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Altair Club Cars *TESTED* 2022 Hyundai Santa Fe Hybrid is a Fuel-Sipping Large Crossover with Generous Cargo and Tech

*TESTED* 2022 Hyundai Santa Fe Hybrid is a Fuel-Sipping Large Crossover with Generous Cargo and Tech

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Back in my old stomping grounds again this time with the hyundai santa fe hybrid let’s get into it 2022 hyundai santa fe hybrid this is a limited trim it’s pretty much fully loaded last year i drove the calligraphy trim which has a two and a half liter turbo this has a turbo engine as well but a 1.6 liter which is around 180 horsepower you make that to around

The 60 horsepower electric motor and you get around a little over 220 horse now this is also mated to a six-speed automatic transmission which is completely different than what you see on the toyota end for their hybrids or even honda’s hybrids so this using a traditional transmission it drives more like a normal car which i really really like but it’s not perfect

We’ll get into how it drives here in a little bit fuel economy is supposed to be around the low 30s 31 miles per gallon or so i’m telling you i think you might be able to get over that especially if you’re driving in town on the exterior of the santa fe you have kind of the rotated 90-degree thor’s hammer daytime running lights that you see in volvo’s you kind

Of have this chrome plated grille i think the front end of this vehicle does look pretty good compared to the calligraphy edition with that red paint it just looks better with silver on silver and chrome on chrome even with the chrome window surround it doesn’t bother me on this vehicle because everything is just kind of silvered out nothing really sticks out

The wheels are okay kind of like the five spoke with extra detail in it i want to show you guys the immense amount of cargo capacity on this vehicle it is bonkers and this also shares the same platform as the kia sorrento and that vehicle can be had with three rows but the santa fe no longer has a three row option you have a 12 volt back here if you want to plug

In some accessory power we also have a chainsaw going on over there and i just left an area because they were drilling that way so you guys sound travels over water so much better than it does over land anyways you can fold down the the seats here it doesn’t fold them up it just kind of assists folding them down but immense amount of cargo space and there’s also

Additional storage under here there is not a spare tire but if you need to jump the vehicle the 12 volt battery is under here which is probably one of the easiest vehicles to jump you have a subwoofer for the harman kardon sound system it sounds okay it’s not going to blow anyone’s minds but it does get pretty loud we’ll go in a little bit reverse order here this

Rear seat is super comfortable i love the the checkered stitching on it as well as this stitching at the bottom they’re very comfortable you can also recline the seat quite heavily you also have rear sun shades back here heated rear seats on each side two settings you have that nice design on the harbin carton speakers here we have map pockets on each side we

Have a bunch of usb a’s back here and a plug-in for your traditional household items you probably plug in a laptop after that but there’s only 150 watts so not too much power going to it unfortunately hardbacks to the seats tons of legroom i don’t even need to sit back there you guys get the picture and then go into the front also these mirrors do automatically

Fold in and fold out when you approach the vehicle here’s evidence of them folding in they actually fold out when you approach the vehicle they do not fold in like i mentioned before we do have memory seats on the driver’s side safety features on this car excellent i love the steering assist that we have on this vehicle as well as most hyundai vehicles we have a

Large 12-inch mid fully digital behind the steering wheel you can see and i’ve been idling this vehicle guys for the last like 10-15 minutes and the engine hasn’t kicked on yet and i even drove i don’t know maybe a quarter of a mile from the last filming spot to this spot so it says i’m getting 37 miles per gallon on this trip 36 miles if you include yesterday of

Me just sitting in the driveway now this is a smattering of buttons here and i’m okay with it i love traditional buttons i’m never going to use this knob i just keep it in eco mode yes there’s a sport mode maybe i’ll play with sport mode later as we accelerate heated steering wheel heated ventilated seats up front volume knob long live the volume long live the

Tuning knob i do really like uh hyundai’s touch screens here uh apple carplay android auto but they’re only through wired and we do have a nice wireless charger that’s tucked in right here and one of my favorite things about their systems is that the phone will say it’s charging right up here so i love having that feature here lets me know if my phone is charging

Properly large amount of space in here the seats are very comfortable again that same sort of detail we saw in the back seat with the checkering huge panoramic sunroof i love that about the calligraphy edition last year on this vehicle and i really enjoy this headliner it doesn’t feel as nice as the headliner in the calligraphy edition but it looks cooler i’ll

Just say that it kind of reminds me of a bit of a volvo style here and kind of volvo with those daytime running lights right trim that goes from the door that kind of plastic trim that accentuates the top of the dash soft touch everywhere on the dash soft touch down here where your knee is sitting so i do appreciate that we also have additional power outlet down

Here storage and additional storage right here as well but that kind of summarizes the interior i think it’s time to start driving as we’re about ready to set sail here in the 2022 santa fe hybrid after about 15 minutes of idling with the ac on the engine finally kicked on and we’re gonna get out onto the streets here in this very smooth and very good hybrid it

Is not perfect though like for some reason when i excel because it has real real gears and in first gear it’s mostly ev driven it feels like in second gear the engine starts to uh help out a little bit more and i hear a rattling noise in second gear from the engine it’s a little bit more noticeable when the engine was cold but it sounds like a rattle can sort of

Rattle but once you shift into third gear you don’t hear it at all so i don’t know what’s going on there but aside from that um it’s a very smooth vehicle and the steering is very soft in here the handling likewise as well it doesn’t have that much body roll in the turns though i don’t know if it’s because it has a a one and a half kilowatt hour battery located

