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Test it BMW Z4 | Drive it

Earlier this year BMW gave its Z4 sports model a facelift. With a longer hood and wheel base and a flatter rear end, the Z4 is like nothing else in its class. Our test driver took it out on the road to see what it could really do. With a 250-kW engine powering the car forward, he had a lot of fun in the process.

It asaduddin being today sasha’s testing the bmw same for this models equipped with the sdrive 35 is which means gots a sports transmission and a 250 kilowatt engine buyers have to put a lot of money into the car it costs just under 70 thousand euros so the fun doesn’t come cheap the zed 4 has been around since 2002 it’s in direct competition with the audi tt

And the mercedes slk but both of those cars have higher sales figures than the bmw the price could be a factor in that grabbin haystacks sasha says that on hot days having a convertible is great especially the z4 because you can open it while i’m driving up to speeds of 40 kilometres per hour it’s powerful engine the roadster can go from nought to 100 km/h in

4.8 seconds fuel consumption is listed at a very optimistic 9 liters for 100 kilometers that’s probably not the case in practice from one look the zed falls body it’s bmw heritage is obvious the front of the car is classic bmw headlights are stocked with xenon bulbs under the hood a mighty 250 kilowatt and general rumbles away producing up to 450 newton metres

Of torque the cars recently had a facelift the new version is longer flatter and sportier just a few changes that had a big effect between the led lights on the rear the car’s trunk doesn’t hold much anyone transporting a lot of luggage should look elsewhere now to him is conducts asha says naturally the car can’t have a big trunk that’s how it is there’s 380

Liters of space but if you bring the cover down where the top folds in that goes down to 180 which is practically nothing does inspector sneaks the inside looks good as it should on any bmw in the center is a fold-out monitor it controls the bmw connecteddrive system which allows the driver to use the internet among other things the important controls are all on

A central console close to the automatic gearshift and it features leather seats you might struggle to fit a shopping bag in zen 4 but who cares when it handles like a dream and has such an enormous engine however one drawback is that the cars emissions making a bad choice for the ecologically minded main facets so what does sasha think of the bmw z4 he’s driven

The 35 is model with a 250 kilowatt engine in theory it’s supposed to use 9 litres of fuel every 100 kilometers but sasha thinks that’s probably a low estimate its efficiency rating is f given the efficiency ratings go from a plus through abcde f and g that means this car has the second worst efficiency rate so it’s not a car that you should drive around the block

Too often one zoomit sort of money on brink i had saw off a boost he gave me fun

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Test it! BMW Z4 | Drive it! By DW News

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