test drive 2000 gmc sierra 1500
Altair Club Cars Test Drive 2000 GMC Sierra 1500 Extended Cab SOLD ,950 Maple Motors

Test Drive 2000 GMC Sierra 1500 Extended Cab SOLD ,950 Maple Motors

2000 GMC Sierra 1500 Extended Cab

So what’s up and welcome back this is nick up here at maple motors in hittersville tennessee and today we got a 2000 model chevrolet pickup truck with a 5.3 vortec under the hood nice quiet motor 160 000 miles we’ll check that out to be precise we got it up here at maple motors in hendersonville tennessee check us out maplemotors.com gonna be taking this truck

Down the road for a test drive point out any kind of flaws we can find that way you know exactly what you’re buying when you get here we’re borrowing this parking lot for right now we’re paving our parking lot we usually do classic american custom car videos and uh today we’re doing a modern style it’s just some of the stuff we got in we also got a toyota

Tacoma getting ready to do a video on as well so yeah go ahead hit that subscribe button i do have finance and i do have shipping information it’s about that time let’s go for a ride before we take off go look around the interior get her started up the gauges are not doing that i don’t know if the refresh rates making that flash down here or not most of the

Time it will in the camera it’s showing 164 000 miles on the dash all of our gauges are working ac is nice and cold in this one radio works it’s on auxiliary right now let’s see radio is working it’s coming through all the vents you got your tinted windows interior’s in good shape i took the steering wheel cover off just to show you the steering wheel’s in

Good shape decent console does have a crack right here just where you lean on it back seats in good shape pretty nice truck inside stock exhaust nice and quiet we’re good there uh horn horn works wipers all that good stuff works it does have a cowl hood on it all right that’s pretty cold it’s already cold today let’s cut that off we’re going to take off down

The road and see how she drives all right guys getting ready to take off here go ahead and put my seat belt on backing out the spot making sure things are let me get y’all set up a little bit better here before y’all can see everything so i do have a few stops to make trucks take it off nice and smooth pulling hard get a good strong motor on it go ahead and

Roll the window up so we can listen to it our oil pressure’s sitting around 60 engine temperature is at 200 we’re going straight as an arrow down the road it’s not pulling left or right as soon as i turn it turns it’s got all new brakes all the way around not just the pads everything’s been replaced on the brakes all right i got to stop in here and pick up a

Part for one of the cars at the lot and then we’re going to continue this test drive also get some outside uh shots right after this driving by over the camera letting you see underneath and trying to describe the truck all the way there’s also a walk-around video i want you to watch point out any kind of paint flaws it does have some chips and scratches here

And there and an aftermarket hood so i’ll be going over that in the video all right guys let’s get these shots all right here we go we’re going to take off down the road now and uh finish up this test drive see it gets nice and dark in here where the wind is up roll out this would be a great everyday driver especially if you’re looking for a pickup

Truck in this model it’s got decent miles for the year mainly just paint issues definitely watch that walk around video i just got done walking around the truck uh i had a little bit of clear coat coming up here and there yeah chips and scratches your average truck truck cosmetics hmm all right guys hope y’all enjoyed this video as you can tell this truck runs

And drives awesome if you’re interested jump on over to maplemotors.com i do have financing i do have shipping available i got a tacoma i’m about to jump on and test drive it today too we got a couple modern things i want to get out of the way and throw a bunch of my classics back on here all right i’m heading to the house right now and then i’m going to head

Back to the car a lot i’ll see you all shortly alright i hope you enjoyed this video check us out at maplemotors.com close to 100 detailed pictures wheels tires parts and accessories are available when most of the time we do american classic muscle cars but today we’re doing a modern vehicle and we have two of them to do today actually a tacoma is coming up

Next you can also get 100 detailed pictures of this ride and the tacoma that’s coming up next we do update our website every monday but we’re actually going to skip next monday we are updating the 4th january the 4th we’re gonna have a fresh new stock we’re talking i’m not going to say but i’d say close to 30 cars are going on the website and that’s the most

That we’ve updated with probably ever in the history of maple motors so it’s going to be a huge update basically all new cars on the lot first of the year new pavement excited to show it off and i want to thank you all for joining this channel and following me along with all the videos that we’ve been posting this year y’all are the reason that we’ve got so

Many subscribers i want to keep that going i’m going to be posting a whole load of videos on the fourth so be uh ready for that we’re gonna take off down the road on this and call it a day y’all have a good one guys i’ll see y’all later you

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Test Drive 2000 GMC Sierra 1500 Extended Cab SOLD $6,950 Maple Motors By Maple Motors Muscle Cars Nick Southgate

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