Low in the body of the vehicle but it i feel like this battery does a really good job keeping this vehicle in uh ev mode as much as possible there is the plug-in hybrid of this vehicle that has i think it’s around 13 or 14 kilowatt hour battery so roughly 10 times the the size of the battery in this regular hybrid and that version also gives you about 30 40 30

More horsepower off the top of my head i’ll put those numbers on the screen for you but i don’t have that model right now to test out this one comes in around 41 a little over 41 000 and the amount of features it does give you is quite astounding and we’ll get on the brakes here because this truck is uh coming out in front of us the brake feels a bit strange it

Definitely feels like the friction brakes come in at about 50 of the travel of the brake pedal um the initial bite of the brakes or lack thereof is is what feels like the regenerative braking from the electric motor sandwich between the engine and the transmission in this vehicle turning there i do have blind spot view monitor on this vehicle so when i put on my

Blinker it does have the camera show up behind the steering wheel to kind of assist with the indicator at the edge of the mirror i love that feature i can’t believe no one else is really doing it at least on the vehicles that i test on the channel i’m just sitting here at the lightful ev mode the only thing i hear is the fans running and the fans are pretty quiet

In here at full blast yes they get super loud but that’s completely unnecessary i think two to three bars for the fans is probably maximum that you’ll need even here in south florida what i love about this screen is the hybrid function and it’s real quick and easy to see what the system is doing at all times i’m in full ev mode right now going about 35 miles an

Hour and does really like to stay in ev mode as long as possible when you’re at a steady state speed of course when you’re at stops that likes the ev mode like i showed earlier when you’re accelerating really likes kicking on that turbo four-cylinder to get the vehicle up to speed and then stay steady stay at ev as well getting back into the brakes just nothing

There what it feels like for the first half of the brake there’s not a lot of stopping power going on so you really have to get down into there to get the most out of your friction brakes as well so many manufacturers have gotten away from hard touch buttons this is like a paradise for me yes i wish i would have maybe a little screen here to always have climate

Control up to see you know the temperatures the fan speed and things because i don’t have that i have to press a button and then it pops up here at the top but other than that it’s extremely functional all this is muscle memory it’s easy to get to easy to remember where things are funny that on drive we have an indicator to let us know that it’s drive there’s a

Little bar but the rest of the buttons don’t so i do prefer a traditional gear select but this gets the job done it works well enough it’s better than having a little stock on the steering column in my opinion now i mentioned that rattle first thing in the video and the only time i ever hear it is when the ac fans are completely off so everything this the the

Audio is off as well in terms of creaks and rattles there really aren’t a whole lot i do get some around the sunroof area and sometimes around the rear hatch but i i haven’t heard them in a while and i typically have to get over some pretty rough pavement or some bumps to hear anything like that the rattle and the engine in second gear is a little bit concerning

For me i don’t know that if that is exclusive to this specific sample or if that’s just how all of them are with this turbo four-cylinder hybrid when i drove the sonata hybrid i didn’t get anything like that that of course has a different hybrid setup a naturally aspirated hybrid setup and i i felt like it was just a little bit quieter a little bit smoother

Than this so the sonata not only is it more fuel efficient than this of course being a sedan it drives better it’s smoother the powertrain i like just a little bit more but it is very similar in this vehicle overall i really would want to try the plug-in hybrid of this with the 260 horsepower or so as well as the much larger battery you should be able to get over

30 miles of range or somewhere around there with that vehicle and i would be interested to test it so hyundai if you have a plug-in hybrid of this in my area please send it to me because this is good and this is a much more cost effective than a plug-in hybrid but with the cost of gas nowadays i don’t want to be using gas at all if i can help it even though i’m

Getting like 35 36 miles per gallon in this vehicle which is really good for the size of it i think if you look at the toyota hybrids let’s say the highlander hybrid similar power just a little bit more power than this vehicle doesn’t have the traditional automatic transmission in some cases it’s a little bit smoother and i’m just going to hit the gas so you get

An idea so you got to wait for it to downshift but it’s actually pretty snappy i’m not going to lie like i feel like the responsiveness even in normal mode might be a little bit better than the sonata hybrid and that could be because this has turbocharged so i just feel that torque a little bit better but i also forgot to mention the smoothness of the engine on and

Off that’s very important when it comes to any vehicle that has an on off feature with the engine but especially the hybrid because it does it more often i never really feel when the engine is on or off in this vehicle which is an incredible job by hyundai reducing all that vibration and harshness when it kicks on so nice job and it feels like i’m in ev mode right

Now but i’m not so you just never know when that engine’s on or off so hyundai’s done a good job with the reduction oh there’s a there’s a supra and he’s done a good job with the reduction of harshness uh and the overall quietness of this setup especially at cruising yeah i do feel like this competes well with the highlander hybrid it’s just that that vehicle has

An extra row of seats and then you could also say well you know if you wanted a korean hybrid with three rows of seats you can look at the sorrento hybrid as well but signing out from this hyundai santa fe hybrid it has impressed me over 37 miles per gallon at this point it keeps going up the longer i drive it and keep in mind i was idling it for 15-20 minutes as

Well so very impressed overall with the fuel economy and i’m gonna end it there thank you so much for watching i’ll see your comments down below subscribe for more japanese and korean auto news and reviews with some swedish tones in there from time to time as well and i actually have a volkswagens in the driveway right now which i don’t ask for they just show up

And i’ll review those if they’re given to me but signing out check in the next one take care you

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*TESTED* 2022 Hyundai Santa Fe Hybrid is a Fuel-Sipping Large Crossover with Generous Cargo and Tech By Kirk Kreifels

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