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Altair Club Cars Szok Land Rover Discovery Sport w Terenwizji

Szok Land Rover Discovery Sport w Terenwizji

Szok !!! Land Rover Discovery Sport w Terenwizji 🙂

I was curious how far i can push this car, where the limit is? now i know that driving into such mud or sand as we drove today, i should not do it on my own we drove around here, and such conditions and easy for lr discovery. its not most off-road capable version of lr discovery. there is a version equipped with pneumatic suspention this particular car lacks only cameras

In side mirrors and bumper, and pneumatic suspension. pneumatic suspension would give us extra two inches ground clearance. i really wish you good luck so you don’t break anything we started on sand, but that particular sand was very difficult after a little rain. i honestly don’t know what happen but the vehicle didn’t want to drive on that sand. in my opinion, this was

Not the fault of the tires. because road tires should work well enough on sand. i think it was one of these situations when we have lack of ground clearance. car is reducing power on separate wheels to match the tractraction. can we switch off anything else? yes, traction control. isn’t traction control automatically switched off on sand mode? no. you have to learned

All the modes, switches and buttons first, right? exactly. try to lock the (automatic) transmission on the first or second. you already know what is all about, just keep the temp in right level. then switch transmission from automatic to manual, lock it on first gear. actually, i won’t pull you out with my jeep. do you know the british saying? we’ve lowered the tire

Pressure, it didn’t change much. you can’t fill engine revving. what’s the top rpm you had now? unfortunately transmission keeps switching to second because of that moment when rpm drops. i have no torque. it’s not just land rover’s flaw but all new suv’s has it. electronics is significantly limiting the vehicles power output. for example. even if we lock automatic

Transmission on first, when engine reaches certain rpm, the gearbox cpu is still going to switch to second gear. in my opinion it sort of safety feature from engine overheatin, the result is that the car is difficult to keep at high revs and power. even if the hill is not very steep but sandy, it’s rather impossible to get to the top, because the gearbox begins to switch

Gears on its own. unfortunately, the more electronic systems we have, the more everything complicates itself. we had mud mode on, i think it supposed to block wheels with no traction, to reduce central diff slip. causing all off-road modes failure, because they are all based on abs sensors readings. so, now the driver went to clean them sensors a bit. you can’t see

That on camera but its demanding, rolling terrain. it really looks like the car is driving on flat surface. because cars like these are a great unknown in overland. everyone knows how the average off-road car drives on large mt tires. how a car that doesn’t have off-road aspirations perform. i believe that most suvs these days have similar overlanding capabilities.

It doesn’t matter if it’s jeep compass, cherokee, in off-road they’re all going to drive a like. you can see how much the manufacturer’s descriptions are worth. all that info about cutting edge technologies, electronic systems. it all looks so great in an advertising leaflets folders. but in practice what matters is whether the wheels will spin or not. you see, the

Best off-road mode is a co-driver outside your car! …and then you turn left, thru the puddle skipping that hole right there… wait, that just wrong. first step out from your vehicle and check the track yourself. first you have to check how difficult the route ahead is. view the entire route first to have at least a vogue idea what to do next. …yes, right here,

With right side wheel on this… then left and up… …straighten up and no brakes, keep on gas pedal… …straighten up wheels just like you drove in here… what? rear wheels don’t spin? yes, on the other side as well -switch to different mode, any rock mode? will stoned mode work? what kind of feedback do you get from car’s computer? all kind of errors, starting

With abs, it switches off rear drive… i have no idea but after i restarted the engine it all went back to normal. … you’ll probably going to scratch your car’s belly, slightly… well, terenwizja brings (anti) luck, or so they say. -we’re sorry -thats fine -its all the co-driver fault, you know? -and here is your reward! it’s your door fender. rear, right hand side.

-Is it all ok?… -you’ll find out when you will drive out. it, was just the warm up, are we going off-road now? it was about checking what happen when you take city suv with all wheel drive, so let us remember this clip as a sirten peculiarity kind of a warning that cars like these one are not made for more demanding off-road consequences of overlanding in this car are

Torn off bumpers and fenders. if any of our viewers bought discovery v in some really off-road version or a new defender, will be more than happy to test it with you we’ve been told that that discovery v on road tires is a very quiet suv.

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Szok !!! Land Rover Discovery Sport w Terenwizji By TERENWIZJA

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