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FightHype.com recently caught up with fast-rising lightweight Keyshawn Davis, fresh off his latest victory, a 5th round stoppage of Omar Tienda Bahena. You don’t want to miss what he had to say about his performance and several topics. Check it out!

You know ironically enough i’m not sure how many people actually know but you were actually in the rainbow tank um sparta before i got some really good work in um so you know i i know that you know tank really well um how you know there’s always that little rumor that tank could be fighting ryan garcia quote-unquote in december who really knows man you know that’s

Boxing sometimes but could you see a world where ryan picks up that win would you favor ryan in a matchup like that oh hell no no you ain’t even think about it at all man i just know boxing man you know tank is a real like he’s a boxer he’s a real fighter like he does this that’s what he do we all know ryan garcia got other things that he he do outside the box and

I feel like ryan’s just now all the way into it like how tank it is and you know on the world level like that you’ve got to be all the way into boxing man you know what i’m saying you just got all all the way be into it so just off of that i just feel like tank is gonna you know crush ryan so is is the is the mega fight in your view um shakur actually versus tank

As opposed to your core version like a lomachenko or devin haney i feel like you push your chord in there with anyone in the fighters is a mega fight like who would want to watch the courtroom machenko who wouldn’t want to watch the core and tank who wouldn’t want to watch the corn devin like who wouldn’t want to watch all of that and i told shakur um before he

Even walked out i got his post post fight interview in the ring i said shakura 135 is where you gonna try that that’s where you really go make your mark and show the world who you really are well well let me pause you for a second there actually um since you’re saying that 135 is where it’s gonna really shine at were you surprised actually that he didn’t make the

Way um this past thursday oh yeah i was definitely surprised i feel like he could have well going into the fight i’m thinking like he’s gonna make the way you know she could always mix weight you know so yeah it was definitely surprising to everybody i feel like gotcha makes a lot of sense um so you know let’s take let’s put those three guys in a hat man lomachenko

Haney um tank is tank the number one guy at 135 in terms of challenging um shakur the most i know you said all of them are mega fights and you’re right but if tank the guy where you’re just like yeah i’m still favoring shakur but tank that brother the handful i feel like stylistically i think it’s going to be devin haney because kevin haney is just so much naturally

Bigger than shakur and just a style that devin haney fights he’s he’s really punching to get away he’s not really punching to really commit i feel like and uh shakur is the so defensive but i feel like we’re a fire style like devin haney he’s gonna have to be offensive you know what i’m saying it’s going to get him i’m gonna say out his comfort zone but it’s gonna

Get him to do something he normally doesn’t do i understand what i’m saying i feel like with a fight with tank tank is walking shoes coming to you his tank so shakura can still be defensive and just be still be shakur understand what i’m saying but with that this is going to be it’s gonna be different do you think that and you know not trying to pitch you guys

Against one another or anything like that but both of you guys have it’s kind of a weird situation at 135 because it’s like haney’s at the top he has all four belts and you know let’s just say hey um shakur beats him he has all four belts and i know obviously you’re just like yo i want to be a world champion as well so do you think 135 is actually big enough for

Both of you and shakura oh yeah definitely man it’s it’s in god’s hands at the end of the day god really know what he got planned for me i would say and um i just feel like you know for the most part we can do whatever we want like if you want if i want to go down to 130 if i can make 130 and top rank is going to be like all right keyshawn we support you go down

To 130 get them belts if i want to stay right there that means of course you’re gonna run the division and we’re going to stay right there we both gonna have belts you know what i’m saying but it’s definitely big big enough for the both of us i feel like you know i never really thought that it wasn’t for real gotcha now you know if you you said something yesterday

On live that you know i think caught a lot of people’s attention when you were you know kind of discussing roley a little bit um you know that also got people i like broly we’re cool peoples i’m not gonna say that but um but yeah so you know i guess that got people’s wheels turning you know like you know i i guess that’s a magic that could happen at some point

Um if if he uh a guy that stylistically just looking at like it’s an easy fight or do you look at him and say you know rolly’s actually a really good fighter and that is a difficult fight for me really trash and i just short and sweet that’s it really trash ain’t he scary he talking his way into fights is there anything about his game where you just i don’t really

Want to say respect because i think you respect all fighters but is there anything about his game overall we just like i don’t think rolly’s that good but i know he does x y and z really well that i have to like con to watch out for what round take knock your mountain six i mean he gotta be some type good he hung in there with tank for six rounds so he gotta have

