the 2022 ford bronco raptor is t
Altair Club Cars The 2022 Ford Bronco Raptor is the Ultimate Adventure Vehicle

The 2022 Ford Bronco Raptor is the Ultimate Adventure Vehicle

Today I drive the Ford Bronco Raptor both on and off the road. Overall it is one of the best offroad vehicles you can buy and there is very little to complain about.

Welcome back to the channel guys today we are driving this wonderful ford bronco raptor here’s our key we’re going to pull this out of the hanger and go for a little test drive but first let’s do a little walk around a couple things i want to point out these massive 37-inch tires these enormous fender flares they look a little bit goofy but this is a very

Serious car right here on the side you can see that it has rock sliders and it has this removable step so if you’re going to go out on the rocks you would unbolt this and take this off and this will protect the side of the car from the rocks we have a massive fox damper in the back end 14 inches of travel in the back 13 in the front we have a 418 horsepower

3 liter turbo engine up front and even though this car is absolutely wild it’s it’s very mild mannered on the road just with a few clicks and buttons you can switch from a luxury suv to a incredible adventure vehicle this is one of the best adventure vehicles that you can get even though we are independent suspension up front this thing is extremely capable

I mean it’s just unbelievable so let’s go out and drive it i’m gonna pull it out put the plane back and we will go out to those hills over there you notice that the roof is removable so this is giving me jeep vibes but this has a long travel suspension setup on these roads with all these bumps it’s one of the smoothest vehicles i’ve ever driven even compared

To my older ford raptor i have a or i used to have a 6.2 ford raptor i would take out here and i had king shocks on it and it handled very well but it wasn’t as good as this this is from the factory an amazing vehicle coming around back we do have a tow package but we are limited to 4 500 pounds in the back we have a dana 50 axle and then up front we have a dana

44 axle but with independent front suspension so the big difference between this and a jeep for example is that front independent suspension so before we drive this let’s take a look in the interior now ford provided a sticker of the options and the cost exterior velocity blue three liter ecoboost v6 engine raptor graphics keyless entry keypad that was on the

Driver door bead lock capable wheels those are two thousand dollars interior carbon fiber pack that is 1725 and what that refers to is this carbon fiber here on the shift knob on the steering wheel and on the grab handle here and all the interior components feel really nice there’s a rubberized grip right here there’s even rubber on the ac vent here overall very

Solid build quality ford has really stepped up the build quality in recent years and we have the leather trim and suede seat option so you can see that here that is the 3000 option we’re out here and it’s over 100 degrees right now and there are no cooled seats on this car there’s only heated seats and that drives me a little bit insane because i am sweating it

Is so hot wow so you’re spending 80 grand on this car you don’t get cooled seats you do get this really cool looking interior let’s take a look at the back here again you can see we have the suede insert seats what the back looks like lots of space for your dog and you notice that it has speakers up in the roll bar this is very similar to the jeep wrangler but

This actually looks very nicely done right here we have a frameless window so watch when we close it it’s a little bit flimsy but then it tucks itself in there i also want to point out under the hood we don’t have a v8 we have a three liter turbo 418 horsepower engine so not super exciting the exhaust isn’t super exciting sounding but it’s plenty fast plenty of

Power i guess that’d be one gripe i have is that engine note the engine doesn’t sound as cool as the older v8 wrapping keyless start here starts right up you see we have raptor ford performance right there and sirius xm it hooks up to my iphone actually ac is on it’s very hot now one thing with these ac vents if you guys can see this steering wheels right

Here when my hands are here they block the air conditioning and i only noticed it on very hot days like today on a normal day enough air gets passed but right now it’s a little bit awkward having the vents right behind the steering wheel taking a look at these paddles they’re a little bit wiggly and you can feel that when you use them just some things that drive

Me a little crazy up here the fit and finish looks really good but when i plug something into this device this port this whole panel kind of lifts up and so that drives me a little crazy other than that these switches are all rubberized they feel very solid these switches the auxiliary very solid everything generally feels pretty good those were just a couple

Of my gripes that i wanted to point out all right so we are in too high right now and if i turn this goat modes thing here it changes the driving mode so i’m going to go into baja and when i go into baja it automatically goes into four-wheel drive so we’re in four high and then rock crawl what does rock crawl do four four low shift to neutral we’ll go to

Neutral and we’re going into four low now now what’s great about this is i have a camera so i can see right in front of the vehicle because if you look over here i can’t see anything when i’m coming over these hills this vehicle does not have the best downward visibility there’s a big hood in the way i can also do a 360 one so i can see what’s around the

