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Altair Club Cars Technology & Safety of the 2022 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

Technology & Safety of the 2022 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

In the 2022 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross a colour Head-Up Display, standard 8-inch smartphone-link display audio system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility keep real-time information within reach. Plus, driver assistance technologies help you stay aware of vehicles and objects around you. Find out more about the SUV’s technology and safety features in this video on the 2022 Eclipse Cross.

Hey everyone my name is sergio we’re here at brampton mitsubishi we’re taking a look at the brand new 2022 mitsubishi eclipse cross i want to show you a couple things i love about the technology here we are in the front of the brand new 2022 mitsubishi eclipse cross jumping in here so easy to get in go ahead and give her a start push button start which is really

Nice easy access one thing awesome i love about this car is the available heads up display so this little screen flips up here and gives you all pertinent information related to the car you can get speed cruise control seat belt warnings as well as any kind of door warnings or anything like that gauge cluster really really nice super simple to read you have your

Tachometer speedometer and a little information bar in the middle there are some dials here buttons just on the dash to kind of control through the different menus a bunch of buttons on it here so we have our cruise control and again our available adaptive cruise control volume controls here and again a camera function paddle shifters in this car super super nice

Actually a metallic paddle shifter when you’re feeling a little bit sporty again everything in this vehicle too is automatic headlights are automatic your wipers are automatic you also have the leds in this vehicle in the gt trim and this is our temperature controls and major adjustments really really easy to use temperature both driver and passenger we have a

Sync button so that we can match up them together mode will cycle through your different air controls where you want to come from everything else is really really easily laid out heat a steering wheel button just below and we have an eco mode which will help reduce our fuel consumption as we drive this car obviously is equipped with apple carplay and android

Auto so you have your usb connections right here for both of those and you have a 12 volt access moving on down we have our heated seats so high and low for both driver and passenger again another really nice feature the fact is it’s a rocker switch so once it’s on it stays on if you equip this vehicle with the available remote starter heated seats remember to

Leave them on so you get nice and toasty in the morning moving on up new for 2022 we have the eight inch touchscreen display now gone is the old screen seven inch really kind of simple easy layout really really easy to use multimedia go through your different audio sources am fm bluetooth any kind of usb input your satellite radio and when you have your phone

Connected you’ll also see your android auto and apple carplay i really really love the fact that this car has a tuning knob and a volume knob no more just strictly touch buttons it’s really nice to have a physical button to adjust things as you need to so this model is equipped with a 360 degree camera we took a push of this our screen pops up and gives us the

Front camera again we have those guidelines as we turn the wheel we also get a bird’s eye view hit the button one more time we get the side angle on the passenger side showing you where the curb will be so you don’t damage those beautiful 18-inch wheels same thing when we throw the car in reverse again trunk is open so we’re taking a beautiful look at the sky

But real nice clear view and again you still have access to those side cameras all right guys there’s a quick tour of the 2022 eclipse cross and all the technology that’s packed into this compact suv be sure to like the video and subscribe for more on our channel you

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Technology & Safety of the 2022 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross By Brampton Mitsubishi

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