subaru opens reservations for th
Altair Club Cars Subaru Opens Reservations For The Solterra SUV EV

Subaru Opens Reservations For The Solterra SUV EV

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Everyone welcome back my name is zayn and this is monument today we’ll be having a look at subaru the 2023 soltera is the subaru of evs with standard all-wheel drive and lots of ground clearance these altera should be able to do all sorts of subaru stuff starting today you can reserve the new 2023 subaru solterra the upcoming crossover suv is the company’s

First fully electric vehicle the sol terra is the latest evidence of the japanese automaker’s long-time partnership with automotive heavyweight toyota which itself market a similar model under the bz4x billed as subaru’s most advanced product to date the sol terra will come standard with a new electric version of the company’s trademark symmetrical all-wheel

Drive system it will carry an estimated range of over 220 miles which is oddly short of 250 miles range estimated toyota’s put in fourth for its own very similar bz4x subaru expected to ship the 2023 soleterra this summer there is a limited number of reservation slots and each will cost 250. if you get cold feet and don’t want to go through with the order this

Reservation fee is refundable final vehicle pricing will be agreed upon with your local subaru dealer between april and may this year so as part of the announcement about the reservation process subaru also revealed that the company has partnered with evgo the national charger network company subaru declined to comment further beyond tuesday statements so

This is quite significant because evgo is a company that we’ve spoken about before on this channel in fact it wasn’t too long ago that we made a video on the toyota bz4x electric suv and it’s tesla-like staring yoke and seven months ago i also made a video on evie go itself how big is evie go feel free to check out this video by yourself because this video is

Actually really educating and people seem to love this video quite a lot now forget the electric pickup truck war which ford and gm and rivian has been ducking it out for market shares the electric wagon meets crossover battle is heating up with toyota subaru hyundai and kia all introducing new evs this year the latest is subaru obviously and this is with the

Subaru solterra but the question is how significant will this vehicle be in the ev space and this partnership between evgo and subaru that will give customers access to its public ev charger network this is quite significant and really important for subaru now the inside of the zotero looks a lot similar to the toyota bz-4x the interior chassis and all-wheel

Drive system a hallmark of the outdoorsy focus automaker is subaru now this altera comes with a 71.4 kilowatts per hour lithium-ion battery pack which is sourced from toyota that sits low between the axle and it’s paired with a two electric motors that generate 215 horsepower and 248 pound-feet of torque subaru has estimated a range of around 220 plus miles and

Claimed that the vehicle can charge from 0 to 80 in just 30 minutes by using dc fast chargers so it’s like i said this is quite significant for subaru and it’s extremely important for subaru as well and i hope to get some more information on the subarus altera in the near future but i hope you’ve enjoyed this video thank you for watching until the end subscribe

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