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Thanks for visiting Satsang Vanworks youtube page! Here we are giving an overview of using our products made in partnership with Tern Overland for an easy window install process! Our ITR makes install a breeze and our OTR makes an otherwise tricky finishing process approachable to anyone! Visit our store for our Arctic Tern Windows products and all of our other DIY offerings!

Hey everyone welcome to satsang vanworks youtube channel today we’re going to discuss our trim ring package that we sell in partnership with turnoverland and their arctic turn windows we’ve made some changes gotten some feedback from clients and just wanted to put out another video to go over the changes and answer the questions that we’ve been getting because they’ve

Been the same ones over and over so firstly let’s go over the products that we sell the first one is what we call the itr or the inner trim ring and this is what acts as the compression ring between the wall of the van and the ring that goes onto the window that compresses together to give you a watertight seal on the outside so we have a mock-up van right here this

Is the outside of the van this is the inside another really great feature about the trim ring is it gives you your template size in the product as well it’s built in because it’s the same exact size as the cutout so if you were to buy these then you’re able to use these as a template wherever you are in your van put up against the wall mark it cut it and this is

Exactly where this product goes so then we’ll put the ring on this side window on the opposite side and screw through the holes that come with the window and you have an installed window so this is the inner trim ring once the window is installed you can see there’s going to be a space oftentimes in the transits is a lot bigger and the sprinters it’s smaller and

The promasters it’s smaller but nevertheless there will be a space that’s between where the window ends and where the wall of the van begins so we came up with this which follows the same profile as the actual window jam for the installed window and this can make up the space between the finished window and the wall so this is what’s called our outer trim ring

I’ll mock this up and put it together so you can see it finished but the inner turmering allows you to install the window and the outer trim ring allows you to finish and clean up the window in the space between the window and the finished wall of the van okay guys so we have a mocked up window here the arctic turn windows installed using our itr you notice that

The inside layer of the itr is squared and the layer that is towards the van wall it has its radius is cut so the reason for that and it will always be oriented this way there’s two reasons which i’ll get to but the first one is the radiuses always go towards the outside of the van to avoid deflection in the in the metal so the flan these flanges are kept square

Leading into the van to allow two different mounting options of your screen in your shade the first one is if you’d like to mount this directly to the window here recessed into the wall and then you can scribe your wall around this anyway you’d like you’re now able to do that with these corners being left square there are four holes in the window underneath of these

White trim pieces you can screw it directly into the itr all done is you can take these clips off by pre-drilling out these rivets and then you can use our otr the otr will then sit flush directly onto the itr follows the profile of the window exactly and we sell these in three different sizes so whatever your dimension ends up being because it’s different for

Each van and how each person is going to finish their van the distance between the window and the edge of your framing will always be different or to the wall whichever way you’re doing it so we have three different sizes to accommodate all of the different possibilities that goes on brings you out exactly flush and in plain for a nice clean finish and then this

Is able to be screwed in directly to the itr also through the square edges right and the four corners in the same way that the shroud is then after the otr is on then the screen the shade just gets a flush mount right right onto the edge once everything’s in plane so that’s our install process our two products the itr and the otr in partnership with turnover and

Hard to turn windows and we just want to say a thank you to everybody that’s been supporting us we’re really grateful to be able to offer this product we have a brand new cnc machine that’s behind us that’s only going to serve our diy products and we’re really looking forward to helping you on your diy journey thank you very much thanks for stopping by thanks

Again for coming by guys my name is michael owner of satsang vanworks just want to give you a thanks for stopping by um please give us a like and a follow check us out on instagram and i’ll leave a link to our shop in the description if you’d like to purchase our itr otr or any of our other diy products just give it a click check us out you can always message us

Personally on the shopify inbox if you have any questions about any of the products thanks again for stopping by and looking forward to be a part of your diy journey see you

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