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Altair Club Cars Test drive: 2013 Toyota Tundra Limited CrewMax 4×4

Test drive: 2013 Toyota Tundra Limited CrewMax 4×4

This week we test the 2013 Toyota Tundra Limited CrewMax 4×4 pickup. With the TRD Off-Road option package it compares loosely with trucks like the Ford F-150 FX4 and the Chevrolet Z71 Silverado.

Hi i’m sam hey mart for test-driven tv this week we’re test driving the 2013 toyota tundra 4×4 trd it’s a huge truck 5.7 liter v8 4 doors short bed big wheels and tires it competes against trucks like the ford f150 fx4 and the z71 chevrolet’s so we’re going to take it out here on the back roads of arizona and really see what it can do our toyota tundra is a fully

Loaded limited crewmax cab with the 381 horsepower 5.7 liter flex ville v8 mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission this combination is rated at 14 miles to the gallon city and 18 miles to the gallon highway we achieve 14 and a half miles to the gallon combined in a week with the tundra which is pretty average these days for a full-size truck like this the six-speed

Automatic transmission shifts well and has a hall mode for towing the tenders v8 has plenty of power and works away relatively quietly and smoothly it doesn’t have a loud exhaust tone like say the nissan titan our tundra had a full load of features including the extra bilstein shocks and skid plate with the trd off-road option package driving around town and on the

Freeway the tundra is easy to maneuver and writes smooth as silk on pavement with a solid chassis composure the tiger generally feels pretty solid out here on these rough roads i do get just a little kickback to the steering on rocks and ruts but the suspension absorbs most of the bumps and shakes pretty well the bilstein shock absorbers have an off-road tune to

Them but yet still give you a good bit of control on the highway best of all this – and the interior seems to be pretty devoid of rattles and shakes even on the rougher stuff like this now granted this truck is brand new but given toyotas reputation i expected even a year down the road ten thousand fifteen fifty thousand miles this thing’s probably going to have

A pretty good solid feel even as it grows old with the limited grade we had leather seats center console memory settings for the power seats and a top end touchscreen audio system with navigation the power roll down rear window and power sunroof mate summer nights good for cruise the interior on the tundra is pretty good designed with one exception that is the

Center stack with radio goes is way over here and i have to bend over to reach the radio buttons something i think they’re going to be fixing on the 2014 model the crew max cab is huge inside one of the largest cabs of any full-size truck except for perhaps two mega cab from ram ford and chevy don’t even get close to this rear seat room that’s great and all but

One of the things that does do is take room away from one of the more important parts of the truck that really nice big cab takes up a lot of space and it comes straight out of here this is only a five and a half foot box and yes ford and chevrolet and ram all come with the five and a half foot box with their full-size cabs but the difference is those brands all

Offer a longer wheelbase in a six and a half foot box as an option toyota dozen overall we were impressed with the total package of comfort and drivability of the tundra which offers up something decidedly different from ford chevrolet gmc and ram well as we wrap this up all i can tell you is that the tundra really is everything you’d expect from a toyota full-size

Pickup truck it’s got a lot of quality it’s got a lot of good features the only thing i could really complain about was the lack of a larger bed option and some of the interior issues that we talked about earlier so this week we give it four out of five stars i’m sam hey mark for test driven tv i hope you enjoyed the ride if you’d like a more detailed review and

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