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Altair Club Cars The 2015 INFINITI Q50 Hybrid Makes 360-hp and Averages 31-mpg

The 2015 INFINITI Q50 Hybrid Makes 360-hp and Averages 31-mpg

With its direct response hybrid system it makes a combined output of 360-hp. It is not only one of the quickest INFINITI models but its also one of the most fuel efficient with an EPA highway rating of 36-mpg. The powerful electric traction motor and lithium ion battery pack enable this Q50 to travel up to a mile at speeds close to 60-mph just under electric power alone. It also features a huge list of luxury and technology like an around view monitor, Bose sound system, adaptive front lighting system, blind spot warning and prevention, backup collision intervention, intelligent cruise control, forward collision warning and emergency braking, lane departure warning and prevention, active lane control, advanced climate control, raining sensing wipers, navigation and so much more!!

Hello joe here from infinity of tacoma today i’m going to tell you about this lovely 2015 infiniti q50 hybrid that we have for sale a very rare version of the q50 um the hybrid version of the q50 came out when the q50 first came out in 2014 it features a direct response hybrid system offering a combined output of 360 horsepower in fact back in 2015 before we had

The red sport which came out in 2016 the hybrid was the performance version of the q50 offering the maximum output the uh naturally aspirated 3.7 liter v6 pumps out about 300 or 330 horsepower so you got about another 60 horsepower sorry another 30 horsepower of the q50 hybrid so amazing performance and it’s a great hybrid system they started using this hybrid

System in 2011 on the infiniti m35h hybrid and they made it all the way to 2018 when the q50 hybrid was discontinued unfortunately the red sport i think overshadowed it um with 400 horsepower and stuff like that and people i guess weren’t as concerned with gas mileage but i’ll tell you on the pre-owned side the q50 is quite a performance bargain because if you

Look at the performance you get and the features and the fuel economy look at this 29 city 36 highway average 31 miles per gallon and you’re making 360 horsepower that’s a lot better gas mileage than the regular 3.7 liter naturally aspirated q50 or the newer ones of the turbocharged engines the 3 liter or the red sport and then they even offered a two liter uh

Four cylinder engine of only 208 horsepower that one got 28 miles per gallon on the highway i think 25 24 25 in the city um so this is way better than that and this makes well over 100 horsepower than that engine so great hybrid system they use a lithium-ion battery i’ve been infinity a long time of close to 17 years i’ve seen the hybrid system since it came

Out and talking to our master tech he’s been of infinity almost as long as me he says he’s had seen very few issues in fact the customer who uh traded this one and he traded it in for a 2018 q50 hybrid that we have the last year of it so obviously he was a fan of the hybrid this one has a nice leather interior this has a deluxe technology package so it has pretty

Much every available option you can get in 2015 it doesn’t have the sport package but aside from the sport package it has everything up all right so this has a deluxe technology package um so you get a lot of features of the deluxe technology package um five thousand dollars for the deluxe tech package giving you an auto dimming uh outside mirrors dual occupant

Memory seats maple wood interior trim 360 degree or round view camera front rear parking sensors rain sensing front windshield wipers you get an adaptive front lighting system that turns into the corners for better nighttime visibility high beam lighting on and off assistance distance control assist blind spot warning blind spot intervention backup collision

Intervention front rear front pre-crash seat belts intelligent cruise control a predictive ford collision warning forward emergency braking lane departure prevention active lane control and advanced climate control system so you have lots of cool features and technology on this q50 hybrid for sure so we have a drive mode selector here that will make changes to

Transmission shift points steering throttle sensitivity uh you’ll notice that we have a dual display system on the q50 hybrid um i mean all the q50s that have a dual display system i guess but on the on this one the top screen is for the navigation and parking camera you can also change views the bottom screen is a tablet like interface for vehicle settings and

Apps you can also drill down a little bit deeper on the drive mode selector versus here make changes to the engine and transmission then let’s talk about the steering this has the direct adaptive steering in fact in 2014 when the q50 first came out the direct adaptive steering was a brand new feature never offered on any other production automobile and still to

This day infiniti really only has the only production steer by wire system that i know of and it’s expanded to some of other other products like the q60 and the qx50 qx55 and we’ll continue to see the system expand to more and more systems they’ve improved it over the years we’ve got software updates but basically the whole idea about this deer by wire system is

