the 2020 audi sq7 is a 500 hp v8
Altair Club Cars The 2020 Audi SQ7 is a 500 HP V8 wrapped in practicality and blessed by Audi Sport

The 2020 Audi SQ7 is a 500 HP V8 wrapped in practicality and blessed by Audi Sport

MotoMan welcomes Audi back on the show with a very special SUV blessed by Audi Sport: The 2020 Audi SQ7. They start with an Audi Q7 SUV and shoehorn a 500 HP twin turbo V8 under the hood. There’s more but that is covered through a deep TECH dive of the suspension and chassis control systems as well as in a round of our famous #OptionsGame!

Friends you and i have been complaining for a number of years now that nobody is buying cars anymore that we’re gonna be relegated to a future of nothing but boring crossovers and suvs that we wouldn’t even have the opportunity to buy a car if we wanted to well i do have some positive news to report from the front you see the number of ridiculously powerful

V8s that’s being stalled into a sport utility vehicle has grown by exactly one and surprisingly it does not come from zulfenhaus in hell it doesn’t come from anywhere in stuttgart it comes from englishdot there are a number of things that make an sq7 and s big as being what you are looking at right there a 4 liter twin turbo charged v8 500 horsepower and 568

Pound-feet of torque yes same engine in a8 as well as rs7 however audi they have a cousin and we have driven many of them with 4 liter twin turbocharged v8 now i did speak to some audi engineers yes the block is the same as in the cayenne and the panamera however the cylinder heads the turbochargers and the cooling system changes like for example this one has a

Very specific to the sq7 quad exhaust now that goes through anything you want as long as it’s an eight speed automatic and yes this is an audi so it’s a quattro which means it drives all four wheels in terms of usable numbers mpg it’s a big twin turbocharged v8 so 15 21 17 but towing is pretty good 7 700 pounds and then performance figures emacs 155 miles an hour

And 0 to 64.3 seconds 5291 pounds is 2 399.96 kilograms put another way this weighs about 500 pounds more than a four-cylinder basic q7 with that oh that’s really good what stands out here is that 568 pounds of torque very usable between 2000 and say 4 500 rpm oars just get aggressive in straight lines and god does it sound wonderful when you do that there is

An insane amount going on underneath this vehicle but let’s start with the basics that come from the standard q7 five link suspension front and rear from there the air ride has been tuned for this specific s application then there’s a computer that networks all the disparate suspension systems together so like for example the abs and the traction control know

What each other is doing that’s important for unique systems like a four wheel steering system that is fitted as standard to all sq7s now this system has a couple of unique attributes number one it can turn up to five degrees either in the same direction or the opposite direction as the front wheels the line of demarcation is 35 miles an hour however the system

Back there it’s fully electronic steering which means it’s powered by a motor and a battery however that battery can recuperate some of the energy from the moving wheels and recharge itself now there is something else that can be layered on top of all of this and that is a sport package that includes three things number one red painted calipers number two a

Quattro sport differential this is very similar to what we saw in evo’s many years ago where it can add 10 of the torque to the outside wheel either side and then most importantly considering what this vehicle is active roll stabilization and think of this as an active roll bar that has an electro mechanical unit attached to it that can counteract pitch from

Either side in a vehicle that is almost 5300 pounds now this is very similar to what we saw in the gle 53 amg in that it is a 48 volt system but where the two vehicles diverge the amg gle 53 the entire car is a 48 volt electrical system in the audi the suspension is a 48 volt electrical system let’s see when i try that rear wheel steering on a road where we

Can make some heads or tails of it and here’s a very aggressive turn actually i didn’t trust it there i braked too hard going into it i could have went in at a higher speed it’s as if this is a shorter wheelbase vehicle which is kind of the logic of a rear wheel steering system but here it does aid a little bit in the ride quality and that there is some control

Over the pitch of the vehicle so you don’t get so much side to side which i do believe would help with the overall driving quality around town especially when you consider the purpose of this vehicle which is to move the rug rats and the dogs around and they wouldn’t be thrown from side to side as you drive more aggressively no matter what the road is aside from

The engine what we discussed underneath the car what makes an sq7 an sq7 well first there’s the exterior design the grille the front bumper the rear bumper as well as the rear spoiler all change and the trim outside the car is changed to the stunning satin finish aluminum including the mirror fairings then inside brings about the third biggest change behind the

