the 2020 toyota prius prime can
Altair Club Cars The 2020 Toyota Prius Prime Can be Driven WITHOUT Any Gas

The 2020 Toyota Prius Prime Can be Driven WITHOUT Any Gas

2020 Toyota Prius Prime review by The Straight Pipes. The Toyota Prius Prime is pumping out 121hp 105lb-ft tq from a 1.8L 4 cylinder with a Hybrid battery system. Would this be your pick over the Hyundai Ioniq, Honda Clarity?

I’m here jakob lorber dry one two 20 toyota prius prime upgrade with technology package and no launch control no okay that’s really really slow yeah you’re still accelerating it it’s like nothing so that was all eevee but let’s get to the horsepower and torque 121 horse power 105 pound-feet of torque from a 1.8 liter 4-cylinder with a hybrid battery system okay

So this is a plug-in hybrid how far can we go on just electric about 40 kilometers and then how far with electric and gas just over a thousand kilometers and how much is that miles i just flashed it up on the screen right now it’s actually a lot it is quite a bit and we previously reviewed this car in 2018 some things have changed i think we should tackle those

Things first the number one thing is they say you have extending visors now okay so let’s test this out three two one doesn’t count yoda this is not an extending visor this is an extension of a visor that’s a fail i think that’s kind of what they wrote but it’s still a fail then next prius in another five years we’ll have the full extending but they probably added

That because of us so i’d like to think so at least we did something the next thing they’ve done is made it a five seater the last one we drove was only a four seater it’s super weird that it was a four seater like why didn’t they just do that from the get-go i don’t know battery stuff i guess but anyways it’s there now and the next thing which is the most amazing

Part is we now have apple carplay yes we do how about android auto oh no not all we don’t how about amazon alexa of course we’ve got amazon alexa in here mmm why wouldn’t we that doesn’t make any sense yeah gotta order some more hand sanitizer alexa no but anyways in the last 2018 video we hated the infotainment matt because it took up the whole screen and you

Couldn’t ever get rid of it and we still hate it however when you plug in your apple carplay it stays at the very top so now you can get rid of the map you can have your google maps on apple carplay because nobody uses apple maps and your satellite radio stuff at the bottom so they’ve actually made the infotainment functional now they’ve added some improvements

For sure so that pretty much everything they changed in 2020 as far as i’m concerned yes oh so let’s start with the looks now looks like a prius and i really like it yeah i don’t think we need to go to in detail it still looks kind of the same they didn’t really change anything i like this color from like certain angles it looks kind of like the new bmw eye for

Color and everything like electric ii i still like the previous color that we had that like blueish green kind of thing but this looks good i like how it looks very future it looks like something out of a future movie from like ten years ago it definitely looks very future i still don’t really like it especially the back but it still looks alright it’s definitely

A prius you know my favorite part is now what this little section right here in front of the window the way it kind of molds around i just really like it okay fair enough you know what i noticed in that section just above that in the mirror section the little fins there yeah the toyota supra was missing those and that’s why we had buffeting probably yeah toyota

Solved their own issue on the wrong car we still have a really cool pattern in the front grille that’s not really a grille it’s just plastic and the headlights actually look pretty cool because you can see all the individual leds everywhere including in the fog lights they look pretty wild yeah for not being a modern style led line they look good and we still

Have the same crappy wheels they’re not exactly – electrically and they’re not like too fancy and or anything i just i don’t really like them i think they’re a good amount of electric i like these kind of now this needs the tyco on ones with like the the turbo fan thing it feels faster but what is the continental recommended tire for the prius the pro contact

Tx did you notice that this has a floating roof design i did slightly i think it looks kind of okay yeah it’s nothing too special but there’s special part is the rear hatch in the glass okay so it’s like really weird shaped glass which is probably gonna cost so much to repair and replace and speaking of costing a lot we actually do have a carbon fiber hatch it

Looks really cool it makes you feel like you’re in something special every time you open the trunk up yeah just like a race car and it’s got crazy shapes to it i like it and just like the last video i still like the other prius taillights more than i like the ones on the prius prime but i think it looks fine what do you think of the exhaust tip oh exhaust tip

