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This is seriously in the top ten for the cleanest short bed fords Ive seen. The body is mostly perfect. Its a four wheel drive unit, all the interior is there, everything appears to work and the interior is in tact! Who could ask for much more from a early 90’s ford? Most of these are rusted out or beat all to hell and back by now. This one just checks all the right boxes thats for sure. Alrighty, folks, do your thing in the comments below and lets see what you think.

Good morning boys and girls of the internet i want you to take a look at this right here this is a cream of the crop and you do not see many of these anymore so this is a truck that was here for some work and i just i had to film it i had to show you guys this is a short bed standard cab this is a 150 xlt lariat it is four wheel drive has the manual hubs on

It big pushers on the front bumper look at this crawling plate is that not just cool and then of course xlt emblem which was optional that was not something that all of them came with this thing is rolling around oh it’s the size so it’s at the bottom on 31 by 10 and a half by 15s these are uh firestone destination all-terrains these are a decent tire now as

I mentioned this is a short bed truck but it is only a single tank one gas tank this is a 90 model the door doesn’t have any sag in it and look look at that solid is a rock now this thing is not like pristine and it is not super clean the guy drives it but he bought this truck brand new this is a one owner f-150 and i don’t know how many more times you’ll

Ever hear me saying that this features a 302 ford v8 this is five liters this does have the early efi on it these motors were good i’m not particularly fond of this efi setup they use a electric and vacuum map and you can see someone’s been fixing vacuum lines so there’s a lot of vacuum stuff on here it just it works but i don’t really care for it the paint

On this truck is in very good shape for the age this is not a respray and then uh the bedside right here got a little crinkled spot but look how clean and rust free it is i mean all the way through cab corners rockers there’s my dirty dodge hiding over there this has the f-150 dual exhaust and i say that because damn near every one of these trucks has this

Style dual exhaust with these slant cut tips and these like three inch down pipes and they sound great now on another note look at this this is not broken it’s got a crack in it but it’s not broken it’s all still there it’s got a wreath hitch it has trailer lights this thing’s got power windows it’s got power door locks of course it has regular mirrors on it

This truck has crews let’s see intermittent wipers air conditioning and of course the manual transfer case there was an optional electric transfer case later on down the road once again that’s something i’m also not a fan of uh the manual transfer case works very well so i just noticed those are the original ford floor mats in it how cool is that that’s just

A good looking truck climb up in here showing 50 can you see it come on now 52 916 miles all right come on focus there we go let’s see key in the switch aftermarket radio has been put in it these trucks are uh speaking about the vacuum actuation crap they use a idle air control valve and some other things to determine how the truck should run depending on the

Temperature of the vehicle once again it’s a system i’m not exactly fond of it does work but when they start to give you trouble it’s not a fun process of elimination but this one does pretty well it’s idling high it’s very very cold today i’m trying to get this filmed we’ve got a snowstorm on the way i’m just trying i’m trying to get this done before it snows

And dad completed the repairs on the truck just tune up fuel filter stuff like that and uh there it goes so dad got all that finished and uh now the guy is gonna come pick it up and he’ll be ready for when the snow hits lord i hope he doesn’t actually plan on driving this thing in the snow this thing is just too clean dad’s in there working on a jeep right now

That he’s got so we’ll go down the road in it see if it drives as good as it looks this is really bumpy up through here and this thing is quiet i don’t hear a lot of squeaking and rattling or something something in the glove box oh it’s that phone charger hitting got an exhaust manifold leak wow that shift a second was smooth oh and that tall third gear oh yeah

She’s smooth steering a little bit of slop in it i’ve driven a lot worse though for these fords of this era that hood ornament just looks great out there on the front that one to two change is smooth but two is a short gear third is tall in these here we go there it is it’s a big rpm change oh yeah so turn signal over here like i said it is cold today so

It’s gonna smoke it’s just moisture in the exhaust condensation steam more or less and this is a a twin i-beam set up these boards it’s kind of funny but it works like it’s it’s missing some door trim right here but honestly these are all easy things to fix hear that idle kind of surge these trucks are picky very finicky man oh man is that just not a good

Looking truck i mean that is a good looking truck now just imagine that all washed and waxed and armor all vacuumed and whatnot this thing would be gorgeous i mean gorgeous you got them an old firestone spare tire in the back there’s the door the molding that goes on the door so i’m wondering if he’s going to plan on putting that back on i just noticed this has

The optional sliding rear window some nice little chrome step rails get it put back in its spot a little gear indicator still works how cool is that once the heat worked oh uh oh yeah oh yeah it’s got some heat it’s still getting warm but it’s already got heat set it back running old truck so the scrap yard we get these things all the time and they’re just

They’re ragged out hardcore they’re just warm people use them tradesmen work trucks service trucks things of that nature and they’re just ragged all two pieces so it’s very very refreshing to have one pop up this clean this well taken care of i mean yeah there’s some little scrapes here and there but i mean the body itself look at that i mean it’s not dinged

It’s not wavy even across the back of the tailgate you can literally see the almost a perfect reflection up the side of the truck look at that i mean this this thing is clean good looking good looking truck so anyway i just had to share this one with you just i couldn’t just let it leave without taking a minute to give it some appreciation got the chrome rain

Guards on it got the smoke smoker windows those things tilt out i mean it it truly is just a really good looking truck all right folks i’m gonna jump off here it is cold i’m going inside i’ve got laundry and stuff i’ve got to finish so do your thing drop me a comment down below let me know what you think haven’t heard a lot from you guys you’ve been quiet lately

Throw me some comments down there let’s get a little conversation a little chit chat going on i’m gonna go get warm do this laundry i’m gonna let you guys ponder on this forward i i just that is a clean truck god that thing is gorgeous i i would i’m not a big ford fan but i would definitely take one of these trucks like this one right here and believe it or not

I like the short bed for the appearances but the long wheelbase trucks the long beds and extra cabs they ride so much better because you have that longer wheelbase so i think if i was going to set out to buy one i would buy it pretty much like this but probably with the long bed if you’re going gonna hot rod one then a short bed would be your thing but you would

Also probably want the two-wheel drive but if you’re gonna buy this one like four-wheel peel i’d probably buy the long bed it’ll help you with that ride quality but i mean irregardless this is just a good looking truck oh well that’s gonna do it for me so drop a comment down below let me know what you think and that is a wrap you want to say anything dirty dodge

Anything at all no leave me alone okay well go back to doing your thing i was taking a nap you okay well go back to sleep i don’t know what to tell you shut up all right signing off thanks for watching

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SURVIVOR 1990 FORD F150 XLT LARIAT 4×4 By Jay Smart

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