tesla model 3 p v porsche 911 dr
Altair Club Cars Tesla Model 3 P v Porsche 911 – DRAG RACE *shock result*

Tesla Model 3 P v Porsche 911 – DRAG RACE *shock result*

It’s time for another carwow drag race! This week, the all-electric Tesla Model 3 Performance is going against a born-and-bred supercar – the Porsche 911 Carrera S! Victory seems almost certain for the 911, which goes from 0-60mph in just 3.5 seconds and is powered by a mighty, 450hp, 3.0-litre 6-cylinder engine! The Tesla Model 3, however, only has two electric motors to get it going, but the lack of gears means it can get to 60mph in just 3.2 seconds! Which will emerge on top? Join Mat and find out!

Hi everyone matt watson here from carlisle i’m sat in the tesla model 3 performance next to me is a porsche 911 carrera s and we are going to have a drag race because that’s what tesla’s are good at and it’s also what porsches are good at so this has dual electric motors one of the front axle or on the rear axle and combined i have 490 horsepower and 660 newton

Meters of torque there is no gearbox to worry about just put your phone xlerator and it goes this is the lightest thing they weighs 1.8 tons but it’s also not the heaviest it’s good value for money when you think about it as well it’s 53,000 pounds whereas that porsche 93 thousand pounds and it has less power it’s three liter flat six twin turbo puts out just 450

Horsepower and 530 new to me as a torque and it’s not really that much lighter it’s 1.6 tonnes also it has an automatic gearbox with eight speeds and it’s one of those clever dual clutches so it does change gears really quickly plus it has launch control and one of the best launch control systems fitted to any internal combustion engine car so it’s gonna be really

Interesting to see what happens i’m not entirely sure how it’s gonna play out this is obviously all-wheel drive that is rear-wheel drive but the engine is slung out beyond the rear axle so it really helps put the weight over those rear tires so i’m not sure it’s gonna be hampered by it it’s gonna be quiet anyway i can steer him just revving his engine can you

Just shut up you’re noisy busy polluting the environment yeah get yourself a porsche tyco on 911 they’re bit old-fashioned anyway before we get on with this race make sure you subscribe to this channel and hit the bell icon to turn your notifications on so you alerted when we make a new upload also why not follow us on instagram at carlile cars go to that matter

There’s loads and loads of behind the scenes pictures and videos and you can talk to us when we’re not doing the utv thing anyway let’s get on with its race it’s gonna be interesting let me know what you think it’s gonna happen click on the pop-up button up there to vote which you think is gonna win the tesla model 3 performance or the porsche 911 carrera s you

Don’t that good let’s go this just takes off so well so then what exactly happened while the tesla model 3 performance did this standing for tomorrow in 11.8 seconds and the rear wheel drive porsche 911 carrera rs took twelve point one seconds what was wrong with your start but you can put its power down i was in sports yes see he’s like another go yeah mom

Paul paul-jean some of the guys got big mother tesla how about if you’ve warm up your tires would you like to just go down there and do some skids in a circle and warming your tires a little bit echoing i’d probably be worse one of the things i like about the model 3 is that there’s no messing around with ludicrous mode and preheating the battery and all that kind

Of nonsense not even a launch control mode like you get with the model s all you do is just have it in hold mode on the break and then you just flow the throg simple ready to go every single time better start than here it’s gonna be enough this is close to this time cobar does not oh bugger oh bugger oh bugger oh he’s laughing i could see him laughing oh i need

To be a bit quick on my stop but i don’t think would have mattered once he puts the power down so then what happened this time well with properly warmed up tires porsche 911 carrera got a better start and managed to do a standing quarter mile in 11.5 seconds it just beat the tesla model 3 which took eleven point eight seconds yet again how’s that for consistency

I think it’s only fair if we do best two out of three okay and this time i’ve put the kind of track mode i’m not sure it actually makes any difference to launching but it might just have a placebo effect maybe more focused so i can be a little bit quicker on the start oh good start i’m not gonna get bad come on tesla come on get a hold on hello lord can hold

On old the world straight no here comes the poor she can support that was so close i could not have got a better start but i think at the end just the porsche won but for most that race i was in the lead so i on the road i was quicker okay that’s the end of that right okay sorry tesla fanboys but be happy in the fact that your car is 40 thousand pounds less and

That porsche which only just won by the narrowest of margins finally then what happened this time now with the tesla in track mode the porsche 911 carrera rs still beating doing the standing quarter mile this time in eleven point seven seconds while the tesla once again while you’ve know it it did it in 11.8 seconds i think what we do know is a rolling race and

What we’ll do is turn truck mode off you just go in comfort and you would be an automatic mode and we’ll do it from 50 miles an hour or so we need some rules because at some point you are going to come pass me but i want to see if i can beat you to 110 miles an hour i don’t know i’ve come up with that number it’s completely arbitrary is the rolling race then folks

Let’s do it from fifty miles an hour i’m gonna count it in three two one go there’s no power come on coming into 110 come on come on i’m gonna do this that’s a hundred and ten keep going see what speed it takes it to get past me come on here we go you’re coming past now and we’re doing 130 basically you win if we’re on the autobahn but we’re not we live in england

So there’s no autobahn yeah so the tears are pretty much beat the porch quite easily there i mean 130 miles and i was quite a lot for that to eventually work its way past me but he’s got an automatic car doors are thrown it’s got to kick down some gears before it takes off also it’s got turbocharger so that’s going to get boost of this it’s just instant no gearbox

And instant power because it’s electric so that wasn’t fair so what we’re gonna do is a slightly different test and we’re going to do it from 30 miles an hour and he’s gonna be in second gear with his car in sport settings the recent gun for 30 miles an hour is because that car should be in its power band there the turbo should be spoiled up nicely and it should be

Good to go so we’ll see the difference in performance much clearer rather than having a gearbox kind of muddying the water okay then rolling race three two one go more of a difference of our shut off then can i hold you see 110 gone 120 it can be passed it won 2-6 and that is it i’m going to take the victories on those i’m sorry porsche i’m having the victories

This last test is the break test now the porsche can try and pour things all square three apiece if it wins this let’s find out full emergency stop when we hit the line from 70 miles an hour which car will stop in the shortest distance can the porsche 911 a 93 thousand pound car say faced against this eco-friendly 56 thousand pound car okay from 70 miles an hour

Then when you reach a live full emergency stop no freaking way i’m a porsche owner myself and i’m feeling smug about this good old tesla i’m not sure i’m not sure i’m not sure not sure oh crap i’m really not sure it’s so close i’m gonna do it based on the wheels no i should do it on the nose i’m gonna have to do some weird measuring here so if i walk level up

That’s kind of like level with a foot i reckon that is almost too close to call so i’m gonna call this break test an absolute draw which means that it’s three wins to the tesla and two wins to the portion and a draw across the break test so by a score of three to two yeah the tesla wins fine boys go crazy in the comments box below i know you gonna almost for you

Elon send me a free car you can afford it you’re rich back just want to double check mr. porsche you didn’t win that i think it’s dead level isn’t it i mean from where i am that is the closest break test we’ve ever had awesome fun the tesla wins out now i hope you enjoyed this video and like i said at the beginning please subscribe to this channel and hit the bell

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Tesla Model 3 P v Porsche 911 – DRAG RACE *shock result* By carwow

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