Is fantastic it’s buried underneath and it’s still real so overall it looks wise it looks like a prius it looks like it should i still don’t really like it but it’s not that bad and i totally don’t mind it i actually kind of liked it so before i drive let’s talk about this infotainment engages some more okay first thing i noticed when i got in was there was a

Crazy reflection from outside bouncing on the screen would be a lot better if the screen was in like a different position so there was less glare even though it is a matte screen and i still like the fact that it’s not laggy at all any button that you press comes up quick all the animations are quick the energy monitor is pretty cool so i do like this infotainment

But i don’t like it overall in comparison to other infotainment and then we still have touch buttons on the side so it’s just there’s a lot of touch it’s not the best it’s not like tesla or anything like that and then even when you use your satellite radio everything is so small it’s hard to see everything and you can’t rewind or anything like that but you can

Display it below your apple carplay now like you said which is nice and then we still have center gauges in the middle which are still weird to get used to but you can get you some pretty quick yeah it’s still pretty cluttered but you do get used to it and you’ve got all the information up in your head up display as well you can see your evey meter and your speed

And change all that stuff yeah you can see when you change your drive modes and stuff but we’ll get to that a little bit later and unlike a lot of car companies that screw everything up you can actually see how much range you have right here under the speed yeah it’s dead center and then you also have a battery percentage to the right of that so functionally

It’s all there everything you need is the most important stuff for a hypermiling car yes the only thing that would be good if they added was the pure electric range when you’re in pure electric mode yeah but i think there’s so many ways it can kick out of pure electric mode that’d be kind of hard to do that but we do have a little score thing as well which i had

A hard time understanding you know what the best score thing we ever used was what the leafs the butterfly the butterflies in the ford focus electric yeah it’s gonna call it an escape and they don’t even make cars anymore alright so with all that stuff out of the way let’s get you behind the wheel we’ll talk about the interior and all the drive modes alright

There’s some driving driving i get worse powers and some torque because you’re really careful driving in this yeah oh no yo rev it for me full power launch control brake boost and i was in power mode it actually sounded like there was a launch control logic control the batteries charging okay so we should probably get to these drive modes because there’s a lot

Of them and it’s kind of confusing we have drive mode button which goes from normal eco and power and then we have hv av mode as well yes so hv will prioritize the gas engine and the electric engine and then the evey mode will put it in as much electric as possible and the craziest part is after reading the comments on our last video is that this actually has

A third function if you hold it so if you hold the button down it goes into charge mode so when you let off it’ll help charge up the battery because before we didn’t know how to get that done yeah and i love that they have that and it’s confusing because nobody knows that this button has a third function but i’m glad that it has that function because it’s really

Cool and then we have an ez auto button to the right of that which helps put you into electric mode more as well and to be honest that’s probably the best mode for this car the modes are kind of confusing lucky for us our buddy linus here did a couple videos on the 2017 prius to help you describe all those modes thanks linus we just subscribe to his channel and

Then there’s also a break mode on the shifter yes so that break mode is your regen braking so you can maximize it by putting into b mode but it’s definitely not one pedal drive okay so let me put you into full eco mode put you into charge mode and then put you into brake mode i’m gonna let off i mean it’s slowing down but it’s definitely not one pedal but when

You come to a complete stop and then you start going again you can really hear everything kick in to start charging so let’s send this into cliche corner in power mode while also charging ok there’s obviously tons of body roll but i mean it’s not the worst it’s that low center of gravity that feels so good i guess maybe they’re carbon fiber hatch is also helping

But we also have an e cvt and to be honest in this car i don’t really mind it and i think it’s one of the better cv t’s like it’s not horrible is how i will describe it i don’t mind cv t’s at all in slow cars i think there are worse cb t’s and there are better ones i think this is one of the better ones especially for a car like this this is like all about maximum

Efficiency so it makes sense why this has won and the it works i really want to drive that mitsubishi that savage geese drove with the cvt that doesn’t imitate gears it just stays pinged that’s kind of how it should be like that’s what this does you just don’t have a tach but even after all that i’m still confused by all the drive modes oh i know that’s why i

Said just leave it an eevee auto basically and drive probably i say you just get in the car put it into normal even like i still don’t really know what they want me to do normal plus eevee auto because the third function is eevee auto so you see what i mean people we still can’t come to a conclusion yeah so let me just floor it while we’re driving and then the

