the 2020 xt6 is cadillacs family
Altair Club Cars The 2020 XT6 is Cadillacs Family-Friendliest Hauler

The 2020 XT6 is Cadillacs Family-Friendliest Hauler

By now you’ve likely heard the news about Cadillac becoming GM’s primary electric vehicle brand. Well, we’ll save that for tomorrow! Today, Cadillac still has to maintain its traditional role as General Motors premier luxury brand. and, that means offering their base plenty of internal combustion engine utilities. Now Caddy has added one more, the new 3-row, XT6.

Motorweek is made possible by tyreq comm and state farm by now you’ve likely heard the news about cadillac becoming gm’s primary electric vehicle brand well we’ll save that for tomorrow today cadillac still has to maintain its traditional role as general motors premier luxury brand and that means offering their base plenty of internal combustion

Engine utilities well now cadillac has added one more the new 3 row x t6 if we’ve learned anything in the last decade it’s that a brand can have too many utility models even when the mother of all luxury suvs the cadillac escalade is in your stable there’s still room to escalate your game with one more three row family hauler at least cadillac thinks so with the

Introduction of this 2020 xt six cadillac has had its ups and downs in recent years but things are definitely looking up with their well received crossovers this xt six their biggest crossover yet focuses just as much on features for the family as it does on the usual caddy priorities of luxury and technology that starts inside with an invasion of usb ports sometimes

There just never seems to be enough of them not the case here you’ll find six standard with seating for seven that only leaves one passenger out unless you upgrade this second row captains chairs then you’re set either way the second row is quite roomy third-row space is also very good for the segment all seats are quite comfortable when things are superbly quiet

And tranquil inside lots of tech here as you can imagine including night-vision surround vision camera and automatic parking assist a big change to the user experience sayonara touchpad cue it says a lot about that system when we’re actually glad to see a central controller thrown into the mix plenty of traditional controls returned as well we couldn’t be happier

Ad launch you can choose between a premium luxury version or sport we opted for sport naturally and it comes with black exterior trim unique v series inspired grille more aggressive faces for the front and the rear tinted taillight lenses unique exhaust outlets and standard 20-inch wheels with 21s available gm also put some sport in the sport with active handling

Continuous damping control and quicker steering plus similar to the xt 5 a twin clutch torque during all-wheel-drive system it improves handling by varying power at each rear wheel and corners and anytime traction is hard to come by and our test track despite expected body roll the xt six proved pretty light on its feet rotating fairly quickly the xt six is built

On a chassis shared with the buick enclave chevrolet traverse and gmc acadia it rides on the acadia short wheelbase version but it is about five inches longer overall and should still fit in most garages there’s no four-cylinder like the gmc the bass and the only xt six engine is a familiar 3.6 liter v6 its 310 horsepower and 271 pound-feet of torque feels adequate

But pales in comparison to the 400 standard horses in rival lincoln aviator so on a typically hot and humid mid-atlantic summer test day it was a little slow off the line building power steadily for a 7.2 seconds zero to sixty chips from the standard 9-speed automatic are buttery smooth as we worked our way down the track for a 15.6 second quarter mile at 90 miles

Per hour it’s truly a quite civilized trip down the strip the suspension soaks up track imperfections with a with very little noise finding its way into the cabin a 120-foot average braking distance from 60 is on par for this segment good pedal feel and stability throughout as for hauling cargo space behind the third row is tied at twelve point six cubic feet but

Expands effectively to a good forty three point one behind the second row and further to a max of seventy eight point seven which is quite good shorter wheelbase keeps towing capacity to a max of 4,000 pounds government fuel economy ratings with all-wheel-drive are seventeen city 24 highway and twenty combined and that makes for a slightly below average energy

Impact score of sixteen point five barrels of yearly oil use and 7.4 tonnes of co2 emissions premium luxury trim comes with front-wheel drive as standard starting at fifty three thousand six hundred ninety dollars all wheel drive will cost you another two grand sport trim includes awd and starts at fifty eight thousand ninety dollars all very reasonable for this

Segment no doubt cadillac has escalated their crossover profile with the 2020 xt six where every seat is the best seat in the house it may not have the cachet of the escalade or its presence but it’s a much better family utility and finally one cadillac user experience we can get behind

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The 2020 XT6 is Cadillac's Family-Friendliest Hauler By MotorWeek

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