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Tesla Is Dropping 12 Sensors from Model Y & 3

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This is a pretty big change affecting pretty much all tesla’s moving forward tesla just announced this about an hour ago but they are going to be dropping the ultrasonic sensors across the model 3 and the model y as of immediately and they even said they plan on dropping them from the model s and x next year so last time tesla did something like this you know they

Dropped radar in favor of going all in on tesla vision that was met with a lot of backlash and a lot of criticism but because they didn’t remove the radar from the model s and x right away a lot of people thought well that means tesla believes radar performs better that’s why they’re keeping it in their higher priced vehicles but no since then they have dropped

Radar from the model snx and in case you don’t know what these sensors are they’re honestly quite visible ditching the ultrasonic sensors are going to be a lot more noticeable to the exterior design because you can see them i can see them on my car they’ve honestly become a very very common thing in all new vehicles but basically you can color match them to the

Color of the vehicle but there’s these little circles typically you’ll find like either either four or six on the front of your car maybe four to six on the back as well and these little sensors are able to emit frequencies that can measure with pretty high accuracy or surroundings so you know when you’re backing into a parking space or pulling into one those

Ultrasonic sensors are measuring the distance between you and the objects around you that’s how it’s able to tell you like hey you better stop you’re getting too close to this object and tesla believes what they’re saying in this blog post is they can achieve everything those sensors are offering just using tesla vision which tesla vision basically means the

Cameras and there’s no additional cameras being added it’s not like they’re replacing sensors with cameras no it’s just the pre-existing eight cameras that have always been on the model 3 and y are going to continue to be used except thanks to tesla’s improved occupancy network which is already being used in the full self driving beta they believe that improved

Code will achieve the same thing that ultrasonic sensors are currently delivering but what does that mean to you guys for anyone waiting delivery how’s that going to impact you unfortunately that means means there will be a bit of a software delay if you’re taking delivery of a tesla that was built in october i can tell from personal experience that it’s kind of

Hard to tell when your vehicle is being built especially if you ordered it months ago and you’re still waiting a vin to be assigned but the good news is it will be fairly easy to identify if you have the ultrasonic sensors or not they kind of stick out pretty obviously and i’m low-key kind of jealous that future tesla is coming out of the factory won’t have all

Of these extra dots and circles around the car i think that will probably simplify manufacturing a lot lower the cost of operations and just make the car look a lot more minimalistic and clean but the downside is upon delivery of these vehicles without ultrasonic sensors you will be missing some software features at least for a while tesla says in the long run

They’re still planning on bringing all software features to the vehicles that don’t have ultrasonic sensors but this likely is going to impact people who have ordered performance model threes and wise first because those are the types of cars that get delivered pretty quickly after you order them so upon delivery you will not have park assist which basically means

Those little lines that appear around the car that say hey you’re too close to this car you’re too close to the parking barrier you won’t have auto park which is part of enhanced autopilot or full self-driving you’re not gonna have summon or smart summon which honestly i think has been one of the most fun features of having the full self-driving package now but

Tesla just says those features will come in time if you ordered a you know re-rail drive model 3 or a long range tesla it’s likely that tesla will update those cars over the air and by the time you take delivery which could be three to four months from now hopefully they’ve rolled out those features again so that you have park assist you have auto park but i can

Understand that it is kind of a bummer that some people taking delivery in the next few weeks who didn’t realize they were not going to be getting ultrasonic sensors in the car are just going to miss out on some of these features which you may or may not find useful i’ve tried auto park a couple of times hasn’t worked super reliably and some in both smart summon

And basic summon is very much a party trick but who doesn’t like party tricks i’ve used it quite a bit in the past few weeks and no we didn’t necessarily need to but it was a lot of fun and it’s just a bummer that people who you know especially here in october could be paying fifteen thousand dollars for full self driving have to wait on some of these features but

Ultimately this is absolutely classic tesla to find hardware and to find features that don’t necessarily need to be there and start removing them honestly i thought ultrasonic sensors were like a government mandate i don’t know where i heard that but i thought like all new cars had to have those kinds of obstacle avoidance features baked in i guess they don’t or

