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Subaru Solterra EV STi

Subaru Solterra EV STi

Are you aware of the new subaru soltera sti hot electric suv if not don’t worry in this video we are going to talk about do you know the new subaru solterra sdi concept previews hot electric suv so before starting this video please like this video and subscribe to this channel for our future updates welcome to techspot subaru makes the transition to the high

Performance electric vehicle era eco performance a near future challenge project established to gather experience and training in new technologies in the world of motor sports during this carbon neutral period focused on tackling global warming it will serve as the starting point for this exciting future subaru stated today at the nurbur ring subaru will put its

1073 horsepower eco performance sti er a high performance sports vehicle to the test to see how it will fare in the new carbon neutral era of transportation during the tokyo auto salon subaru unveiled a high-performance sti version of their solterra electric vehicle which could presage the introduction of a production version in the future in conjunction with this

Year’s tokyo auto salon subaru introduced the soltera sti concept car providing a first look at what may be a production version of the sporty electric crossover in the future subaru hasn’t published performance estimates for the concept ev’s high performance variant but the sti version has received an aggressive facelift the solterra sdi concept is distinguished

From the normal version by its distinctive lilac colour scheme and several aerodynamic improvements there is no change for the front bumper which has an angular fascia and black plastic wheel arch cladding that runs to the headlamps which is carried over from the previous generation a prominent front splitter finished in cherry red distinguishes the sti model

But the wheels are identical to those seen on other solterra models same for a special gloss black finish with red accents that distinguishes it from the rest of the lineup in contrast the sdi concept is equipped with sportier dunlop sport max tires which suggests that it will have greater performance its enlarged side seals which feature aero fins ahead of the

Rear wheels continue to be accented with red paint to complete the look the sdi concept like the conventional solterra is distinguished by gloss black door mirrors and a black roof the latter of which visually lowers the car’s roof line subaru has equipped the sportiest soleterra with a wide rear wing that bears red sti insignia on the end plates in keeping with

The company’s racing heritage even though modest aero extensions have been placed behind the rear wheels the rear bumper is identical to that of previous solteras subaru hasn’t revealed any photographs of the inside but we can expect a chunkier sport steering wheel more supportive seats and more red accents throughout the vehicle’s interior if the sti goes into

Production the solterra’s unusual dashboard design which includes a huge infotainment touch screen and a high set digital instrument panel will be carried over to the sti the solterra and the toyota bz4x are built on the same e tnga platform which is visible under the skin as of right now the most powerful model available is the 215 bhp dual motor form however if

The project receives approval we expect an output of more than 300 bhp the sdi variant will also be available with an all-wheel drive the subaru solterra sti which will be displayed at the 2022 tokyo auto salon is believed to be a natural progression from the brand’s first electric vehicle the subaru eye miev however getting your hopes up for greater power might not

Be the best choice instead the solterra sti philosophy emphasizes the importance of showing off rather than going subaru has remained mum on any performance enhancements that the solterra sdi may have subaru on the other hand claims that the model inspires subaru’s excellent driving characteristics it does however have a pleasing periwinkle blue tint and cherry

Red ground effects to make it appear professional at the top of the rear hatch there’s an sdi wing and there are some red highlights that look quite at home with the multi-spoke wheel design a real sotera sti on the other hand should be able to deliver a little more punch it would be a disservice to the sdi badge if the exterior upgrades were accompanied by nothing

More than a slight increase in power it’s assumed that subaru will create a production solterra sdi but given that toyota recently unveiled the bz4x sports concept it appears that something along these lines is on the table however if fans of the tokyo auto salon were looking for something spicier from subaru they got it the sdi-e-r-a concept previews an electric

Race vehicle in the works while the brand also unveiled a wrx sdi s4 performance and a leework sdi performance idea as part of its ongoing product development subaru will use a driver focused management system to transmit power from the high torque high resolution electric motors to all four wheels balancing the balance to each wheel’s grip limits subaru claims

That the all-wheel drive technology raises the maximum grip level and stabilizes the car body position the all-wheel drive system calculates signals from sensors in wheel speed vehicle speed steering angle g-force your rate brake pressure and wheel load determines the drive braking torque of each wheel to achieve a target stability factor which provides instructions

To the inverter subaru said wrx sdi is part of an all-electric future subaru and subaru technica international will test its electric all-wheel drive technology in the wrx sti performance sports vehicle with the eco-friendly sti era 1073 horsepower we will use the knowledge gathered from this study as the foundation for a future electrified society subaru states

In an increasingly decarbonized environment sdi will continue to provide new values for all subarus so the automobiles stay pleasurable and enrich our customers lives subaru’s performance on motorsport division subaru technica international sti is ready to embark on a new chapter the sdi era concept an all-new electric sdi performance car from subaru corporation

And sdi will be revealed to the world on january 14th at the tokyo auto salon the next generation subaru wrx sdi is set to debut this year and it may be the final wrx sdi to feature an internal combustion engine the current ej25 2.5 litre turbocharged engine will be replaced by the all-new fa-24 2.4 liter turbocharged boxer engine as the fifth generation wrx sdi

Enters a new era of performance it will most likely be the last ice engine sdi is presenting the sdi era concept which was developed as part of a new project initiated to gain knowledge and practice in new technologies in the world of motorsport as it moves towards a carbon neutral era subaru adds subaru’s next generation all-electric sdi will be developed in what

Manner subaru will return to its motor sports routes where the original wrx was built subaru used the two-liter boxer engine from the first generation wrx on rally stages all around the world subaru used the nurba ring 24-hour race to better develop the 2.5 liter engine since 2008 subaru has tested and developed the sdi’s engine and suspension at the arduous nurbur

Ring 24-hour waste in 12 years of racing in the green hell one of the world’s most difficult and dangerous circuits they’ve won six class titles subaru and subaru technica international will test the new sdi era performance car at the nurba ring where they will build the company’s first ever electric performance model subaru’s wrx sti type ra record attempt time

Attack cars have a long history mark higgins established the first lap record for a car with an average speed of 128.73 miles per hour at the isle of man tt mountain course in 2016. subaru wrx sdi 2023 the subaru sti of the future in 2017 they set a four-door sedan record of six fifty seven point five in the wrx sdi type ra time attack car with new zealand driver

Richie stanaway subaru took the high performance sti to romania’s national road 7c also known as the transfagarasan in 2018 to break yet another world record mark higgins resurrected the subaru wrx sdi type ray time attack machine and established a new record of 40 minutes 58.8 seconds on the 52.4 mile track 76.69 miles per hour was the average speed the subaru

Sdi era concept previews subaru and subaru technica international’s vision for a new age of high performance sports automobiles subaru will use the new technology developed in the all-electric sdi to create the sdi era performance sports car another ra vehicle we don’t know if the new sti will be raced on the isle of man’s tt mountain course the 12.9 mile nurba

Ring nordschleife or romania’s 52.4 mile transfagarasan highway what do you think of our video let me know your opinion in the comment section below if you enjoyed this video and want to hear from me again be sure to like the video and hit the subscribe button before you go thanks for watching audio

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