sustainability drive in the audi
Altair Club Cars Sustainability drive in the Audi e-tron SUV

Sustainability drive in the Audi e-tron SUV

Take a drive with David Celdran in the e-tron SUV and learn about Audi’s sustainability efforts.

Thank you hello i’m david saldran luxury lifestyle tv host car enthusiast and sustainable mobility advocate in collaboration with audi i’m taking their e-tron 55 quattro for a drive 2 and around scenic la union in the north of the philippines to enjoy the performance cost savings and the environmental benefits of driving a fully electric suv foreign trip

Through the scenic coastal highways and lush back roads of the province to see the many attractions hidden from most outsiders and tourists natural wonders which i hope will still be around for future generations the good news is we can do our part to preserve the planet and we can start by reducing harmful greenhouse gases which accelerate climate change one way

To do that is with electric vehicles which run on clean and renewable energy a practice audi has embraced with their fully electric e-tron models which produce zero tailpipe carbon emissions in fact audi aims to increase its e-tron lineup to 20 models by 2025 and will phase out all its internal combustion engines by 2033 audi of course isn’t the only one committed

To sustainable mobility and carbon neutrality more and more establishments around the country are taking up the challenge to reduce our carbon footprint hi peter i heard about all the great things you’re doing here yeah good morning david nice to meet you peter wilson the founder and ceo of solarius energy is behind one of the growing number of companies installing

Electric vehicle charging stations across the country peter brings evie’s one step closer to carbon neutrality with chargers that can be powered by clean and renewable solar energy so this is one of the projects that that you’d like to replicate all throughout goes on at least right well that’s right exactly this is just an example of one of the first charging

Stations that we have in the philippines and essentially this is a 22 kilowatt charger so we could charge this car fully from nothing to 100 in about four hours indeed a smart public charging stations become available and charging time gets faster the more likely people will turn to electric vehicles which is why audi is fast tracking the rollout of ev chargers

Globally and improving the charging speed of the e-tron’s batteries in the philippines all audi dealerships will offer charging services to each run owners for free as more and more people adopt electric vehicles the more the world can reduce its carbon footprint but that alone is not enough to make a real impact all aspects of our life need to change foreign

Hotel in san juan is doing even more to reduce their carbon footprint and at the same time save money on their electricity bill by generating power through solar energy so the roof of the new building are actually filled with solar panels and that generates about 50 percent of the total needs of the consumption of the hotel energy efficient lighting and appliances

Throughout the hotel also help reduce consumption while a sewage treatment plant cleans and recycles water to eliminate the risk of pollutants harming the marine environment audi is doing something similar but on a much larger and global scale by decarbonizing production and optimizing water and resource efficiency across their plants around the world indeed with

Clean and renewable technology and energy be it in the hotel you’re at or the car you’re driving reducing the impact of travel and transport on the environment can help protect the planet i’m on my way to visit another local establishment that’s been practicing sustainable tourism for many years and i’m glad i chose a clean green and quiet vehicle like the audi

E-tron to drive up these forested hills the air quality is different here and you can hear the sounds of nature clearly it would have been ironic to come here in a car that disturbed all this it’s a good thing i came into e-tron instead i would have felt awkward even guilty visiting lotus valley farm in a conventional vehicle knowing that it took toby tamayo a

Leading environmentalist many years of painstaking reforestation work just to revive the balance of nature here foreign was simply to plant more native trees i knew that climate change was upon us as earliest 20 25 years ago all the symptoms were already there degraded and denuded when toby first acquired the property lotus valley farm has become a sustainable

Sanctuary where eco-conscious travelers can enjoy the serene atmosphere and rich natural biodiversity and i love it that all you hear is the sound of nature yes you don’t have this industrial buzz around you and even the quality of air yeah right then noise pollution air pollution you reduce that to a minimum here sure i mean the truth is how many breaths do we

Have per minute 24 hours you’ll have 20 000 brits on average so that means the year is the kia if you have good air quality air then that determines how healthy you’re going to be studies warn of the harmful effects of noise and air pollution on our mental health and body and also on the environment so imagine the impact of more electric vehicles and how much

Pollution can be reduced to protect delicate ecosystems like this foreign it makes it hopeful to see how so many establishments in la union and around the country are chipping in to preserve the environment one other stop i need to make is hiraya hills sunset restaurant where sustainable farming and cooking is practiced it’s called farm to table dining

And here the food on your plate is grown in an eco-friendly way just a few hundred meters away i wouldn’t have the herbs and then we’re trying out some new herbs you also and then down by the farm we have eggplants we have tomatoes cherry tomatoes we recently had a lot of okra so we just harvested a lot of okra and a lot of tomatoes also organic free range and

Chemical free produce it’s not only healthier to eat but good for the environment too food that’s also closer to the source to reduce its carbon footprint when you think about it there are farm to table concept is similar to what environmentalists call a sustainable supply chain and pretty much the same thing audi has been doing with the production of their

Electric vehicles at a time when climate change threatens our planet and the land we depend on for food and shelter it makes so much more sense to drive an eevee more so from a company like audi that’s committed to carbon neutrality through greater sustainability and environmental protection in production and logistics a company that’s leading the way in electric

Mobility i came this far away from the city to enjoy the drive of the e-tron in one of the most scenic parts of the country but this long trip has turned out to be a lesson in protecting the environment as well indeed the road had to climate friendly mobility is clear

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Sustainability drive in the Audi e-tron SUV By PGA Cars

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