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Altair Club Cars TAKING DELIVERY Custom Build Aston Martin DBS Arrives V12 Manual Heaven

TAKING DELIVERY Custom Build Aston Martin DBS Arrives V12 Manual Heaven

Taking delivery of my custom build ASTON MARTIN DBS V12 Manual from ASTON MARTIN Works!

Let’s say here we go here we go holy hell that’s unbelievable it really is you’re born again that’s the martin make the paints the paint is incredible yeah oh make the wheels the calipers i think the whole thing works really really well absolutely nailed that yeah i think we kind of right we found a bit in the middle didn’t we because i like the do you

Like the oil yeah yeah or gold that’s a really happy medium it kind of gives you that low profile feel to the wheel but it’s it’s the details we really took on board what you said about when you have a completely black rim yep um when the tire meets the rim it makes the look like the tire wall is fatter but with this sort of bronze beading on the edge you can

Obviously clearly see the edge of the rim and it just yeah it sits really well i can’t go over that i can’t get over that it’s amazing transformation it really is a completely new car especially for you i can’t i’m blown away by it honestly oh man i’ve just seen the front i’ve only just seen that the leading edge of the grill i’m blown away by that i’m genuinely am

It’s really really serious i mean in here as well it’s fairly low light and the paint is popping it’s all these little bits of detailing you’re right about the grill yeah right about you know this beautiful line that we’ve bleeding out on the on the side straight i mean yeah it took louis hours and hours to get that absolutely pinched up but it shows in the detail

Honestly watching the team do their thing like the craft was just i also thought you’d you’d gone and ordered new carbon parts because the carbon refurbishment you’ve done it looks brand new yeah it’s amazing how it can refurbish it how you take it back re-lacquer it and make it look like new so it is a new car and of course the last thing any new car has to have

Is the one the wings it’s the tradition that it’s not an aston martin until it’s fully finished and custom acceptable and we put the wings on it have i got the pressure putting this one you’ve got to put it on first don’t mess it up but don’t put them on it’s such a nice thing i don’t want to so you’ve just got to absolutely square on honestly i am genuinely

I don’t know if it’s because i’m completely jet-lagged but i’m a little bit emotional about it it’s such honestly i think it’s it’s a big moment i think the car looks absolutely sensational i really do and i think that the bronze color you have with the green it’s just epic absolutely epic i’m not usually lost for words but honestly what you’ve done here is

Truly something else it’s truly amazing and the team have taken great pleasure in doing it and they they’ve loved doing this because you don’t often you know make a an old car new again yeah in this kind of era yeah do with that restoration but to do this kind of job was something they took a huge amount of pride in well i really hope it encourages other people

To bring cars in because for me from a process i mean we’ve recently come back from car week yeah like the amount of people that were asking us about this project and it really i mean i’ve got goosebumps speaking about it it really sets context that we’re like the impact of this project has been global you know and the amount of people that were like when’s the

Next update i’m like it’s coming soon and they were like what’s it look like i genuinely don’t know you know this whole thing has taken on a life of its own i even got stopped in costa coffee by somebody who said oh i saw you on the job fantastic all right so shall we make this honestly thank you i think what you’ve done is i know it’s a whole team effort but

The the journey that we’ve been on with you guys specifically from pulling out the wrong screw on day one it’s had some uh not very good repairs but it’s massive there’s a little bit of an issue there i can see it’s actually all fell to pieces that’s cracked it’s beginning to delaminate wrong clip fix in there you see the damage to the paint work bumpers cracked

As well they’ve been glued in oh it’s got a little hole in it surprising the amount of stone chips re-sprayed door oh yes the bonnet’s been off at some point there should be two clips in here it’s been off before but they’re not doing anything job keeps growing gas struts on the door they’re both shot there’s like animals in there i thought i got a good deal on

This car in a minute we’re going to find something serious i believe at some point it’s had the full roof spread you know so what should you go for the masking of all of those bronze components it’s been a pleasure to do it hasn’t it absolutely good to create something extraordinary and special the plan is we’re going to be unveiling this uh hampton court palace

That’ll be awesome and hopefully it’ll be sunny because this paint in the sun’s gonna transform it but i was saying you know even in here the light’s not super bright and the contours of the car now are really apparent you can see so much shape in it there’s one part yes that we discussed very early on right i’ve got to show you so you remember when we spoke about

The gear stick yeah and we said we’re getting where it’s cold the gist that you can’t touch because it’s freezing cold yes leave it at the sunshine it’s so hot you can’t actually touch it yes yeah so the trim guys have actually created a leather cover for your gear stick that you can leave on it so we’re getting into it when it’s hot you can actually still drive

The car and not burn your hand wow it’s got like a little velcro it’s like the kind of um that’s that is a nice touch reminds me of the hud you put on a falcon just like that yeah yeah that’s brilliant speaking of steve when we first turned up he said he’s he’s worked on some of the older cars right yeah what is the room we’re in now so this room is effectively

Called olympia okay it’s like the olympia building in london this is primarily our heritage showroom so every car in here is actually for sale every car in here apart from yours and the db7 we’re actually manufactured here wow yeah that’s incredible it’s phenomenal just shows you the kind of the heritage and longevity of aston martin being on this site since 1955.

