tesla model s plaid vs 1000hp mi
Altair Club Cars Tesla Model S Plaid vs 1000hp+ Mitsubishi EVO | DRAG RACE

Tesla Model S Plaid vs 1000hp+ Mitsubishi EVO | DRAG RACE


Welcome back to doper cars we’re faster lifestyle today another race petrol versus electric we have an over 1 000 horsepower evo pulling up right now this is how you guys can tell that the real deal in a trailer put it in the trailer and stuff he told me that it was 1100 horsepower we’ll see maybe it’s faster maybe it’s not but it’s gonna be going against the

Tesla model s clad yo this is my first race guys i haven’t raced my plaid yet so i’m excited to do this we’re going no less than a thousand horsepower today imagine a thousand horses just pulling you bro that’s that’s crazy power right there so make sure you guys like and subscribe and turn on the notifications so you know when we post the only call that beat

The plaid was the bugatti chiron so we’ll see today how that goes i gotta go with my boy cyrus on this one i mean the tesla model s plot is no joke the seats we stripped out it’s like no i’m kidding everything is still in stock but i got to go with the model plot on this one let’s go see how the evo is looking right now so the plat is running 1020 horsepower

Before we race i will start the peak performance so the full electric boost is ready to launch on drag strip mode we’re also going to do two row races probably from 40 roll 50 roll we’ll see but regardless guys 4 000 pound car versus 1100 horsepower a lot lighter car i’m pretty sure this is around how many pounds two thousand something pounds i haven’t raced

An evo yet this is my first rate ah more what’s up brother i’m cyrus thanks for checking it out nice to meet you first good goodness darius chris nice to meet you guys beautiful car beautiful car chris we know that these cars are so light they push a lot of horsepower what can you tell us about the weight and the power that it has right now on it the

Weight is around 2 900 with me in it it’s a 2 3 built shuffle box transmission transfer cases built 80 millimeter turbo pushing around 980. we’ve seen dynode at 1100 1150 but it’s tuned down just because the street you know it’s more of a street car it’s got i mean i take my kids in it you know i have a car seat i put in it take them to daycare and so i still

Get to come out and have fun nice yeah you can still use the car every day pretty much exactly that’s amazing can we pop the hood take a look at it absolutely we always love opening up the hood of the car it’s like the brain of the car every car is a different kind of brain a different setup so look at this beauty actually a lot of the ams man they uh they

Used to make this back in the early 2000s and then they progressed onto like lamborghinis ferraris i got one of the the last manifolds they they produced was the intake manifold that’s one of the last ones yeah what cars have you raced with the car uh twin turbo viper a thousand rr bmw wow an aventador a couple other cars they’re fast vehicles right there was

It an event or s yeah the underground racing kit oh damn around i think it was like 1350 on race fuel uh you have anything else you want to say about the car before we start the race i mean he’s safe a lot of fun you too brother we appreciate you yeah we’re thinking about me coming out thank you man we’re thinking about doing two from the dig two roll races

We can do one dig one roll whatever is the most comfortable for the cars you know we want to keep them nice even after the race so um i guess we’ll go with the flow and feel it out yeah definitely all right let’s do it good luck brother all right guys drag strip mode you’re going to hear the battery getting ready for battle yeah that’s the fastest car i’ve

Been in if i’m driving and i’m good other than that um so i think i’m going to be rolling with the evo um on the first row race super excited so let’s do it man let’s do it you guys ready let’s do it man we got four minutes left until the electric boost is ready to go peak performance guys we’re actually gonna do a road race first then launch control and

See how that goes he’s pushing 1100 my prediction is that the tesla’s just gonna take off but hey we’ll see i don’t know how fast that car is yeah we’re gonna do a 50 roll no one’s drinking any liquids right now we’re good okay i’m going to get him all right we’re gonna plunge let’s get it oh that’s fine it was a little slip but we’ll see all right guys

I’m in here with chris and the evo so cyrus is over in the plaid right now we’re gonna be doing a roll race first um we’re gonna go ahead and meet them on the other end so uh let’s do this that’s power that’s powered how are you feeling chris natural habitat man hey there you go it’s always fun racing guys always do it safely you know we’re on a close track

Right now so let’s have some fun all right we got the tesla model s plaid burst 1100 horsepower eva one two three all right wow this car is definitely putting down a lot of power oh that’s fast was it keeping up for a little bit yeah i think so that was crazy i can hear that from the we can do it again too all right that was crazy that evo was fast wow yo

My hat literally flew off my head that’s crazy all right guys we’re gonna do a thirty roll this time yeah definitely the plaid has a bigger advantage in the lower gears 50 roll was better for the evo that was crazy roll race number three every car has a different personality this thing launches you back into your seat you just feel the power wow chris

Those are some perfect shifts man good ships yo that car is fast bro it’s a lot closer than i thought that car is fast the plaid’s still won but whoa shout out to jdm man work of art for sure all right yeah i thought i had a pretty good launch though i’m not gonna lie yeah it did that evo just did probably a low 10 seconds just now like that was pretty sure

Yeah 10 second card yeah maybe even high nines but on a prep drag strip maybe you could do nine five mid nines this car is doing about nine one nine two so it’s close regardless that thing is quick bro yo chris if you’re watching this you’re a good driver bro he’s shifting that perfect shift i told him that perfect shift how was it when you were standing on

The side and they passed like two bullets just chasing after one another wow amazing job bro i haven’t had an adrenaline rush like that in a while thank you so much for doing that thank you for making the time you’re an amazing driver those shifts are not easy especially at those high speeds so mad respect brother yeah thanks for having me that’s a lot closer

Than i thought um yeah guys and i rode in the car with chris and the evo and i even told him his ships were perfect excellent driver um i felt super safe in this too and this is a legendary car uh that was definitely a great experience so shout out to jdm cars guys masterpieces this car for sure based off racing right now is definitely a 9 10 second car for

Sure 910 seconds depending on the weather how prepped the drag strip is what’s the best time you’ve done on a quarter mile i did 10-2 at 168. oh nice yeah wow that’s bad track bad driving you know first time you know on the track and everything did 10-2 at 160 wow yeah hey well shout out to the lifestyle guys fast is a lifestyle thank you so much make sure

You like and subscribe we’ll catch you guys in the next episode stay safe out there god bless

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Tesla Model S Plaid vs 1000hp+ Mitsubishi EVO | DRAG RACE By Dobre Cars

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