Maybe tesla vision enables them to not have it because they’re convinced that through this new occupancy network the ultrasonic sensors will be redundant and they clarified on the website that teslas that already have the ultrasonic sensors which is basically all of them they’re not going to deactivate those at this time there is no plan to just turn those off

Entirely so don’t worry i don’t think tesla is going to start bricking hardware in our cars yet although it could come in the future as some something similar happened with radar they have started deactivating radars on teslas that have them because they just realized that the full self-driving beta would perform better when it was going all out on tesla vision

Rather than trying to accommodate for radar and vision simultaneously and i hope this feature works i think particularly if you’re backing into a space you know there’s a rear-facing camera right above the license plate that should work fine and i’m visualizing based on the camera views that i can see that yeah you know using tesla vision and a high occupancy

Network you would probably be able to accurately tell roughly how close the car is to objects nearby it so i don’t think this is too big a stretch of tesla vision’s capability the only thing that i’m kind of worried about is when you’re pulling into a space with the front end there’s no camera up near like the front bumper and basically your measuring distance

Is going to be based on the cameras built up in here in the mirror how well can that camera measure how close your front bumper is to an object another car or a park working barrier i feel like having those four ultrasonic sensors at the very bottom of the front bumper probably helps it accurately measure what’s right in front of you maybe this camera can catch

That pretty well tesla obviously knows a lot more than i do so i was skeptical when they first removed radar and then they proved to test just as safe if not better in real testing but i still see a lot of people complaining that they used to have teslas with radar and they didn’t get that much phantom breaking and then after they got a tesla without radar and it

Was all baked on tesla vision that’s when they noticed a lot more phantom breaking but i’ve also seen vice versa so i do think there likely will be some cons there probably will be some compromises on how well park assist works but ultimately the cameras surrounding the car do have a pretty good indication of how much room do you have it’s just a matter of neural

Net training in the full self-driving computer getting the right code to interpret the data that it’s capturing around the car so i don’t think this is something that we should all be worried about but it is definitely a bummer for people that are going to be waiting for some of these features to roll out that didn’t expect to have to wait for features like park

Assist to come to their car i’ll admit the park assist chimes were getting really annoying for us you know driving into my grandma’s house every day she has a fence that we have to go through i’ve never hit the fence in any car especially not this car but every single time we pull into that driveway the car would beep at us over and over and over again and tell us

To stop and the park assist chimes would beep like crazy so luckily you can turn those chimes off that’s very rare that tesla has sounds you can deactivate but that’s one of them so it’s been much nicer with those sensors kind of being ignored but even in busy parking lots i’ve parked and the park assist waves that go around the car are not super accurate it tells

Me i’m really close to the curb and i’m not or it tells me that i have a lot of room and i clearly don’t so basically i’m not entirely shocked why they kind of want to ditch the ultrasonic sensors i imagine having 12 of them around the car probably requires a lot of excess wiring and they gotta drill holes all throughout the bumpers and stuff body color match those

Sensors in with the paint job of the rest of the car and the fact that they’ll get to skip all of that extra wiring all of those holes that go through the bumpers and stuff that’s probably going to be a big relief for tesla it will likely allow them to accelerate production sooner and this will essentially apply to all bottle threes and why starting this month

In north america europe middle east and taiwan so it sounds like tesla china is not quite making this transition but maybe giga berlin is i guess based on how i’m reading it but tesla claims this will not affect their crash rating safety system so according to them you know tesla autopilot will still work navigate on autopilot automatic lane changing every other

Feature that tesla vision uses should still be there so my guess is that they were just noticing these ultrasonic sensors are taking up a lot of time on the assembly line and not really helping with all that much so congratulations if you wanted a more cleaner minimal tesla exterior these cars are gonna have so little protrusion so little circles or any little

Cutouts on them it’s going to be kind of fun to spot those in the real world opposed to the teslas the ditched radar you couldn’t see that change at all it was all baked into the code and you had no idea to tell which teslas did and didn’t have it but how do you guys feel about them ditching ultrasonic sensors do you know any other new cars on the market that don’t

Have these and are just relying on cameras feel free to let me know i’m still learning a lot here but thank you to everyone supporting this channel over on patreon seriously helps us out a ton as does just watching these videos so thanks again have an excellent rest your day take care

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Tesla Is Dropping 12 Sensors from Model Y & 3 By Tailosive EV

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