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Altair Club Cars Supercharged Lamborghini vs. Dodge Demon. 800hp Battle // This vs. That

Supercharged Lamborghini vs. Dodge Demon. 800hp Battle // This vs. That

What a time to be alive. Where it’s not even that far fetched to have a bone stock factory car come with 800+ horsepower. Or to have a car hit that number with *very* minimal mods. So, what’s better? 808 all-American horses in a Dodge Challenger, or a modded Lamborghini Huracan Performante, with a supercharger from VF engineering?

Stock oh so well this episode we’ve got some good cars we have some absolute firepower out here today we have these where do we start let’s just start i’m starting the lambo you sir yes this is your car it is i’m nick saran from vf engineering and this is my 2019 lamborghini hurricane performante and i’ve supercharged it jesus did they download that

Voice into your system when you bought this car that’s just like it matches so well that’s what are the stock specs of the performante so out of the box it is 630 horsepower 410 pounds of torque four wheel drive 5.2 v10 jesus and then you put a supercharger in it yeah so we manufacture a supercharger system for these engines fits the r8 the hurricane the gallardo

And you matched it to the brake caliper in this case yeah is it a pain in the butt to open this up so yeah let’s do it so now with the supercharger is the rest of the car stock tell us a little bit about what else is done to it yeah so the car is completely stock other than the supercharger and then this frosted film to give it this matte look and then all of

This carbon is all factory it’s all the factory spec stock exhaust this is a stock exhaust yup so what type of horsepower are we talking with the the supercharger kit well we’ve added 200 horse and 180 pounds of torque so what is that to the wheels uh from the wheels it goes up from 490 at all four wheels to 640. so stock these put down 400 and change for the

Tire 490. that’s not that impressive to be honest do you know what this car weighs by any chance uh it’s about 3 400 pounds oh okay but you know what these cars like the power band yeah the peak number might not be that crazy sounding but you have so much of it that it’s just always in power oh i know this is fast and then anything else done to it suspension

Wise stock suspension stop tires these are the factory uh pirellis 305 35. jeez well this thing looks insane yeah it really does it’s gonna be interesting to see what it does up against this massive piece of american muscle right here all right while the rest of the crew is out at the airstrip having a blast i decided to stay back here at the shop so i could

Dial in boomhauer a little bit but this gives us a perfect opportunity to kind of go through some of the settings on the hp tuners mpvi 2. come on check it out so if you’ve got an obd2 style car works perfect plug it in got this little guy right here put in your obd2 style port then you get full access and real-time data everything from your engine ecu to your

Transmission ecu it’s almost unlimited the things that you can change and modify and make your vehicle function better so right now i got the vcm scanner open and you can actually make this to where you can like have a full gauge read out and you can monitor all your engine’s vitals right this stuff rips got everything from simple stuff like rpm and speed all

The way down to the really detailed stuff like transmission temperature you got math readouts tons of stuff so when you’re really getting down to the nitty-gritty then this is awesome also when you need to tune stuff it’s limitless hi my name is steve rossi i’m with santa margarita ranch actually this is the fine gentleman that lets us come here and do all sorts

Of stupid stuff that stuff to their runway to his beautiful facility and you you just picked this up huh yeah well we’ve had it for a little while but it’s been a garage princess so it just broke a thousand miles wow so it’s yet to be out of the garage what is it it’s a it’s a 2019 dodge demon okay what are the specs on the dodge demon stock it comes in at 808

Right now with the red key and once we add the race fuel it gets up to 840 horsepower stock stock but it weighs 4 200 pounds it’s a it’s a chunky boy but it has over 800 horsepower yeah it’s yeah it’s pretty intense look at these stock tires factory to do a wheelie so wait a minute or anything so you got some big old tires out back yeah i actually really like

These wheels yeah these are cool 315 40s this red leather is super nice what are these intake holes sucking squirrels man headlights and intakes wow i didn’t know they were both that’s next level flex so have you done any hits here or we have not no oh so it’s gonna be a first first time the car’s ever been hit at all dan i’m gonna go with the demon ron man

That’s a tough one i’m an all-wheel drive guy i gotta go with that i gotta go how much power does that thing say to me 830. 830 and it’s 3200 pounds frank hold on one second let me do some numbers um i’m gonna go with the demon on this one peanut gallery that’s a v10 yeah that’s two audi i’m gonna go demon so however that adds out let’s go do this what are

You working with in terms of uh traction troll on it’s got drag settings set to drag it’s got a launch control haven’t ever tried any of this obviously so we should give it a try right now you want to know ultimate factory flex demon tires logo in the tire wow that hooks that thing he’s gotta learn holy um all right how did that look about three to four

Car lengths uh with the huracana head round two there we go um i feel like we should let him go i mean obviously they haven’t won but i would say let him go on the jump i think that might be the difference man this thing is fast we’re thinking uh we’re thinking do a little roll race so just start back however long you need get synced up to like whatever

You guys want 20 30 miles an hour call it 30 and then uh at the cone just go cool hit him with a flashlight um um nice work this thing friggin rips man this is so much fun hell yeah you know what there’s no shame in losing to a supercharged lamborghini he got me every time it’s not you didn’t lose to anything bad man nice work though there you have it pump

Gas demon versus supercharged lamborghini not a bad way to end the night okay

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Supercharged Lamborghini vs. Dodge Demon. 800hp Battle! // This vs. That By Hoonigan

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