the 2020 lincoln corsair is bran
Altair Club Cars The 2020 Lincoln Corsair Is Brand New Luxury | Tim and Nicos New Rides

The 2020 Lincoln Corsair Is Brand New Luxury | Tim and Nicos New Rides

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Hey we’re here with a new edition of niko and tim’s new rides this time we have the 2020 lincoln horse ere the lincoln corsair is new to the lincoln lineup for 2020 and as you can see it’s a little bit smaller than its brothers but that does not mean it’s skimps on luxury let’s take a look so for 2020 lincoln has added a few new vehicles to its lineup and one

Of them is the corsair it is the smallest of their larger vehicles currently on offer in 2020 and it is as i said all-new it’s got a lot more room on the inside than you might think for something of this size which is always a nice improvement but with that size you don’t lose anything in regards to luxury or comfort which is the reason you’re buying a lincoln so

One of the things lincoln has been focusing on with their product lineup in recent years is really ramping up how much technological progress they can fit into a vehicle because when you think about it in our modern era luxurious nough scums with high technology and all the wonderful quality of life features that you get with a computerised vehicle adaptive cruise

Control backup cameras 360 cameras lane monitoring to help you make sure that there’s nobody in your blind spot all of that really great stuff as well lincoln’s commitment tech technology includes things like being able to start your car remotely which is something we’ve had for a few years but if you’ve never had it before it is absolutely worth it and you can even

Start your car with your phone now which is something that seems like this straight out of science fiction a lot of your newer cars are starting to do this you’ve got control of it with your phone with your smartphone you can start the car with your smartphone i talked to a friend just the other day they lost their only spare key fob and it’s just about a nightmare

For them not to mention losing keys and just to be able to do that with your smartphone i think is a really great innovation play 95.3 tuning to fm 95.3 i love the car and i’ve always liked a smaller and it’s not even that small of a car but it’s small enough so that you can maneuver it that you can park it it’s got the automatic folding side mirrors which helps

A lot one of the things i like to are a lot of the latest safety features like airbags that you might not expect that are going to protect you even better in the event that you have a crash one thing that you might not expect from a lincoln vehicle that is sitting as high as this one and with as much room as it has but it is very very responsive handling wise it’s

Quite quick as well it’s got a drive mode selector knob which lets you go from normal to fuel-efficient you know conditions that are slippery and then there’s excitement a cadiz paddle shifters that are on the back of the steering wheel that’s something that you normally see in higher-end luxury vehicles or in sports cars but it’s right here in the lincoln corsair

In 2020 and with it you’re able to control the engine and just take off if you want to which is again not something you’d expect from a vehicle its size you know that’s one of the benefits of a smaller vehicle like this is you can have all of the comfort and usability in your day-to-day life of a larger vehicle but you still maintain that handling response and

That speed of a smaller car you also get the great fuel efficiency of a smaller vehicle as well this has 29 miles per gallon on the highway for a combined 24 mpg very very respectable for a vehicle of its size this vehicle has an option to get all-wheel-drive it’s got heated seats front and back really a great michigan winter car the vehicle seats five people and

You can fold down the backseat there is a lot of cargo room back there in case you need to haul some stuff so the 2020 lincoln corsair is brand new for the model year but it brings a lot that you might be familiar with with the modern lincoln lineup it’s very luxurious very comfortable all of which you’d expect from a lincoln but it brings a lot new to the table

As it is very maneuverable and quite quick which you wouldn’t expect from a larger vehicle let alone one that’s primary focus is luxury sticker price just under 36,000 to start with this lincoln corsair the one we’re test driving today is 42

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The 2020 Lincoln Corsair Is Brand New Luxury! | Tim and Nico's New Rides By 95.3 WBCK

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