Engine and suspension and that’s the front seats 14-way sport seats there’s some sort of fancy leather on here they have a special name for it but what you and i need to know is a it’s nicer and b it’s a diamond stitch kind of like a bentley then to cap off all the interior changes there’s a different steering wheel now there is something called a black optic

Package it’s very similar to the night package that we see on amg’s where it blacks everything out on the outside of the car but here audi went to such lengths to make this stunning satin finish aluminum i don’t understand why you would pay extra to have black trim you know what comments below aluminum trim or black trim it’s definitely a trade-off between how

Comfortable the ride is and sporting intentions of the driving dynamics you can definitely tell it’s closer to the sporting side of driving dynamics but they’ve definitely still dialed in some comfort so it’s not exactly an x5m in terms of intensity yes it is indeed that time again to play your favorite game of mine the options game with today’s contestant something

We have not featured on the game in over four years an audi this one a very special audi a 2020 audi sq7 prestige for a base price of 90 400 now a huge invite here there will be a very short run of the 2020 model year of the sq7 most of them will be the 2021 model year will have a higher base price by about 800 to that we add a stunning shade of matador red now

I did special order this one they wanted to give me a gray one i don’t think gray would look very good so i specifically asked for the red and got it and thankfully i did because it is a bargain 595 dollars absolutely transforms the car and works well with that aluminum trim to that we had the velcano leather interior which is standard but more importantly this

Is finished in rotor gray leather with rock gray stitching that is zero dollars now this car was fitted with a sport package which is that quattro sport differential the active suspension and red brake calipers that would be an additional nine hundred dollars i would suggest it this one doesn’t have it the audi product manager i spoke to about it says about a

Third of them will be fitted with it this car is fitted with carbon inlays normally i am not a carbon fiber dash person but here it looks 750 this car is fitted with the laser headlights 1 650 and then last but certainly not least you know how in the porsche and mercedes episodes we talk about the burmester audio system well there is no such thing as a burmester

Audio system in an audi instead it is a bang olufsen 3d surround system i may go so far as to saying it’s almost better so well worth it at 5 000 so much so i’d say the stereo over the sport package to that we only add the destination handling 995 for a total retail price of 99 390 there are two unique aspects about the screen and to understand that let’s go

Into the main menu here and then you notice that it’s not simply touch sensitive so if i hit just phone here without really pressing it or hit media here without pressing it like in most cars that would actuate something here you actually have to hit it with some force and what happens is there’s a hammer behind the screen that taps the screen to give you feedback

Now in addition to the tiny hammer trick there’s also an audible feedback so let’s try to again hit apple carplay and what that does is it gives me a little click every time i hit the screen now of course i prefer hard buttons knobs and toggle switches and here there is a good complement of that there is still a real radio knob one for volume you can use it to

Scroll through radio stations as well as track so side to side and then there are real buttons as well as scroll wheels on the steering wheel to control infotainment media radio as well as the audi signature virtual cockpit which i have to say has been beautifully updated since the last time that i’ve driven one of these things it’s funny i was talking to the

Program manager of this car on the phone before i drove it and he was saying that each year they’ve been adding new virtual cockpit backgrounds to update it as they go along now we’ll admit i do like the two screens but if it were me i would add real rotary control knobs for the hvac system in addition to this screen here again there’s nothing safer than a knob

In a car especially when you consider it something that’s two plus tons i don’t know why i’ve been doing this so much as of late but it’s time for me to put a bug in your head today we learned that this is very fast very fancy and about a hundred thousand dollars a couple of weeks ago we learned that the bmw x5m competition is also very fast bit faster than this

One very fancy and can be had for about 130 000 couple weeks before that we learned that the porsche cayenne coupe gts is also extremely fast bit faster than this one very fancy especially the one we drove had like 35 000 in options and can be had for about a hundred and thirty thousand dollars not the one we drove that begs the question these are all kind of

The same equation of practical vehicles with insanely powerful engines granted those are a bit faster but more importantly the driving dynamics on those are just a wee bit sharper however this thirty thousand dollar discount which would be very hard for dave ramsey cheapskate like me to say no to which is why i turn this around to you guys which one of the three

Would you choose how would you have it built meaning options and why let me know in the comments below or via our social media moto man tv album word moto man tv all more facebook twitter and instagram until i see you in the next episode you

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The 2020 Audi SQ7 is a 500 HP V8 wrapped in practicality and blessed by Audi Sport! By MotoManTV

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