seat just because you’re getting the special addition for maneuverability very easy it has a nice exhaust note to it kind of wish i had some exhaust outlets to complement it but for the most part i mean the way it sets it does have a good presentation you do have a lot of options when you get into this because this is the same

Platform as the passport the same thing as the odyssey the same thing as the ridgeline honda really has a one size fit all and they just kind of take away seats or give you a truck bed or make it a van the key atelier rod is going to be the most tech savvy in the sense of the technology the toyota highlander is going to be spot on with this just going to have a

Larger infotainment the cushions in the seat on this are going to be the most comfortable as for the ride going over anything any impurities at a slow or high speed it’s going to be a lot more smooth and less noisy as well in the interior as for the stereo you get a harman kardon for the kia you get a jbl in the toyota this one is just going to be a honda setup so

It’s not going to be as potent however it’s still good for what it’s worth and price points pretty much spot on the best mpgs is what we’re driving right now and the width of it in the interior it really does feel a lot wider than it is it feels a lot longer even though this is not the longest the kia tellu rod will be the longest in this comparison and the height

It feels good i mean i feel like i’m in a midsize suv i don’t feel like i’m in a large suv so it’s something that i can drive day in and day out and the maneuverability is very easy the steering wheel has a good weight to it as well the lane departure warning it’s a bit interesting if you hit the line it kind of shakes the steering wheel so i don’t necessarily like

Some of the safety attributes but i like the fact that you have full round safety in the honda i like to thank ocean honda for giving us this 2022 honda pilot special edition for our car review if you’re already a subscriber thank you for being part of the hawkeye community if not click the next video click the subscribe button check out the details merchandise

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