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Altair Club Cars Tesla To Reduce Model Y Prices? & More Updates

Tesla To Reduce Model Y Prices? & More Updates

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Today we have brought you the latest tesla news tesla discusses giga berlin fire incident at municipal council meeting tesla optimus deliveries should be possible within three to five years says elon musk tesla fsd beta should be ready for worldwide rollout by end of year and tesla china says report claiming upcoming model y price drop is false let’s get into

All the details so let’s get started thank you foreign representative openly discussed a recent fire incident on giga berlin grounds tesla employee marlene menard attended the municipal council meeting on thursday september 29. she assured those present at the meeting that tesla strives for transparency reported moz it is important for us to be able to give

An update on the fire issue she said the tesla representative provided some information about giga berlin’s recent fire incident all relevant authorities including the police are still investigating the fire menert noted that tesla informed the proper authorities of the fire through the phone and later through writing the incident started when a paper shredder

And press roller caught fire near a small recycling facility in giga berlin’s storage year tesla hired another company to conduct recycling activities the state office for the environment stated the recycling facility did not have an approved permit menard did not provide details about the recycling facility on giga berlin grounds it’s about formal legal issues

There are no protection concerns about the space itself she clarified the district investigating the fire reported that water from the firefighters leaked onto the unpaved ground while trying to extinguish the flames menard confirmed the information in the district’s report she also stated that 50 centimeters of soil would be removed from the areas affected by the

Firefighters water currently giga berlin is cleaning up the areas where the fire spread a tarp was placed over the patch of unpaved ground that firefighting water seeped through several samples were taken from giga berlin’s fire incident samples were taken from the bottom of the soil fire debris and from the fire water retention pod the samples are being analyzed

And the results are expected by mid-october giga berlin critics have demanded tesla to stop production until the causes and circumstances of the fire are known moving to the next update tesla optimus deliveries should be possible within three to five years says elon musk there were a lot of things to unpack regarding tesla’s ai day 2022 and a lot of it concerns

The company’s humanoid robot optimus a number of key details were shared about optimus including its specs and price and during the events q and a session elon musk also hinted at the robot’s estimated delivery date tesla has a pension for unveiling products that later end up late such as the semi and the cyber truck this is why elon musk himself seemed to find

It a bit humorous when the tesla ai team was asked when optimus could start shipping after pondering the question for a bit musk estimated that the humanoid robots deliveries could start in around three to five years that’s an aggressive timetable especially considering that the tesla bot program is very young at least publicly tesla revealed as much during its

Presentation noting that optimus development platform was only pushed around february 22 22 and today just about eight months later tesla is already busy developing an optimus prototype with custom actuators tesla would definitely have to face a lot of challenges before it can successfully deliver optimas to consumers the company would have to refine the design of

The robot and optimize it to a degree where it’s profitable tesla would also have to build a facility that will likely be dedicated to optimus production it remains to be seen where tesla would do this though facilities like giga texas certainly have the space for a humanoid robot plant what’s particularly interesting about musk’s three to five-year timeline for

Optimus deliveries is the fact that such a project has never really been attempted before boston dynamics one of the world’s leaders in robotics has been developing a bipedal humanoid robot for a long time but so far the company only sells non-humanoid robots to the public such as the four-legged robot dog spot which sells for 75 000 and is used by musk in spacex’s

Starbase facility that being said three to five years is a long time for a fast-moving company like tesla just five years ago in 2017 tesla was only able to produce 50 000 vehicles for the whole year the company produces that many vehicles in a few weeks from giga shanghai alone today with this in mind and considering the innovations that tesla could implement

In the future optimus’s three to five year delivery estimate may just prove accurate moving to the next update tesla fsd beta should be ready for worldwide rollout by end of year while a lot of the attention surrounding ai day 2022 was on optimus tesla’s humanoid robot the electric vehicle maker also discussed one of its most ambitious endeavors during the event

The full self-driving beta and as per musk’s estimates fsd beta should be ready to expand to more territories by the end of the year the fsd beta fleet has grown significantly and during ai day 2022 tesla revealed that it now has about 160 000 customers in the program this is an impressive number especially considering that other autonomous driving companies like

Industry leader waymo are estimated to operate less than a thousand cars today elon musk for his part noted during ai day 2022 that from a technical standpoint fsd beta should be ready for a worldwide rollout by the end of the year the ceo noted however that for a lot of countries rolling out such a program would likely require regulatory approval such approvals

Could very well delay fsd beta’s release in some countries it should be noted that musk specifically mentioned a worldwide rollout of the fsd beta program by the end of 2022 the ceo did not state that the full self-driving suite and all its advanced features such as inner city driving would be rolling out globally musk simply announced that tesla would be expanding

Its pool of fsd beta testers to electric vehicle owners across the world by year’s end with that in mind tesla owners should probably set their expectations with regards to the performance and capabilities of fsd beta in as much as the system is impressive in the way that it can navigate through inner city streets after all it still has a lot of areas where it

Needs to improve with real-world driving data from across the globe however tesla would likely end up improving fsd beta at a pace much faster than before foreign moving to the last update tesla china says report claiming upcoming model y price drop is false tesla china has once again denied a report claiming the company will soon drop prices on the model y made

At giga shanghai according to a report from tech publication huxui citing an anonymous source tesla is getting ready to drop the price on the model y by as much as 40 000 yuan or 5 600 dollars this would bring the model y to be priced between 270 000 yuan and 290 000 yuan the speculation was that tesla was dropping the prices on softening demand for the electric

Suv as supposedly evidenced by the shorter delivery wait times seen in recent weeks now down to as little as one week for all variants the report is false however according to a tesla china employee that spoke with the paper the employee also confirmed that its customer service department had not received any news on lower prices coming to the model y the denial

Was also confirmed by moneyball a tesla and chinese automotive industry follower on twitter for anyone not following the recent developments in china and giga shanghai the shortened delivery wait times is not the result of softening demand but due to production line upgrades at tesla’s factory prior to the upgrades giga shanghai had an annual production capacity

Of 750 000 vehicles now the factory can produce over 1 million cars per year the upgrades have already translated into a new production record at the factory in august that’s it for now so what are your thoughts about this let us know in the comments stay tuned at the electric arena for all the latest tesla and electric vehicle news foreign

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Tesla To Reduce Model Y Prices? & More Updates! By The Electric Arena

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