tesla confirms new tesla model y
Altair Club Cars Tesla Confirms NEW Tesla Model Y For 2023

Tesla Confirms NEW Tesla Model Y For 2023

Have you ever heard of the Tesla Model Y? With its first generation launching in 2020, there have been significant updates on the model. This year, we’ll be looking at the new and much improved Tesla Model Y. Are you ready to get your next Tesla vehicle?

The 2023 tesla model y may be coming sooner than expected in late 2022 we might be seeing another impressive car by tesla when the tesla model y’s first launch in 2020 it already sold 10 000 units during its launch year however it jumped to 160 000 units for 2021. so can we expect the same for this year’s release if you want to know more about this awesome car

Watch until the end of this video tesla enthusiasts will already know that some of the best and newest technology from the company have already been patent this means that no other competitor is allowed to follow it unless they’re ready to pay for a hefty sum so what can we expect to come along with the tesla model why is there a new technology that’s coming

Out with this car according to sources we have confirmed that the patent new battery technology will be included in the model however before we dive further into the nitty gritty details of its features let’s discuss first its sales as we said before the first release of the model y amounted to approximately 160 000 units sold to note in the second quarter of

This year the company has already managed to sell over 53 000 tesla with the launch of this new model it is expected to go higher and so tesla is of course making an effort in production this is why the popular berlin gigafactory along with the new one in texas has already begun its production for the model wise with an exclusive look the cyber rodeo events this

April 2022 already presented the first cent of the new model y however elon musk was keen on revealing the updated specs and price maybe the tesla ceo was afraid that other companies might copy the design others believe that relevant new features are coming in and some might not even be patent but we can’t know for sure until it’s released then again there is

One feature that the company is certain to include in the tesla model y and that is the new 4680 battery sounds technology however another version of the car would still have the standard 2170 cells similar to the design of the first introduction of the tesla y back in 2020. also elon musk announced that its gigafactory in berlin already hit a milestone last

July of 2022 as it accomplished producing a thousand tesla model wise and this is actually what the company wanted kudos to them before we continue i want to know if you guys ever heard about the berlin gigafactory if you did comment a heart if you got it from this channel it means a lot to us that you’ve been watching our videos this is also a mini invitation

To subscribe to our channel if you haven’t yet that being said let’s move on with the berlin gigafactory achieving its first milestone it would be safe to expect that they’re doing great however they did find about a lot of supply side issues in the first quarter of 2022 this caused a bit of a delay but eventually the gigafactory got its goal in time should the

Berlin gigafactory be able to keep up with these production numbers per week we are looking forward to a production capacity of approximately 50 000 tesla model y’s to the company’s yearly capacity and since the berlin gigafactory is just at its infant stage it is already showing promising results the new model of the gigapress is already scheduled to be installed

Within this year so reaching the 50 000 gold might come sooner than expected and if you’re looking forward to the 4680 battery cell technology to be included in the tesla model why you need to travel to the texas gigafactory the berlin gigafactory is just producing the standard ones for now the new battery technology has only been confirmed by tesla employees

That ordered their models last year and you might think why isn’t this available for everyone isn’t it unfair that the company is only releasing it to their employees shouldn’t the customers come first well when you think about it more it’s good that the company is only releasing it to their employees think of it as a test run first they’ll try it out with their

Employees to see if the product is good furthermore software and hardware flaws can easily be detected so to simplify would you rather have an employee tell you their feedback or a raging customer wanting a refund although it’s still quite new for the company to only send out a few deliveries with the cyber rodeo event back in april we should have seen more of

The deliveries being sent out as of now only less than 50 deliveries have been made in comparison to their usual 500. could it be that there’s something wrong with the tesla model wise i hope the problem can be resolved i know they called it the 2023 tesla model y but i’d rather see it being released earlier than later to note elon musk himself has been hesitant

On revealing more information about this model nonetheless we did get at least some info on the price range and acceleration but all of these might be subjected to change once the model is actually and finally launched from the first deliveries at the cyber rodeo event we have leaks that the standard version of the model y is going to start at 59 990 us dollars

This price has been updated with this new version to add the price cap can range up to 61 990 us dollars furthermore by making the tesla model y long range the price also went up from 62 990 us dollars to 65 990 us dollars but some say that the company is promising faster deliveries for customers that want to downgrade their orders now something is fishy anyways

The new model will be having an epa range of 279 miles this range is 10 miles more than the base tesla model y version to add it still maintains its zero to 60 miles an hour acceleration within just 5 seconds there are rumors that tesla will be releasing a new software patch this software will help the customers to be able to boost their acceleration by making

It a second less to accelerate according to sources this will account for about an extra two thousand dollars moreover the tesla model y will also be including new features like the magnetic center console armrest which is a good change it will also be equipped with a partial shelf and this is useful for family outings if you want to protect your goods from the

Sun while traveling moving on let’s talk about the new battery pack i know everyone is excited about this one so let me tell you that information about this new battery technology is quite numerous compared to the other features of the vehicle well it’s not a secret anymore that the company is having trouble producing this battery tech the outcome for the tesla

Model y range test was charged on a supercharger v3 resulted in the vehicle taking a total of 59 kilowatt hours to go from 10 to 100. it is hard to provide a perfect comparison but let’s put it this way with the usable capacity of around 66 kilowatt hours in the standard 2170 battery the new 4680 battery pack model y would have around a total of 828 cells they

Should put the total usable capacity in around the range of 75 kilowatt hours to 80 kilowatt hours as for the charging time we have gathered information from an experience that the charging session came out to be 9 to 50 in 12 minutes and which went up to 80 in roughly 35 minutes this is impressive for a charging time another information we got i’ll bite more of

A rumor is that with the company releasing the tesla model y to most employees they also allowed access to unlocked versions this is quite exciting because maybe this is the reason why musk was so tight-lipped during the cyber rodeo maybe there isn’t a problem with the model they’re just testing out the new features that are about to be included to note during

The five first months of 2022 there have been 179 to 754 new tesla registrations the company is at its game and i can’t wait for the big lunch this is markiplier and i hope we satisfied your curiosity about a new tesla model why subscribe to our channel and hit that notification bell so you won’t miss a single upload if there is any new information about the

Car before its release we’ll be sure to update you so stay tuned and before you go give this video a thumbs up and i’ll see you in the next one

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