Gas engine kicks in and it’s definitely still quite slow but you want this for the range anyways so that doesn’t really matter not at all but while you’re arranging it out do you want the link keep and cruise control well you probably would this does have adaptive cruise control but it does not have good lane key well that make some sense i guess it’s just like

Bad lane departure but i feel like a lot of the tools we’ve been reviewing recently have the new good lane keator yeah so they updated some things on this but not everything and something else that people probably care about trying to get maximum range is a really comfortable suspension and this nails that this has amazing suspension yep i’ve had no issues with

It at all the damping is great they nailed what people want in a car like this then we also have a bunch of nice safety features for people who want to drive a car like this like blind spot monitoring and like collision assist and then they probably want really light steering which this delivers on yeah oh nice i love light steering of cars like this and people

Trying to get maximum range probably also care about charging so this does have level 1 and level 2 charging no level 3 which is fine because it’s a plug-in hybrid and not a full electric yeah so level 2 is about 2 hours and then level 1 which is your standard plug at home is about five and a half hours which makes perfect sense if you plug this in at night yeah

And go to work 40 kilometers no problem and it does have all the apps and the scheduling and everything so you can charge when it’s not peak hour yeah and because it’s a plug-in hybrid you don’t have to think about charging you don’t really have to think about anything because it can just charge itself as well one more drive more thing come to a stop guess what

Happens when we put it in reverse that beep about that yeah no more that speaking of being in reverse though rearview mirror visibility is amazing and we have a reverse camera is a resolution good on the reverse camera not my ideal resolution so then i guess we should probably talk about the interior yeah we should probably get to these seats because they’re really

Comfortable no issues at all and you’ve got a lot of lumbar support on the driver side yeah a little bit much actually i’m gonna deflate that right now but there’s obviously no side bolstering because this isn’t a car that really needs it what do you think of the general look of the interior do you like all this piano black still oh i still hate it like despise it

It’s all around the cupholder area which is exactly where you’d spill your coffee i’ve been making coffee at home and it fits a thermos no problem there you go i think it would fit a small cup as well and in front of that we have a wireless charger which is useless because we don’t have wireless carplay maybe it works for charging your amazon alexa puck how amazon

Alexa works in the car i’m sorry i don’t either i’m not even gonna bother trying because who wants amazon alexa in a car anyways just give me android auto but we do have heated seats and they’re actually in a decent spot and it’s hard button so once you turn it on it’ll stay on and then we also have a heated steering wheel and it’s on the steering wheel in a gloss

Black button and the steering wheel itself feels pretty good the fake leather quality is quite good yeah i really like it how do you like the visibility up here with these little windows in front of the mirror oh it’s amazing like this visibility in this car is stupendous i think maybe it helps how they have a flat bump in the hood before the hood goes down like

That’s a pretty cool hood line it is a pretty cool feature from the outside how about the backseat room back seat room is not the best for headroom okay for legroom that’s a 1 thumb up one thumb out of two is still pretty good yeah 50% thumbs and the trunk room is good we already showed you the no we didn’t show you the box test box test the prius fits 10 box is

Still just like last time so shout out to all our box test members emmett cf drive co 6 set toronto slow runner the 4runner matt brand cars andy the lab and kept ski pop and ryan c get your own box on slash the strips and we have grocery bag hangers back there which is awesome and our little section for the charger at the very back so that’s it with

The 2020 prius prime let’s get to the price let’s get to the price starts at 34 thousand nine hundred and ninety dollars canadian and this one is 39 thousand eight hundred and sixty-two dollars pretty good price but the problem is that the hyundai ioniq still exist and i think we still both prefer that one yeah everything in a hyundai it’s kind of just better

To use than in this prius like how much more did we like all the eco features in the hyundai we liked everything about the hyundai more yeah it pretty much but that’s the thing not that this is a bad car but we just liked the hyundai more so let us know what you think of the prius prime two years after we reviewed it is there still a reason to buy it with all

The other electric and hybrid cars that have come out since you also prefer the hyundai ioniq let us know in the comments and check out this playlist right here eco cars i guess let’s go eco fires electric eco eco edge watch the portrait icon video that was just the ionic video yeah i guess watch that roadtrip video

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