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Altair Club Cars Tesla Model S Plaid Launch Reactions *Hilarious*

Tesla Model S Plaid Launch Reactions *Hilarious*


Behind me is the new tesla model s plaid the fastest production car in the entire world to show you guys how truly fast the plaid is i’m going to be gathering a whole bunch of random strangers and my friends putting them in the passenger seat and filming their reactions under full throttle acceleration smash that subscribe button guys grab some popcorn give

A big old thumbs up on the video because things are about to get hilarious oh my god the phone hit your chin wow you handled that like a champion yeah because you drive like i do all right ready oh my gosh that’s insane it’s pretty crazy oh my god it keeps falling it doesn’t stop it just keeps going and going oh my god oh my god where’d it go in the

Back seat that’s like dangerous literally it just knocks them out oh my gosh oh we gotta we got a stop sign here oh my god it’s so fast it is ridiculous i’m karen by the way nice to meet you not that kind of karen yes no oh my god definitely keep your head against the uh seat rest because i don’t wanna hurt your neck yeah cause you know that’s why i’m not

Working anymore oh no i dropped a box of chocolate on my head really yeah oh wow sorry i mean that’s okay i don’t want to go back anyway wow this thing picks up it’s pretty fast have you gotten have you gotten caught or anything yet no no well you’ve got no reaction at all that’s impressive the first time i accelerated in this car i freaked out we were like

You know we grew up in new york so why are you doing so why are you doing this just a fun it’s the fastest production car in the world so i wanted to show random people who haven’t been in one what their reaction is like oh my goodness you’ll see it’s pretty fast oh god oh lord what have i agreed to do waiting for my daughter to get her hair bro oh my god

Yes this is awful oh my god i felt like i was i’ll go slow on the way back oh hell no let me ask oh my god why does it feel like that it’s insanely fast oh my god i hate it hi sorry elon oh my god this is like the worst this is like a roller coaster i don’t like roller coasters it was gonna feel like this like i’m in superman i’m done you don’t even need

To take me anywhere that was crazy it’s pretty crazy am i the only person that felt this way tell the truth so far yeah oh my god this is like the worst look at me oh my gosh we’re almost back thank god why does it oh my i will hate my husband if he gets going i will be like there’s no freaking way that i can ride in this and how many miles did we do i mean

What are we pretty awesome could you just not gonna tell us yeah that was that was i feel like some random mom though is gonna buy one of these and then hurt herself yeah why is that necessary it’s so not necessary tesla jesus elon just got bored yeah for real the flame flower now this oh my god oh my god holy apparently the car goes from zero to 60 in

Two minutes under two seconds two seconds that’s right two minutes that’ll be yeah fluffy slow oh my god okay yeah wow wow wow wow i don’t know what to say it’s pretty fast huh oh my gosh holy can i yeah yeah you can say whatever you want ah well what i have to say is that that was the most thrilling thing to happen to me in a very long time yeah it’s not

Slow what you’ve got to be kidding me what do you think i want to actually i did too fast bro i don’t i’m gonna put my phone down okay your phone flew back so fast i’m sorry i honestly didn’t expect that that’s actually it went so fast i didn’t know what happened and then this came up quick yeah it did come real quick jesus christ everyone keeps opening this

That’s so funny dude the phone literally blew back projectiles oh jesus it like shocks your whole body throw my back out oh they win spread eagle back there the video is gonna be what are you doing what channel do you think this is though holy jesus it just keeps going that’s insane oh right now favorite fortnite streamer i’m actually watching shroud this

Is so nuts oh bro what right like what it just doesn’t stop bowling either i know i swear it gets faster as it speeds up oh my god it feels like a roller coaster yeah my eyes were just like oh my god oh that is damn i’ve never felt that yeah and i’ve been in like a lot of things yeah like this feels faster than a sheer on yeah holy yeah even from a roll

It’s not it like lifts you off your seat yeah it’s like it feels like it’s gonna fly yeah literally it feels like it’s gonna take off i know i’m like gripping onto the steering wheel joey has a tycon turbo so he’s very well versed with fast electric cars that’s nice it’s pretty insane holy crap that’s gnarly bro that’s pretty nuts you

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