subaru solterra ev makes it snow
Altair Club Cars Subaru Solterra EV Makes It Snow in Chicago

Subaru Solterra EV Makes It Snow in Chicago

Aaron and special guest Teia Collier check out the new Subaru Solterra, an all-electric Suby that will enter showrooms later this year. The Solterra was the pride of Subaru’s booth at the 2022 Chicago Auto Show, so we had to check it out. It’s so cool that it made it snow.

Hey it’s erin drive mojo i’m here with tia hi tia is a good friend you’ve seen her on the channel many times hey y’all uh we are here to talk about a subaru but not any subaru it’s their new eb yeah you know what that means high school latin sun and earth there you go our terrain seoul is sun territory earth land and if you’ve read any science fiction you already

Know that because that’s what they call once you’re out in the universe they call our sun saul science fiction isaac asthma of all those guys okay okay anyway what do we know about this car other than it occasionally snows on us inside the car show here which is gonna be awesome okay but look at this so it’s been long awaited for subaru to come out with an eb okay

Yes they are the people who love life and the universe and they actually care about it so it’s timely it’s timely she almost made another sci-fi reference almost 42 like the universe and everything ultimate answer ultimate question anyway what do you think about this i think uh it’s really cool so uh 8.2 inches i believe of ground clearance which is a little bit

Less than the outback but right about on par with the crosstrek okay um and size wise it’s just between those two so it’s really close in size so to those two range for 223 miles is excellent yeah excellent um it’s life ready comparables on the market are coming soon coming soon thinking maybe the maki is already here possibly possibly for the same range free if

You get the extended range battery yes there um also toyota so the reason i bring up toyota is because the toyota b4 zx i’m pretty sure i’m getting that right is outcomes right shared platform so they’re both built from the ground up to be evs and it’s a shared platform between subaru and toyota right the difference being that this has much more ground clearance

That’s why it has about 30 less miles of range also a little more aggressive tires and all-wheel drive very important see what is subaru known for being outside exactly okay you can actually do that auto shows what is subaru known for puppies that’s awesome okay but look at the size of that so think about this you can actually put people in the backseat you can

Actually put your gear in a backseat if you look around here they’ve got camping here stacked on top they’ve got i’m not sure what that is on those roof rails but they’ve got all kinds of things so they’ve got things ready also subaru sponsors the national park service yes so because that it makes sense they would have a vehicle that is ready for that of course and

Uh anybody who’s a fan of subaru you know that subaru has a symmetrical all-wheel drive so one of the best all-world all-wheel drive systems for both off-road and bad weather also subaru is well known for having functional roof racks on pretty much all of their cars most of their vehicles can tow but most people who own them don’t tow they use that to add more

Stuff more stuff so you put a rack on the back you can mount your bikes you can mount your right all that stuff your kayaks right and be ready all that stuff but also what i like about this and what i discovered from mama rally is the outback did amazing yes on the off road it was amazing it was like a sleeper win for me and i was like all right this is set up to

Be able to do just that so what subaru talks about with this car is that they’re aiming for not just having an electric solution so an electric option they’re also aiming for having it live up to the subaru name so they want it to do what subarus are expected to do and last as long as subaru’s are expected to last subaru customers keep coming back for that one

Reason also keep their cars longer than most other people no three year rotation for rolling ten years right i i talked to a subaru dealer at one point and he took he buys uh use used vehicles that are in good looking shape at premium he will pay a premium price for that he puts it up on a pedestal and he puts a price tag on it and people come in going oh look a

Used outback awesome because you never never see them and they come in and they end up going well wait a minute it’s only four thousand or eight thousand or whatever more to just buy this brand new one see he sells cars like that i mean but it’s smart though it’s a smart way to do it when you go to another dealership they’ll have the big red sports car up on that

Rack he has the smart subaru on it and the fact that they create legacy and heritage yes look at this amazing set let’s just talk about that yeah watch what’s happening to us in the background here in a minute it’s gonna start snowing on us it’s gonna be rock star it’s gonna be fun and i’m probably gonna start giggling like a 14 year old but so see that guy up

There we got in trouble for trying to do that sure he had but this dude he just climbs right in the car like he owns it that’s what this is but it’s because never mind i’m not going to say that okay so we can’t blame it on being white in middle age because i didn’t get to do it it’s going to be something it might be personal you might be honest it might be

Because of something maybe like dude they’re gonna get there they’re gonna try to drive it they’re gonna try to drive it we’re standing on water okay look at this this is so cool it’s pretty amazing i wish both got puppies oh see there’s the comeuppance that’s the karma the smokes just went off on the dude’s camera that’s trying to film the dude that got in the

Car see actually i think that guy actually works here he might be because they were they were doing like reveal backups and pull it in and maybe he’s gonna back it up maybe he actually works here maybe that’s why he just so do you like the shape of it because i like the shape so i really do um it’s like i was saying it looks like an outback um and a crosstrek

Combined and it’s since it fit size-wise it fits between them that totally makes sense i like the rear end it’s really sporty so he’s about to drive off so now you can see it in motion i also like the fact that it looks about about like i could put real stuff in the back yes so yes stroller groceries i don’t remember the number i think it’s 152 cubic feet of

Interior space which if i if i’m remembering that number right that is roughly on a par with the outback itself um and i only know that because i just did an article comparing a bunch of station wagons he’s going to link it in the comments so anyway last impression last impression of the car they just drove away so now we’re looking at nothing now we’re just um

I’m ready for it i’m ready it’s ab season yeah okay why not i have a level two charger see 223 range yes here comes there’s no no this is the part that she loves so uh for those who don’t know she lives in texas they just get ice storms we get ice we don’t give them we just get ice and then like bring it down shut it down shut it down set it all down all right

So so this is good yeah yeah you’re excited i am excited you’re happy to see a subaru that’s electric finally well because i’ve been seeing this teased for two years now now there’s rocks now it’s rocks it’s been teased for two years and so finally it’s coming out this year isn’t it summer 2023 yeah i think it’s coming out for next year so later this year for

2023 it’s time so really cool yay subaru all right this has been tia this is aaron it’s a drive mode show and i forgot at the very beginning of the video i’m supposed to tell you to subscribe telling you now though yeah you

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