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Altair Club Cars Subaru WRX STI Automatic 2010 | Performance |

Subaru WRX STI Automatic 2010 | Performance |

The Japanese maker’s hero car is now a more grown up offering with an automatic transmission – but has it gone soft?

Sports cars have always been about driver involvement control and outright performance that’s why the trusty old manual gearbox has been the choice for years and years until recently that is rarefied brands such as porsche ferrari and even lamborghini have started adding automatic transmissions to their cars and you know the world’s gone just a little bit mad

When subaru decides to add an automatic transmission to its performance car hero the sti bread on rally roads and hot it up from bondi to broom the sti has always had a regular manual gearbox but the desire for left foot relaxation and computer-controlled gear changes by our well rounded friends in the u.s. means subaru chose to fit this thing with an auto don’t

Forget though that autos in high-performance cars are typically quicker than the equivalent manual because computers can think faster than humans autos are getting smarter and all of that for the sti though the story isn’t so friendly the sti is powered by subarus two and a half liter boxer engine now this one pumps out 221 kilowatts and 407 newton meters oh oh a

Bit that’s for the manual model the automatic actually drops its torque figure power output stays the same but the torque drops to 350 newton meters now that’s still impressive on paper but you notice it when you put your foot down the sti otto feels a tad sluggish from a dead stop but the transmission does make city crawling far more bearable but if you’re one

Of the more hardcore wrx enthusiasts you might be a little bit disappointed subarus new 5-speed automatic box is a bit laggy doesn’t really choose the right gear at the right time and when you put your foot down it’s not that orally pleasing it sort of gets creamy and not very box very sounding at all it doesn’t sound beefy liked the sti manuals exhaust slowing

The pace could be a problem too brakes tend to feel a bit wooden underfoot and they don’t really pull up that quickly it’s a bit of a worry in a car that’s supposed to be for the hardcore enthusiasts interior lacks the quality finish of some of the subarus competitors that’s a bit of a complaint among most subaru cars at the moment that things like the sun visors

That they really claim and the plastic interior doesn’t feel very nice but the seats are really good they’re quite comfortable you could easily live with them on long distance towards the sto i also get some sporty additions like these flappy paddles on the steering column they’re pretty quick pretty responsive but when you put it in context there are some 20-odd

Thousand dollar korean made cars with the same sort of thing so does it cut it well if you’re after a proven performance car and you simply must have an automatic and you’re willing to fork out 60 grand it’s not a bad option the mine though the manual sti is a far more fun machine you get that extra torque you also get the lockable center diff and it just adds up

To a better all-around package as for a $60,000 hot hatch with a little bit of road friendliness i know where my money you’d be going hello volkswagen can i get a golf r with dsg yeah in blue you

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