Um and so many of the iconic cars you know db5 has two db5s here db6 db4 dbs v8 vantage vanquish um you know it is kind of like the vanquish was built on this site yeah absolutely i forgot about that so vanquish was the last production uh road car that was manufactured finished in july 2007 right see the cars who built post 2007 will be continuation cars right

Of course not for road use sure but um yeah it’s a fascinating uh fascinating portfolio and it’s wonderful for your kind of if you’re like born again at newport pagan or yes dbs to be amongst its peers it’s almost like they’re looking at it yeah actually we give you the nod of approval actually well actually now you’ve set the context of it it’s a real honor to

Actually have the handover here all right let’s give you a walk and talk of these details i’m i’m actually genuinely stuck for where to start with this thing so let’s just take it from the front work our way to the back uh starting off with the paint so this paint if anyone didn’t follow the journey this is called lennox green and it’s a paint that we were really

Honored to collaborate with aston martin on for a limited edition dbx spec about 18 months ago and the trick thing about it is uh the technology of the paint aka the formula of it was originally developed for the aston martin valkyrie and that’s why it’s such a heavy pearlescent metallic fleck and it does an incredible job of whatever surface it goes on it just

Seems to highlight all of the contours curves and sculptures of it and as a result i’ve never seen the bonnet of a dbs look that contoured look at that straight line there it’s so prominent it’s gorgeous and all these scoops and flares are starting to pop out now the car started with the theme that we developed for that dbx project which was this lennox green on

Contrasting bronze accents so that’s kind of where this theme came from now on that project it took a lot of work for us to convince aston martin to allow us to evolve their badge to a bronze and black version to complement the overall theme of the car and we teamed up with vortons who are based in the jewellery quarter of birmingham they have been making and still

Do make all of aston martin’s badges including their limited edition stuff so we’ve had this stunning bronze badge made it literally forged in the flames of birmingham lennox green contrasting against the sort of antique bronze so we thought why don’t we complement all of the other accents of the car so this is where the work from works really starts to show itself

Because we’ve tied it in with these leading edge accents throughout the car so lewis hand masked hand painted these he completely stripped the grille back this is actually a brand new grill because the one which was installed on the car when we first brought it into works was literally falling apart so they ordered a brand new grill lewis deconstructed it stripped

It right back anodized and painted it and put on this leading edge here so it’s black in the back with a complementing bronze leading edge to tie it in with the badge here now while we’re also around the front they have re-lacquered the headlights and this is a big reason why this car looks new even though pretty much every part on it is an original part they’ve

Reconditioned everything so the lights over time they got a sort of uh fade on them and they started to look old so they’ve stripped these back and they have re-lacquered them and even the washer outlet here they’ve re-painted that black and it’s small details at first you can’t quite put your finger on but they all add up to make this car look entirely new so

We’ve got new looking and lacquered headlights and then the carbon fiber so the front of this car was utterly battered including the carbon when i first saw this stuff i actually thought they’d ordered brand new carbon parts but it turns out they had refurbished it all in house and i’ll show you the rest of that when we get around to the back of the car because

It obviously has a substantial carbon rear diffuser now then grills on top of the body on the standard car these are silver but to keep it in with the darker moodier black theme these have been stripped out and painted black so in the vents there we are black on the top here black and that ties in with all of the external hardware on the car here so conventional

Dbs surrounds around the window these are conventionally chrome these have been completely dechromed sandblasted and stripped back and painted properly in this satin finish and this all just adds up to it looking sort of evil it’s cool now then the wheels these took forever to decide on we had the option of all gold and even maintaining silver we had the option

Of all black but we wanted to highlight the the works aspect of it which is ultimately creating your bespoke custom car and these were hand masked hand painted we actually had a few members of the audience give us photoshops of what this looks like with the beading extending around the rim here and then in contrast with that we’ve got now a black aston martin

Script on the newly painted gold break calipers and then continuing in with the highlight accents lewis has done an incredible job of once again sandblasting the original chrome side strokes and then putting a leading edge of complementing bronze along this side which is actually split and continues on the door fold there guys nailed it now then to the rear one

Of my favorite features from bortons is the bespoke dbs badging right here so these have actually been custom made you can see there look it is a brushed effect a brushed bronze finish tying in with the custom badge on the rear that’s actually one of the reasons that we decided not to have any further bronze highlighting on the rear of the car because we thought

Those two bronze accents are enough now then coming back to the carbon which i was speaking about this is entirely refurbished rear diffuser the job on it is so good as i mentioned earlier i thought they’d ordered a brand new park because it looks brand new and then in keeping with that moody black theme exhaust tips have also been anodised black the whole stance

It just sets it off look at it it looks so good now bearing in mind in here the light isn’t that bright it’s got a bit of a sepia tone to it and even still the contours of it the paint look at it genuinely i can’t thank the guys enough they need a round of applause the work they’ve done on it is just incredible the next time you’ll see this hopefully we’ll be in

Direct sunlight at hampton court for its first public unveiling during the concourse so i’ve just had a thought on a serious note uh this has definitely increased the value of the dbs which means i’m gonna have to speak to uh andy at first point to make sure that the insurance cover which is currently on this dbs when it was black and well wasn’t a one of one

Dbs uh is now matched to the new value of it so that’ll be an interesting chat as a unique one-of-one proposition it’s a pretty interesting case all right now the exciting stuff begins so simultaneously when this video goes live we’re also going to be unveiling it as its first sort of public debut at hampton court palace for the concourse of elegance and that’s

Why it’s about to get on this truck so one of the awesome things about works is that they can collect and deliver the car anywhere for you that’s kind of part of the service so before i get to drive it which i am absolutely aching to do it’s going to go on the works transporter and they are going to deliver it directly to hampton court in time for the unveiling

So really hoping for some sunshine i mean even in the overcast it’s looking really green but if we get some direct sunlight that’s when this is going to transform you

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TAKING DELIVERY! Custom Build Aston Martin DBS Arrives! V12 Manual Heaven By Mr JWW

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