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Altair Club Cars Test Drive – 1935 Rolls-Royce Phantom II HJ Mulliner Sports Limousine

Test Drive – 1935 Rolls-Royce Phantom II HJ Mulliner Sports Limousine

This is a beautiful example of the iconic 1935 Rolls-Royce Phantom II HJ Mulliner Sports Limousine that wears an older restoration and is a proven tour car. While this Phantom has been made a formidable touring car, it remains cosmetically nice enough for most concours. This Phantom (43TA) is well documented and has been upgraded with power steering and overdrive, which improves its drivability and makes it a joy to drive. This Rolls-Royce is featured in Lawrence Dalton’s “Those Elegant Rolls Royce” published in 1997.

Wow this is a test drive video of this 1935 rolls-royce phantom 2 this particular phantom 2 is a hj mulliner sports limousine it has a fantastic touring history including completing effortlessly the copper state 1000 which is a pretty grueling 1000 mile tour over four or five days one thing really neat about it is that the the last owner added power

Steering to it so this is effortless to steer unlike most phantom 2’s that are you know very very take a little bit of strength if you will i love the marshall headlights and and other lights um as opposed to the normal you know p100s these are you know give it a more continental flare to it and importantly it’s a sports loom meaning it’s close coupled

It has a break on the windshield the windshield is cut lower so it gives it a very very nice kind of sporty look as opposed to the big box and uh you know carrie if you show in in the back um you’ll see i love the art deco dips and the wood on the on the doors and also the contour lines of the piping and the door panels also accentuate that but that’s

A very very art deco feature or a look this has had extensive and expensive mechanical recommissioning or reconditioning so the car mechanically is in really um excellent condition cosmetically it’s just perfect for a show for a tour card um meaning it has you know touched up chips and you know minor minor cosmetic defects which are really fine for

Touring but pretty much any concours would love to have this or not any not probably not pebble beach but um most concourse around the country or the world would love to have this car given how sexy it is some of you may have noticed the kneeling lady rather than the normal spirit of ecstasy that’s i’m assuming that’s from a phantom 3 it’s really only the

Phantom free and the the silver wraith uh featured the kneeling lady so that makes it kind of fun in the back uh the back has four different vanities two are um in the c pillar in the back and then two are right basically uh on the division window on the divider and one has a i i would put a humidor on the one on the passenger side and up and the other

Side has a mirror so i would probably add a brush and just to give you an indication it’s probably about 90 degrees out and it’s running at about 78 79 of celsius meaning this thing runs very very cool because it’s not like we’re flying you know flying downhill or what have you

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Test Drive – 1935 Rolls-Royce Phantom II HJ Mulliner Sports Limousine! By Classic Promenade

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