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Altair Club Cars SUBARU SOLTERRA EV Teased & Due Out In 2022 – SUBARU Sharing The TOYOTA e-TNGA Platform

SUBARU SOLTERRA EV Teased & Due Out In 2022 – SUBARU Sharing The TOYOTA e-TNGA Platform

In This Segment, Keith and Jay discussed the Recently Teased SUBARU SOLTERRA EV ! Sources say the SUBARU SOLTERRA EV is Due to arrive in 2022 alongside Its Partner The TOYOTA BZ4X. That’s right, The SOLTERRA EV shares the same EV Platform as the TOYOTA BZ4X. It’s no secret, Subaru and Toyota have been co-developing platforms to further develop their EV technology. It’s been a slow go and a bit tight lipped for both Automakers as most of their competitors are much further along than they are. We still Have No official Specifications or pricing to offer however we expect between 250 to 300 miles of range, which would be similar to other “long-range” EV’s currently on the market! Based on the teased image, The Crossover looks to be on Par with typical SUBARU Styling ! SUBSCRIBE To Our Channel to get future Updates !! This Story Has MORE TO COME!!

All right so while we are on the subject of electric vehicles you know we had mentioned some players out there in the automotive world not not really doing anything in it and we kind of picked on toyota a little bit about where you’ve been you’re borrowing platforms from subaru you know what are you doing toyota and then now subaru has just announced keith did

You know this they have just announced and it teased its first electric car called name the solterra ev how about that yeah so uh i mean you kind of have to at this point again peer pressure being what it is in the automotive industry you have to cast your hat in the ring if you don’t you’re almost considered like you said jay there’s going to be such a change

And a shift from the way cars were made in 2018 to the way they’re going to be made in 2025 right you’re you’re going to lose a lot of credibility and legitimacy is a major player and it’s going to affect your sales you know whether or not you want to buy one of these things or not uh you will be viewed as a dinosaur if you don’t offer something so plus subaru

Has this kind of reputation uh for their environmental aspect you know that they’re they make a huge effort to stay environmentally uh conscious right so um yeah so they’ve entered the game uh like jay said it’s gonna be called the solterra ev um it is coming to the united states and canada europe and japan it will be uh apparently a 2022 model year so it’s not

That far off it’s been in the works for a while they’ve just kept it under wraps right but what i found interesting is and this is something that we talked about you know shared platforms right so we have the toyota 86 this is basically the subaru right subaru brz okay now and you people scratch their heads why is toyota not building their own you have platforms

That are shared for the sole purpose of sharing technology and information to help one get along and toyota has you know partnered with subaru for a while now but it turns out that this particular vehicle the solterra is um is going to be built on uh or shared on the shared platform the uh tnga or the etenga which i i i trademarked that everybody that’s mine

Etenga i love it but it yeah but it’s it’s toyota’s uh all-electric uh total global platform for electric vehicles and um you know we recently talked about the bz-4x um basically this is probably gonna be subaru’s version of the bz4x that’s probably what this is going to be and you know they didn’t release much information about it um but what we hear you know

Based on what we did see the images it looks to be a little smaller than most of their suvs but on similar like if you looked at the silhouette of it the it’s kind of similar to some of their um what would you say they’re they’re outbacks yeah it’s a crossover style and it’s uh it’s you know true in true subaru form here’s what i expect from it because subaru

Doesn’t they don’t really come out and just blow you away with with design in my opinion they seem to be a bit dated to me um and i don’t expect that they will veer away from that they’re they seem to concentrate more on the vehicle reliability the functionality of the vehicle rather than how pretty do i look and the other another interesting parallel you know

Toyota who there’s a partnership there and there has been for years very cautious very measured approach to the electrification arena entering that sort of world of evs right you know we again we’ve talked about this on our program many times how toyota was not the leader in that arena but we said well maybe is it because they don’t have their act together it

May be the opposite of that it maybe they have their act together and they are hedging their bet on the next generation yeah they’re holding less relies less on the volatile battery platform like these first generation lithiums right and we’ve heard several ceos in the industry whether they are automotive component suppliers or ceos of automotive manufacturers

Basically say no we’re not going there now because we’re not buying into the that technology just yet as a fully uh you know carbon neutral product but i also feel too like you just said there is there makes it makes sense for someone to step back and wait for that technology to grow a little bit further and how technology grows and exponentially in this day

And time which i think keith and i have also said that we believe that we are in a new industrial age um at this moment and it and it revolves around the electric vehicle uh the electric electrification of vehicles that if you act too quickly and get in there and start you know putting all your money on one piece of technology before you know it that piece of

Technology is obsolete before it even gets to the market because somebody has come up with a better plan so toyota can fill the gap subaru can fill that gap of vehicles until something comes along that’s more appealing to their platform and probably more cost effective for them rather than being the developer of a specific technology they’re just going to use

The technology that happens that happens with the chips that we are having shortages on right now and just think about this i mean just from the automotive perspective i mean if you go back to for example the ford model t which uh let’s see what year did that premiere oh god um and i i remember talking with my grandmother about stories of you know the who had

Cars and what those cars looked like and then when did she get her first car her family get hurt their first car what was it like so so my point is this the amount of change between that model t and then what was in production 15 years later you’re probably gonna see that same amount of change in the generation one evs that companies like ford and gm and right

Subaru are are releasing and then five to seven years from now the next generation right i mean it’s going to be significant it will be and that half that battle is the charging infrastructure once they crack that nut the charging infrastructure then they can focus on okay range then range be you know where they’re already focused on range but my point is is

That more and more people the more v more electric vehicles you have on the road the more capital these manufacturers have to work with to go and and develop new types of of charging capabilities or types of batteries you know solid state we’ve talked about that on prior podcasts this this is a you have to go there but it has to start somewhere and i think that

The the real the bigger picture is the infrastructure of charging and once we crack that nut then i think it really blows up man it goes nuts haywire my personal feeling on this is that hybrids are going to be the wave of the future i i know that’s old technology from a from a jargon you know hybrid vehicles came out years ago you know oh decades ago but my

Point is if you think about what like chuck lynch would tell us from a military application where you always have to have a vehicle that has multiple fuel options correct yes that relying just on batteries and a charging network although it may be great most of the time if you don’t force yourself to basically be a captive audience to that if you have a way

To oh well i’m not gonna i’m in the middle of yellowstone national park and there isn’t a charging station oh but i can run on hydrogen for the next hundred miles or whatever right you’re fine right like i think i really do think that’s that’s where the big win happens in terms of the next turning point yeah i agree with that and i and back to you know hybrid

Vehicles that allow you to do that that gets you that’s even better look at what nissan has been working on right you know a really thermal efficient engine there you go and the concentration of that and the engine not specifically used to drive as a form of propulsion for the vehicle but basically to recharge those batteries and there’s good technology out there

That i i believe you’re correct that you’ll see you know an internal combustion engine being used uh more frequently than not in that manner until we get there i think so it’s a stepping stone each each form of technology as it grows and it gets better we said it the evs as as we know right now in 10 years they’re going to be completely different than what we’re

What we know now completely different so and how are they going to find out about it keith when that stuff happens yeah if you want to be in the know uh a couple ways you can do that because although we do talk about a lot of things on this show we do heavily focus on automotive uh related articles news releases uh you can do you can do a couple things you go to

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SUBARU SOLTERRA EV Teased & Due Out In 2022 – SUBARU Sharing The TOYOTA e-TNGA Platform By Parts Counter Gurus

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