testing new shine armor spray on
Altair Club Cars Testing NEW Shine Armor Spray On My TUNED Infiniti Q50 #shinearmor (FIRST SPONSPORSHIP)

Testing NEW Shine Armor Spray On My TUNED Infiniti Q50 #shinearmor (FIRST SPONSPORSHIP)

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Yeah come on come on yeah as i can see we are in the car already got a lot planned busy day ahead of us you feel me um in today’s video as i can see by the time of the thumbnail i got my first sponsorship shout out to shine armor for sending me out a care package so i’ll be showcasing that in today’s video also taking care of some other stuff uh gonna put

On my decals after i washed my car so i’m heading there right now uh it’s my boy image you’re gonna clean up my car and everything i don’t know if you can see it but my way up the car and everything you feel me put the decals on and then um shine armor sent me uh like a ceramic spray so we’re gonna throw that on out there and you feel me just a whole little

Thing i’m gonna meet up with brando uh we’re gonna get some reels in and stuff like that showcase that so with that being said if you’re new to the channel make sure you like comment subscribe turn on post notifications so you never miss when i upload and i will pick up back the camera when i get to image house so i just put up on image as you can see the car

Is dirty yeah i need to get them youtube mirror caps asap i didn’t do a lot but slowly but surely he’s coming back to what it needed to be so this is going to be the before as you can see car duty and i need my front windshield too but you see no matter what the plan right here so let me go over here there’s no floor then you need the car water call this

Number in this car wash but you clean up this car right now and we’re gonna start mine and then we’ll put on my decals and all that things you feel me foreign you’re a genius foreign car been shining that fit a spot he touched up as best as he can but um i did actually get like sun damage but it’s still better than what it was before still got to

Get new mercat i keep i don’t like the imperfections but everything else shining you feel me shine and shine and shining so i’m about to head to brando house in a little bit to do the uh promo for shine armor and then i’m about to put on my decals right now right here and then see what’s up with that so i just got my decals on and it fit all the way and i had

To do like one by one i’ll put it like on the end on this side and then this uh i did like the same thing i’ll fit on this side for the most part it’s still yeah you get the idea you’re supposed to match the brake calipers so when i get them on you can be like boom boom boom you feel me so now i came in there i’m about to hit the brando and get started with

The shining armor promo see it that’s crazy how that’s purple uh this is right here nano glass coating i’ll probably take a some pictures of it real quick but um you know water bottle hey get up get a water bottle so we’re gonna get a water bottle and test the water let it fall on there real quick and then we’re gonna put the coating on there and then do

The same thing so basically you know how glass coating or ceramic coating is when you basically put water on it the water is not gonna it’s sit on the window it’s just gonna fall off basically so it’s like a protection for your uh windshield glass basically you don’t have to just use it on your car you can use it on any basically glass surface um see what

They say right here when it rains your wipers these streaks in the wrong places on the windshield applying shine armor graphene nano glass coating properties that your windshield will almost certainly improve your ability to see through your windshield and precipitation conditions especially at night you sign armor nano glass coating and the water will bead and

Slide right off your windshield so basically it’s just going to slide right off we set this up right either yes sir brandon right now against a clits for the rear so i’m gonna make a reel and it’s basically gonna be like a review also on my channel so like like i got two birds one stone yes feed me let you see what i say i don’t know yeah i’m gonna hold you

We just tested it um with the camera and everything this is my first time seeing that like in person like waterfall off a car so uh let me get brand new camera real quick you see right here you pour the water that’d be just slide right up and then it’s not white like it was never there that’s crazy but shout out shawna i’ll make sure i use my boy code oh yeah

Use my code vaughn hilton 20. i’m gonna drop it in the description and put on the screen everything like that but shout out we could call shine nice and clean i appreciate the shine you’re nice and protected with dick you feed me that’d be nice though and they give you two microfiber cars for people who clean their car you can dry your car with these everything

Like that you know you need that close your car and you got the clothes and you’re lost you ain’t got a clock you lost you ain’t got the cost you’re lost you’re lost you ain’t got no sauce you ain’t got no sauce you lose you’re losing last week that’s going to conclude today’s video what we got done we did the promo video washed up the whip put on my decals

You feel me little something at night time um i ain’t take no pictures to do any reels today but probably gonna get some in tomorrow but working working always working what can i say for some motivation um i always strive for greatness i guess yeah stay focused but it might happen later like just keep grinding type we all grinding being set with us

All right i ain’t going to seal that and i gotta go back to 13 20 and take off this like i know i just did to actually drive up there well that’s sliding tight but um with that being said if you’re new to the channel like subscribe share you feel me share share the video is getting back up there getting back in the algorithm turn on post notifications so

You never miss when i upload hey and i’m wrong

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Testing NEW Shine Armor Spray On My TUNED Infiniti Q50! #shinearmor (FIRST SPONSPORSHIP!) By Von Hylton

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