Something with him but me outside looking in i don’t i don’t really see i’ma just have to get in the ring and see for myself with him but i mean he hung in there for six rounds so i mean he i mean he he got to have something right fair enough man do you think that um well you know it kind of seems like i know shakur said that he wanted to fight haney um wanted

To fight loma but at least it appears as though um top rank could be setting up a devin haney versus lomachenko fight if both guys win you know haniac became bosses uh but silly has to be jermaine ortiz on october 29th you know let’s just say live in a perfect world both guys win who would you give the edge to in that fight man uh devin handy all the way man i

Feel like that’s gonna be an easy fight for devin um wow i think it’s gonna be an easy fight for devin just off the fact that let me check velocity of female yet they said that you know he has shoulder and shoulder problems and stuff like that coming into the fight um as as boxing fans we don’t really know how true that is you know but i just feel like devin and

He’s just gonna outbox the out of machenko and it’s the and i guess you see it the same way with shakur i’m matching up against um vasily as well yeah i’ve seen him scarred back in the day when she scores 19 years old shakur vasily lomachenko with 12 rounds far and straight shakur was 19 years old and back in the day lomachenko was vicious you if you 19 years

Old going to sparring but if you’re 19 years old able to handle yourself like that it’s smart i mean you know he’s far oscar valdez before he fought him so i feel like that’ll be the same predicament gotcha uh you know i’m not sure if you remember but um i was speaking to you maybe like a month and a half ago something like that and you were telling me straight

Up look for a little jingle leaves i want him myself how soon would you feel like a magic between yourself and lomachenko happening or is it a little bit um unrealistic because i believe he turns 35 in like february or so that ain’t for real um i don’t know man honestly uh it’s it’s politics you know what i’m saying that also i gotta i gotta um for the most

Part i feel like i gotta wait my turn like devin haney gotta fight him then shakur got to fight them and no telling who who else he personally wants to fight only he already said his mouth he’s going for the belts like he’s going for the belt so i mean if you want to fight me is i would think that his shoes you kind of moving backwards type you understand what

I’m saying unless the belts get vacant and we both fight for the vacant titles but i mean other than that this is like i don’t i don’t know i don’t i don’t really know i can’t sit here and tell you that but i definitely still want to fight little manchenko just off of who he is man he’s still a great fighter uh let me take over somebody i respect you know what

I’m saying i don’t got too much respect for him because i don’t know him but myself gotcha and that’s the last thing for me man um you know like i said i was in the building and prudential center and outside of when shakura actually came out when you came out the crowd was buzzing man you know loud ovation um when you was making your ring walk um when they were

Announcing you when you got on all four of the the corners of the ring when you were going crazy after the knockout stuff like that people just really love you so like when do you kind of see yourself getting back into the ring do you see yourself squeezing in one more fight before the end of the year december gotcha you want to give us a little release date do

You know exactly or you’re not really too sure i’m not too sure but they definitely told me december and um i mean i feel like just before we close this out i’m six and no prospect what is all the fuss about everybody right what is all the fuss about when it comes down to me i i think they starting to believe i think they’re starting to realize who like who i am

And what i really can do in this sport i think they start to see that i’m becoming a threat i’m six or no prospect name another prospect done it like me um i mean to be honest when brasily was like was like wanna know you know a lot of people were on it well he’s yeah but he would want to know yeah but he uh he might have been in his late 20s to be honest i know

You’re incredibly young yeah i know that 23 i didn’t even reach my my prime yet i even rarely reached my full master and i’m knocking guys out with one punch so do you do you i mean you keep saying that you’re 6-0 same thing that you said um yesterday on the on your live do you think you’re just kind of looking at it and you’re just like you know people know who i

Am now like i know i’m a threat they know i’m a threat i’m intimidating people do you think you’re just intimidating people at this point right now i mean i i gotta be i i just got to be it really speaks for itself when everybody’s retweeting how they retweeting and this that a third like if i wasn’t nobody weren’t doing nothing then your name would not be thrown

Around it speaks for itself so i must be intimidated i must be on people’s radars i must be i must be i might they must be going back and watch my old fights man let me see how good he really is my whole time you know what the business man doing being a big man yo man love to hear it man that’s why i always enjoy talking to you man you know really appreciate you

Um the only thing that i would say is um if you could just tell everybody uh you know that’s watching on fight hype and just everybody at home um just your social media is like where to follow you and stuff like that though man follow me on instagram business keyshawn follow my youtube channel keyshawn davis go shop on my website.com and also follow me on twitter

Keystone davis number eight twitter going crazy right now too y’all want to tune in gotcha man appreciate your time tonight brother thank you

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