subaru wrx sti v toyota gr yaris
Altair Club Cars Subaru WRX STI v Toyota GR Yaris Rallye 2021 Comparison

Subaru WRX STI v Toyota GR Yaris Rallye 2021 Comparison

We put Toyota’s new turbocharged all-wheel drive rally rocket head to head with the car that created the genre 👉Full Review:

Since its inception in the early ’90s, wrx the name wrx stands for world rally experimental, as for the gr yaris rallye, well, it’s also of course, these two aren’t identical rivals, even still, only about three grand separates the pair. subaru says it’ll manage a sprint from zero even though it’s 250 kilos lighter, the yaris okay, so let’s talk about what they have in

Common. well, obviously, that starts with their capabilities. i gotta say though the yaris is really striking at just under four meters long, and it kinda go rex or go home, and although it’s morphed behind its 19 inch alloy wheels, are six piston brembo brakes. our tester is also fitted with a large rear it’s a performance car, but because of its just be careful of those

Beautiful 18-inch bbs forged alloy wheels. stopping power comes from big, four-pot brakes up front. a turbo-charged, 1.6-litre triple that sounds the yaris produces 200 kilowatts and 370 newton-metres, next to the wrx’s 221 kilowatts and 407 newton-metres, both cars come standard with a six-speed manual the yaris uses two torsen limited slip differentials, to the wrx sti,

Which only gets a centered torsen lsd. and rear axles dependent on which drive mode you choose. the subaru also has variable torque distribution, what the sti gets is auto and manual torque you can go anywhere from auto-minus mode, inside the wrx, it’s a story of practicality and functionality above all else. some sti badges and red stitching punctuate love to see more,

More drama, and less hard plastics. seat, with lumbar support and two-position the wrx’s infotainment and technology suite functionality that the subaru’s approach just leaves us wanting a little. again, functionality is at the forefront, where in cabin storage is concerned. it’s a performance flavoured cabin here in the yaris too. driver’s touch points are finished in

Suede that said, each get high perch driver seats unlike the subaru, the toyota comes with manual tilt and reach adjustments for the steering six foot will likely struggle to find a comfortable position. from the instrument cluster and central touch screen. the sound system isn’t as good as the subie’s either. being a small hatch storage isn’t its greatest in each door

Pocket and handy storage bins up on the dash. the subaru also gets a cd player, just in case you still use those. its aeb gets pedestrian and daylight cyclist detection. really good headroom and legroom, got an armrest, all you get is bottle holders in each door surprisingly though, leg room isn’t too bad both get a 60-40 split-fold rear seat to increase by the subaru,

Which can hold up to 460 litres there are no pockets, hooks or luggage nets not surprisingly, neither of them comes with a full-size spare tyre. neither of which are gonna be much use when totally, ellie, because these cars are all it’s really easy to get comfortable behind because this is a car that requires a decent amount of concentration and effort. there’s a bit

Of turbo lag at lower speeds, the wrx is also noticeably more difficult likely due to its heavy clutch pedal and center on the move, gear changes are notchy and tight, the wrx feels solid and planted on the road, it feels somewhat smaller than its actual proportions. the wrx needs longer sweeping bends to show steering isn’t as direct or as responsive as it should be.

At first, with slightly laggard response from with no adaptive dampers, the ride is firm the cabin is a little noisy, and road imperfections are noticeable. it’s a more visceral race car-like environment here. aids the driver’s view, with plenty of vision out of every direction. jumping behind the wheel of the yaris, it’s impaired by this high-sitting touch screen and

Low-sitting mirror. put your foot down in any gear and the little though it still takes a few goes to launch the yaris’ synthesised sound effects sound it’s an underwhelming experience for those on the outside. that is, until you flick it to sport mode, it’s a real pocket rocket with bounds of energy, but it’s also really easy to get tail happy if you’re not careful.

It’s got oodles of mid-corner grip, and whipping although it’s a downright performance car, there isn’t the same firm steering feel as the toyota also feels more settled and poised there’s still plenty of tyre and road noise the ride is rough and ready, but it’s also a lot of fun. the yaris’ rev-matching feature is also a bit of fun. neither of these cars lived up to their

Claimed that’s a good representation of how we put outward vision in the subaru is excellent, subaru has crystal-clear camera quality and multiple view points. both cars come with guidelines, but only the yaris’ moves as you input steering. the yaris is a little more refined on more and ergonomic, friendly cabin will suit a broader range of audiences. both of these all-wheel

Drive rockets are the toyota needs to be serviced every six the subaru also needs to visit the workshop the sti also costs considerably more to service well, the subaru feels like the less flexible its neck to get the most out of it, and that won’t be for everyone. and in the right hands, with some patience, so it seems to me like the newcomer has set a new benchmark, and it’s our winner.

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