Uh we want to do away with the steering column completely you have this big metal tube going through the firewall it makes it more difficult to build the vehicle because you kind of have to build the engine and all the stuff around uh you know the the the that big metal tube and then and crashes you have to make it collapsible so it doesn’t impale the driver so

If we can just do away that completely that would be nice and then also uh steer by wire is a pathway to autonomous driving um so that’s why infiniti is pushing this technology and does benefit you with many great features even today even though we still do have a mechanical steering rack as a backup if you do lose power so don’t worry if that happens there is

A mechanical backup but during normal driving conditions uh there is no mechanical connection to the front wheels it’s all handled by electric motors and computers how does that benefit you all it works with uh some of the great systems that this vehicle has like the lane departure prevention it will steer you back into your lane uh blind spot prevention will also

Steer you back into your lane if there’s a vehicle in your blind spot lane keep assist will make small steering corrections to keep you centered in lane during uh driving the highway it can follow gentle bends on the highway it can’t take care of corners so it does uh help um you know battle driver fatigue with the adaptive cruise control and lane keep assist you

Can basically just sit in your seat pay attention and the vehicle will you know drive with the flow of traffic and it will steer you and keep you centered in your lane it is not autonomous driving you do have to pay attention because things happen i might not see a car it might not see the lane marker and it might drift over to another lane so uh these systems work

Great to making driving more pleasurable and less stressful but remember you always have to pay attention uh also uh the the steer by wire system the director depth is chewing this vehicle can react to steering inputs faster than the mechanical rack so and you can also adjust the feel of the steering like a video game controller you can make it heavy and quick

Like a race car you can make it standard or you can put it in light mode it makes it light and leisurely like a luxury car which this is also is it’s a sport car it’s a sports sedan and it’s also a luxury sedan so great features a power adjustable string with tilts and telescopes this one only has 63 742 miles at the time of making this video beautiful leather

Interior gorgeous body the q50 is built and assembled in japan so if you do value japanese build quality not all japanese brands these days are built in japan uh but the q50 is i own two infinities myself and those are both built in japan as well i have an fx37 and a g35 sedan uh actually the q50 ended up evolving into well the g35s didn’t end up evolving into the

Q50 uh this does share some dna with the infinities i own obviously i’m a big fan of the product owning a couple in my family and also being with the infiniti brand for close to 17 years i really love these products i like them a lot i’ve been in the car business all my adult life and also as a teenager i could probably work pretty much at any dealership i want

To but i really like infinity and that’s why i choose to stay here and i’ve been to infinity tacoma close to 16 years great products a great place to work so we’d love you to come down and visit if you’re interested in looking at some of our infinity products there’s a fantastic uh hybrid system so we have a 60 horsepower electric trax motor that 60 horsepower

Electric traction motor allows you to travel up to speeds of 60 miles per hour and with that lithium-ion battery pack you can uh travel up to about a mile just under electric power alone then that’s combined with the amazing vq-35 engine that pumps at about 300 horsepower this is a fantastic engine um so and people kind of scoff like oh it can only go a mile

Well this is not a plug and hybrid it has a very small battery pack but the ability for the engine to shut off for small portions of time and the ability to capture uh that power that you lose through braking through regenerative braking and charging the batteries back and charging the battery off the engine running that allows the vehicle to be that much more

Efficient and then it’s not just you know a vehicle designed to be more fuel efficient it is more fuel efficient than other q50s that aren’t hybrid but it also is very powerful that the hybrid system is like a 60 horsepower electric turbo charger people are really surprised how fast these are these go it has a balance of an 8 year unlimited mileage warranty on

The hybrid system so you have an 8 year unlimited mileage warranty lots of warranty left on the battery and hybrid system so nothing really to worry about the hybrid system has been very reliable lithium-ion batteries last very long uh you know the the whole idea is for the uh the battery pack not to have to be replaced it’s supposed to last the surface life of the

Vehicle and about two or three hundred thousand miles just like the engine the engine is designed to last two to three hundred thousand miles as well and i’ve seen many of those vq35s go that far so i know they can do it if you’re looking for a great uh fuel efficient performance luxury sedan check out this q50 hybrid it’s a one cool vehicle thanks for watching

This video hope to see you soon and have a wonderful day

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The 2015 INFINITI Q50 Hybrid Makes 360-hp and Averages 31-mpg! By INFINITI of Tacoma at Fife

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