Vehicle very neat so let’s go down the trail with our camera i have my foot off the brake it is keeping me crawling down this hill it’s literally full fool proof it’s unbelievable how easy it is to drive this off right it makes you look like a total pro all right so a little bit aggressive on that shift there this is actually not one of my favorite modes

I just turned it to this mode just to show you we’re on a tight trail so it’s worth showing but look i can i can plant my tires right to the right of that obstacle with with these uh cameras very handy i mean this means you can go up probably up some black diamond trails without even having a spot because i can see all around the vehicle now this crawl mode

Again is very confidence inspiring i don’t have my foot on the brake or anything it’s it’s almost automatic going down this super steep hill and the reason i’m showing you this is because some people are cross shopping vehicles like this with the jeep and i think that for a lot of people this would be a better choice in the jeep because of the on-road comfort

If i’m going to take an overland trip the bronco raptor might be a really good choice and my favorite thing isn’t crawling through the trails oh i’m going off here my favorite thing with this truck is not crawling through the trails like this i like the high speed stuff it seems like if i’m blasting along a trail and i hit a bump and catch some air the truck

Just absorbs it it’s unbelievable oh man lots of power you see that we’re sliding around so the best driving mode is two-wheel drive sport with the rear differential lock and then you hold down the traction control to get the advanced track off and then you can really slide around all right that will do it we’re gonna do a street drive with the bronco

Raptor right now and one thing i want to point out that a lot of people complain about is the gas mileage so when i’ve been driving this thing around today i did fill it up once and it did get around 15 miles to the gallon with that said how does it drive on the road is it loud let’s get in and find out so once we get out on this road it’s a 50 mile per hour

Road you’ll be able to see how quiet this truck is even with this upright windscreen we have a green light so i’ll give it a little gas now you notice when i lifted off the gas pedal there the rpms kind of tend to hang so let’s switch out of sport mode and see if it still does that we’re in normal mode now and the rpm still seemed to hang a little bit and

That’s one characteristic that i noticed with this truck that i’m not a huge fan of now i do have lane assist on right now and i have it on the most aggressive setting there we go now it’s working you see that it bumped me back in the lane so if i go over across this lane oh it turns me right back up a little bit too far so i would have crashed into the center

Divider there so i have the most aggressive lane assist on right now it’s a little bit better on the freeway but i’m going to turn that off because it could also be dangerous like in that instance what i want to show you here with the on-road test is just how composed the car is so i’m gonna wait for that are they gonna do a u-turn no so if i rip it around

This corner the truck stays relatively flat you can see there is some body oscillations when i’m going back and forth i’m gonna go right here to show you again but for a enormously lifted truck like this with 37-inch tires that performs this way off-road the on-road handling is simply fantastic it’s just spectacular and at speed it’s relatively quiet in the

Cabin really the only comfort feature that i feel is missing from here is having cooled seats i really would like to have cold seats especially on a day like this when i was out off-roading it was over 100 degrees and it would have been really nice to have those cooled seats now right here we can change the suspension setting from normal to sport and you can

Actually feel the dampers stiffen up a bit and then if i go to off-road or off-road now it’s extremely soft i can i’m just waiting for a open spot so there’s no nobody around me but here we go look at how much body roll there is now if i go back to the sport setting it’s actually quite a bit different the way the car responds so it does change the behavior

Of the car that’s pretty neat to have adjustable dampers on an off-road vehicle like this i’ll do one more acceleration test here just to show you how great this vehicle is again we’re on we’re on road right now in a very hardcore off-road vehicle great acceleration decent fuel economy absolutely amazing off-road it’s really a great adventure vehicle the

On-road mannerisms are spectacular for how capable this is off-road and that is the main takeaway with the bronco raptor this three-liter turbo is plenty powerful enough the one disappointing thing from the spec sheet was the tow rating it seems like if i just had a little bit more tow this would be the perfect vehicle for me and so i’m interested to see if

They bring out other versions of this it will have an increased tow capacity because that would really push me over the edge with this truck it’s just a fantastic truck i’ve never driven anything like this it’s a crossover between my ford raptor truck and my my jeeps it seems just as capable as the jeeps on the trails but way more comfortable for some reason

I’m much more comfortable in this bronco raptor than i am in the jeeps and the on-road mannerisms are spectacular to have a truck that is lifted this high with 37-inch tires that can accelerate this fast that can drive this well on the road and then head straight to the trails and perform that well on the trails i am very impressed that is all i have for you

On the ford bronco raptor thank you guys for watching and make sure that you enjoy your car

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The 2022 Ford Bronco Raptor is the Ultimate Adventure Vehicle By Zent Rose

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