the 2021 amg glc 43 coupe is pri
Altair Club Cars The 2021 AMG GLC 43 Coupe Is Priced Right At 9015 | GLC 43 AMG In-depth REVIEW

The 2021 AMG GLC 43 Coupe Is Priced Right At 9015 | GLC 43 AMG In-depth REVIEW

2021 AMG GLC 43 Coupe

Hey guys welcome back to mercedes lounge it’s been a while but today i have the 2021 amg go c-43 coupe now in this video i’m going to show you guys all the exterior features of this glc43 take a look at the interior and also listen to the sound from the engine now if you’re new to my channel i create weekly mercedes and mercedes amg’s videos right here today at

Mercedes-benz of draper this glc43 coupe is finished in obsidian black metallic on the interior you have black leather with red contrast stitching let’s start from the front it features a three liter v6 by turbo engine which produces 385 horsepower with 384 pound feet of torque dynamic select options sport plus sport comfort integer mode and slippery front

Look you have this amg line design which offers you very large air intakes on the exterior with two horizontal fins right here you have a number of sensors on the outer air intakes finished in high gloss black you know that means it means this car has amg night package you have a number of sensors down here you have a large air intake on the front splitter you

Have the parameter grille with the vertical slats your active distance distronic systems go right here these are your driver packages which work with your radio tech on the windshield you have the amg power domes on the hood of the car also you have these gorgeous front led headlamps which have a single eyebrow at the very top side perspective you have these

Multi-spoke amg rims the size on these rims is 21 inch size on the front tires 255 40 r21 these are 21 inch rims with the silver brake calipers six piston brake calipers the front rotors are perforated the rear tires 285 35 r21 also 21 inch rims the rear brakes are not perforated this glc 43 is a bi-turbo for matic which means it’s all-wheel drive all the time

You have some more fenders right here with the black plastic material around it i don’t know what i feel about those guys just let me know what you think about those well fenders in the comments side perspective you have amg night package which offers you a ton of high gloss black elements right here also you have chrome door handles at the rear you have these

Rare led tail lights because this ufc 43 coupe has the exterior led light package which offers you these gorgeous led tail lights which wrap around from this side to the trunk itself check this out boys you have the amg branding on the left hand side glc 43 on the right hand side the mercedes star is also your trunk opener we’ll take a look at the trunk space

In a minute but check out this red diffuser very simple you have the black chrome tow pipes and these are actually authentic you can see the exhausts right there and on the other side there is no trailer hitch right here but really very simple red diffuser i don’t like this piece of plastic here you have a number of sensors two of them i wish mercedes would do

Something about this rare right here now let’s take a look at the trunk space your mercedes star is a trunk opener you have a decent sized trunk you have a cargo cover right here to protect your luggage from the hot sun you can have two medium-sized suitcases in here or at least one large and one small suitcase you have amg branded floor mats i’m going to retract

This back show you guys the cargo area you also have the electronic trunk clothes right here which is a plus in my books now let’s jump on the rare and take a look this is a black exclusive nappa leather back here you have some storage good quality material all around and i love the red contour stitching you have the red seat belts you have a couple of air vents

Back here and in terms of legroom there is more than enough i have about an inch maybe two inches between my knees and the back of this seat so i’m 510 and this is more than enough room for you the headroom is actually not too bad i have about an inch and a half up here you have handlebar right here reading light or accessory light you have a coat hanger right

Here i think everything within here feels very good here you have burmester high-end speaker system right here you do have heated seats in the back which is a good good feature to have you also have some storage on the door itself you have two cup holders or at least one cup holder and another storage area back here all in all very good quality material love this

Aluminium piece right here and the heated seats option right here with the burmester high-end speaker system good quality red contra stitching on the back doors let’s take a look at the front of this glc 43 coupe you have the iconic mercedes performance steering which is flat bottom by the way you can get the amg drive unit on either quadrant right here for your

Dynamic select or your spot knob which usually goes right here and on the other side but this one does not have that remember you can configure that you can also configure to have this in full alcantara or combination of leather as well as alcantara but this is all leather wrapped with the perforated leather which feels very very good and very comfortable you have

Touch controls on either side of the steering wheel on the left for your digital instrument cluster on the right hand side for your center display you have your cruise control systems right here nbx system on your digital instrument cluster on the left hand side ambient system on your center display controls on the right hand side you have your home button there’s

A small track pad here back button and all your voice activated systems are right here for hey mercedes uh your telephone as well mbux system which is provided for by the overhanging screen right here fully touch screen you have air vents underneath and on the other side your climate control systems go right here if you add temperature it turns to red you follow

The temperature turns to purple you can see that and if you reach in right here the lights come on automatically once you lean forward also on the other side if you lower the temperature at the temperature they turn red also we have two cup holders nfc charging you also have some storage behind the center console with usb-c port right inside here this is

Deep enough for your luggage or anything you want to store which is small enough driver side door you have memory seating one two three right here heated and cooled seats love this aluminium piece also you have red contour stitching storage more than enough room right here two cup holders and some storage back here the trunk lid open is right here on this amg

Performance stirring where you have paddle shifters behind the steering wheel you have your downshift and your up shift they both have good enough surface area so you’re not going to miss your paddle shifters and i love the ambient lighting which flows throughout the front cabin 64 colors to choose from right now is all these purple colors but you can configure

This with whatever mood you want to have all in all good quality material the window controls are finishing aluminium also very good quality amg branding on the door seals sport pedals down here driver seats these are very comfortable seats they do offer you thigh support there is a button on the other side which adjusts the thigh support section right here

Also they feel almost like bucket seats but they’re not quite the regular spot seats you’d expect in an amg but that’s also a configurable option you can select your seat package to add on to your glc 43 coupe configuration the headrests are finished in red contra stitching on top of the leather they have enough padding and cushioning very comfortable you can

Adjust the height of the headrest passenger’s perspective you have burmester high-end speaker system you also have heated as well as cooled seats memory seating one two three and i love the red contour stitching on this black leather you also have the 64 color ambient lighting system which flows underneath the aluminium panel right here you have these circular

Air vents right here all in all very good quality material i love the upper dash also up here we have head up display which is provided for via groove inside the upper dash and your light accessories over here as you’d expect and i love this upper dash very premium quality leather with the red contour stitching same look on these seats you have a sunroof up

Here and the glass sits inside over here all in all very good uh suv which has a ton of performance and power practicality and i’d recommend this if you’re looking for a compact or mid-size suv with some power you want to get a glc 43 coupe a and that’s pretty much it that’s a look at the 2021 glc43 coupe a if you do like this video please consider subscribing

Leave a comment and let me know which other cars you want to see on mercedes launch until then stay positive but test negative peace you also have backup cameras 360 degrees you

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The 2021 AMG GLC 43 Coupe Is Priced Right At $79015 | GLC 43 AMG In-depth REVIEW By Mercedes Lounge

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